PRESS RELEASE—05/03/2015 – FOR SALE BUSINESS/COMPANY — Speciality Farm Food ltd T.A Chimans Foods (established 1990)

Chimans Foods

To include the 31,old family recipes for which the business is so well known.

CHIMANS FOODS is a small artisan spice blending company, established by my father in law, Chiminal Agarwal, when he retired from the Royal Air Force in 1990.
I currently run the business single handed with occasional temporary assistance for fast turnaround, and a book keeper 4 hours a week.

I wish to spend more time with the family and I have therefore decided to establish a new ‘home based ‘career and find a buyer for the long established West Country brand of CHIMANS.

The key activity is blending and packing ready mixed dry spice blends. Although there are various other products which have been handled successfully in the past these should be discounted in assessing a fit into another business.

The core product range is therefore 31 Indian Masalas, blended in house and packed in laminated bags which are presented on a recipe card with a shelf life of 2 years. Of the 31 recipes 23 are available in organic as well as authentic.

In addition some contract packing is done for customers in the organic sector.

The company cleared a turnover in the last trading year of £153,257 with a gross profit of 28% however it should be noted that the CHIMANS branded business represented £50,000 at a gross profit of approx. 53% (N.B For the avoidance of doubt G.P= NET SALES -FULL COST OF SALES).

Key customers (wholesale organic distributors) -accounted for 13% of turnover.

There is an e commerce web site and the range is also listed on Amazon.
The company is organically certified by The Soil Association AND The Vegan Society.

The business occupies a modern 2,000 SQFT unit on Marsh Barton trading estate in Exeter which is also available as part of the sale if required. (PRICE – £185,000 PLUS VAT).

I wish to establish a fast sale and as such I am looking for a purchaser for the necessary fixed assets, the stock and debtors together with 1 year’s gross profit from the sale of the spice blending and the contract packaging business. The PRICE FOR THE SPICE AND CONTRACT PACKING BUSINESS is estimated at £100,000. Based on current stock and debtor position CURRENT STOCK— valued at full cost of production for listed range is £25,000 including ingredients and packaging.

‘The company ‘is carrying considerable losses from previous activities if these are of interest to any larger concerns.

Due diligence is at the cost of the buyer – the business is for sale ,as seen at face value, with 3 sets of audited accounts and no warranties. It could easily be operated from 1000sq ft in its current form ,less if packaging is contracted out.

THE BUSINESS HAS CONSIDERABLE POTENTIAL IN THE RIGHT HANDS. -amongst other things it would suit a chef wishing to go into business on his own account, or make a perfect add on to a family food business -retail, wholesale or catering.



The Clifton Chilli Club is hosting a Chilli Night at the South Bristol Sports Centre, so if you are near Bristol please pop along, entry is free.
Chilli Night


I can’t believe a month has passed since I first introduced myself on the Chilefoundry.

I’ve had one of the craziest months for a long while, bearing in mind that this is supposed to be the quieter part of the year. Ive been busy potting seedlings on, I usually sift my compost and add perlite myself but 2 weeks ago I had a hernia operation so to make things easier for myself I bought a 50L sack of Biobizz “All.Mix” of which I was impressed with and now have two grow tents bursting at the seems it was so much easier to pot on because of the fact that the seedlings were established in the Grodan Cubes. I have lights in the Clone Box Tents and have them set to be on for 14 hours per day and this seems to be ok for the moment.

DevonChilliMan Seedlings

Now one of reasons that I’ve had such a crazy month is I’ve been trying to secure some polytunnels for the expansion of DevonChilliman & as of 5pm Thursday 26th February I signed a contract and can now tell you all that I have 8 polytunnels these are a great size, being 35M x 9M.

King Reaper PickleAnother exciting piece of news is I have colaborated with my favourite artisan producer Adam Marks, as most of you will know is Mr Vikkis and he is based in Cumbria. Along with my passion for chillies the other passion in my life for over 20 years is the love for Indian food. I discovered Adam’s delights when I attended The Upton Cheyney Chilli Festival back in 2012 which is run by Alex & Louise Duck.

I couldn’t believe the flavours and authenticity of Mr Vikkis products & since that day I have become obsessed with them, my local Indian restaurant of which I have frequented for all this time must wonder what has happened to me!, so when Adam contacted me and asked if I would like to do a Mr Vikkis/DevonChilliman colaboration I honestly couldn’t believe it !!!.

So I have supplied him with the worlds hottest chillies the “Carolina Reaper” that I grew here in Devon in my glasshouse in 2014 for the “Superhot Chilli Pickle” which we have now called “King Reaper” …my “Chilli Caped Crusader” now wears a crown on the jars. This really is a superhot pickle for those Chilliheads who have worked their way through the ranks and are looking to get their next level fix.

Chilli Plants Small
Adam also wants me to supply him with all his Nagas this coming season,so I will dedicate one polytunnel for the variety “King Naga” and another polytunnel for the “Naga Morich” variety…so all in all I’m living my chilli dream at the moment and it seems funny to have a business that I class as a hobby as it really doesn’t feel like work.

Well that’s what I’ve been up to, I will be back in March with another update.


The Chilli Pepper Company has been working on a new web site design and as part of it promotion you can now get 2 packs of free seeds by visiting the new sites and signing up for the mailing list also if you spend over £10.00 you can get a 15% discount using the discount code HOT2015.

The Chilli Pepper Company Free Seeds Offer


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