The Numbers (SHU’s)

by Hot Juan

The Scovile Scale, we have created a list that includes both Chillies and Sauces as we review sauces, they will be added to the list below:-

Super Hot Sauces & Chillies 1M SHU’s and above

Very Hot Sauces & Chillies 500K to 1M SHU’s

Hot Sauces & Chillies Below 500K SHU’s

Medium Sauces & Chillies Below 100K SHU’s

Mild Sauces & Chillies Below 10K SHU’s

Very Mild Sauces & Chillies Below 1K SHU’s and below

  • Tabasco® Green Sauce 600 – 800 SHU
  • Santa Fe Grande Pepper    500 – 700 SHU
  • Frank’s RedHot Original 450 SHU
  • NuMex Big Jim Pepper   100 – 1,000 SHU
  • Bell Pepper 0 SHU



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