You have a chance to win this impressive hamper of chilli goodies from The Pepper Pod.

Hamper of Chilli goodies from The Pepper Pod

All you have to do to be entered is answer once simple question? Now click here to pop over to their web site to enter.


HP56 Death Strain from Ed Currie at  Puckerbutt Pepper Company In an interview with Kristen Hampton of she gets to taste the HP56 Death Stain, she reports that this has now been tested at nearly 3 million SHU. During the video you hear Ed saying that this is the one they are submitting.. maybe a hint of a new World Record.

Note: just had an email from Ed to say the HP56 is averaging 2.89 million SHU.

Back in September 2013 Ed sent Ted Barrus (Fire Breathing Idiot) an early HP56 Death Strain pod to review. I think you will be impressed with the effect it has on Ted (Warning this review includes VOMIT.


We may be a bit late reporting on this kickstarter project, but as it has already reached it funding target I don’t feel so bad.

Lick My Dip

Lick My Dip is a subscription service for hot sauces that champions small innovative UK manufacturers. The kickstarter campaign was to raise fund for a CRM systems to handle members and supplier etc and rewards included some membership offers, t-shirts and a grow your own chilli kit.

You still just about have time (Till Sunday March 29th 5.00pm) to help and make a pledge.


Hi Chilli Padawans!! Well, bugger me this review has been a long time coming…after about 6 months of down time I am finally back on the horse, covered in chilli sauce and whistling dixie! (well, everything except those last couple of things!) And this is a *cracking* sauce to do a comeback with too!

This sauce is made by the Powers family of mexican/american-british descent on the Isle of Wight using a recipe that originated in California that was handed down through the generations until it reached the current producers of the sauce, where it has evolved into a blend of the finest ingredients and including fruits and chillis to make the sauce that I’m reviewing today!

Ingredients:Tomatoes, Onion, Mango, Vinegar, Mango, Habanero peppers, Chipotle, Garlic, Lime, Cilantro (coriander), Agave nectar, Salt, Spices.

So, if you all know me well enough, you know that I LOVE chipotle sauces, in fact I don’t think i’ve tasted a bad one yet… (aside from cottage delight, that stuff was rank) and as such, I doubt I’m going to dislike this either! But lets have the sauce do the talking!!

Its in a beautiful skull shaped bottle proudly adorning a label on the back of its head that simply reads “Bloody Hell Hotsauce” the main label is attached to the neck of the bottle by string, which itself has the logo wrapped round it also, so you’ll be hard pushed to forget the name of this sauce!

Right, I’m waffling on, lets get down to the nitty gritty eh padawans?

And there you have it, for £13 delivered this is an absolute STEAL, especially considering the sauce itself is bloody gorgeous *and* you get 400ml of it!! You couldn’t find a bargain like that anywhere, I urge all of you to get a bottle of this and post your own thoughts in the comments below, I personally found it lush, so get yourselves over to and get a bottle bought!!

Right, thats it for this week my Chilli Padawans, keep your eyes open next week for another review, and until then…may the sauce be with you, always!!

Value (11/10)


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