YesChilli Pepper and Ginger SauceElizabeth at YesChilli, a new business to us here at ChileFoundry HQ sent us in a bottle of her Pepper and Ginger sauce to review. This sauce has one of the shortest list of ingredients I have seen in the past few years, but I suspect that peppers covers a lot more and it says.

The label may also give away a little more of that is to come, just below the words “Hot Sauce” it says “Pan roasted sun dried dark Pepper and Ginger in oil”. Well on opening the bottle there is a nice smell of sunflower oil with more that just hints of the pepper and ginger, it is a cold morning at ChileFoundry HQ and I think this sauce need to be warmed up a bit to release the aromas so it off to the kitchen for a bit of a play.

A quick spoonful before I start and wow the flavours come flooding out, it is hot and warming, but not in the extreme sense, it a heat that starts a little cough, mostly in surprise at the how will it heats me up, Capsaicin the active ingredient in chillies is an oil so this sunflower oil spreads it quickly around my mouth.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, Pepper, Ginger and Soya extract.

Bottle kindly supplied by YesChilli

I then warmed a little in a pan, as it gets hotter the aromas start to come to though, but still not as much as I now expected, not to waste this oil in the pan, a little lightly fired egg on toast goes down very well, I can see I need a drizzle top for this bottle, this would work well on Huevos Rancheros (fired eggs on a toasted corn tortilla with avocado and some refried beans)

Next I tried adding a few spoonfuls, OK a good glug into an almost instant Mayo recipe I have been using for the last few years, now this stuff is coming alive, the colour of the mayo is slightly darker, but the flavours from the ginger and chillies transforms this into a gourmet mayo.

This is a much more interesting product than the initial smell led me to think, this bottle won’t last long, I already have plans for a drizzle on my omelet later, and maybe marinading some pork chops

It is hard to come up with a description of this sauce, it is not a oil with a chilli in it, it is much more than that, it is not a blended up chillies chilli sauce, it is not just an ingredient. This was a great surprise an almost unique product (its does bring to mind, David’s Chilli Oils and Germano’s Chilli Sauce as they are both oil based, but the flavour are all completely different. The YesChilli product is very simple with just Ginger and Chilli but the balance between them just seems to work.

The only down side is in terms of presentation, the bottle we have does not do this product justice, I think you should always fill the bottle to the neck, otherwise it looks like some may have leaked in transit. I would also not send out bottle where the cap security cover is so twisted, as that product photograph is going to be seen by 1000’s of potential buyers in the next few months and once on the web it is there for life.

Having had a very minor gripe, the label is good and bright and that combined with the interesting bottle shape makes this very eye catching, so just top up the bottles and sort the capping process and this sauce will not just taste great it will also look the business.

If you visit the YesChilli web site you can find a list of local suppliers and also make a purchase via eBay, at £5.49 + £2.80 delivery it does make this feel a little expensive, but having tried it, I think I would send that.

Value (6.5/10)


I hope you have not sent any Christmas cards yet.. do your friends and family know you as the Chillihead.. Do you get chilli sauces for Christmas?

If you answer yes to any of the above, I need to recommend you look at these chilli christmas cards from Sonny Chana or should I say Happy Chillimas.

Chillimas Card

Inside is printed in the same jolly font as the front “Have a Merry Chillimas and a Hot New Year”.

You can order them using PayPal with the buttons below, the money goes direct to Sonny and he will ship the cards direct to you.

To purchase a single card for £2.00 + £1.00 P&P (£3.00 Total)
Note: UK Delivery Only
To purchase 6 cards for £1.50 each + £2.00 P&P (£11.00 Total)
Note: UK Delivery Only
To purchase 12 cards for £1.00 each + £2.50 P&P (£14.50 Total)
Note: UK Delivery Only

Note: Payment is taken by Paypal direct to Sonny’s account.

If you are a chilli products retailer I recommend you contact
Sonny direct and arrange a deal.


You can get an ordinary chilli sauces in most high streets and supermarkets, but did you know there is a growing number of specialist chilli shops opening in the UK. So if you are looking for a special artisan sauce or that unique chilli gift for Chile-Head in your life then what could be better than make a pilgrimage to one of these shops where you can ask advice get a taste before you buy.

Best to check the opening hours before you visit to save disappointment.

The Little Chilli Shop – Beaumaris Anglesey

The Little Chilli Shop -  Beaumaris Anglesea

The Chilli Hut – Bath

The Chilli Hut - Bath

Brighton Chilli Shop – Brighton North Lanes

Brighton Chilli Shop

Chilli Shop – Brighton Marina

Chilli Shop Brighton Marina

Dr Burnorium – St Nicholas Market. Bristol.

Dr Burnorium - Bristol

Edible Ornamentals – Chawston, Beds

Edible Ornamentals

The Pepper Pod – McCoys Arcade, Fore Street, Exeter.

The Pepper Pod - Exeter

House of Chilli – Isle of Wight

House of Chilli - Isle of Wight

South Devon Chilli Farm – Wigford Cross, Loddiswell, Kingsbridge

South Devon Chilli Farm Shop

Chilli Shop – Leeds

Just found I had missed this new shop in leeds, hopefully someone will send me a picture, I believe it is in the Merrion Centre.

If we have missed out your outlet please let us know, but remember we are looking for speciality chilli retailers only.


Howdah Bakarwadi BitesI had not come across Howdah Gourmet Indian Snacks before I was emailed and asked if I would like to try some, a few days later a box of 6 different varieties arrived at ChileFoundry HQ. Before we start the review I would like to cover the name Howdah which I am told is derived from the Arabic (Hawdaj) and means “bed carried by a animal”, if you look at the logo on the packet you will see an elephant carrying a Howdah.

These snacks are distributed by Mumbai Foods and are made in India, so they are not some made in the UK copy..

What we are going to taste today are the Bakarwadi Bites, these are described as tiny, savoury pastries, rolled and filled with a blend of spices. and that is exactly what they look like.

The bites have a good crunch, with a great flavour from the coriander, cumin and fennel, the more I eat the warmer things become, but only warm, these are supposed to be a snack not a torture.

A Howdah Bakarwadi BiteAs a snack they are excellent and very unusual, much more appetizing than a pack of peanuts even if they have been dry roasted..

Ingredients: Wheat Flour (28%), Palmolein Oil. Sugar, Green Chilli Powder, Gram Flour, Fennel, White Sesame Seeds, Ground Spices (red chilli, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, curry leaves, stone flower, black pepper, cloves, nutmeg, bay leaves, mint leaves, fennel seeds, black salt, cardamom), Salt, Coriander Powder, Asafoetida, Citric Acid.

Pack kindly provided by Howdah Snacks (Mumbai Foods)

Looking at the ingredients list, I wanted to know more about a few items:

Stone flower:- Aka Parmotrema perlatum or Kalpasi is a kind of lichen and is used as a spice in India.

Black Salt:- Aka Kala Namak / Sanchal is a kind of rock salt with impurities (sodium sulphate, sodium bisulfate, sodium bisulfite, sodium sulphide, iron sulfide and hydrogen sulfide) that colours and gives the salt a pungent sulphur smell.

It is very hard not to eat the whole packet, but I do want to try them on the family later.. My wife’s first reaction was that would be good with a glass of red wine, enough said, they are a very welcome addition to the UK snacks marketplace, if you see them buy some, you wont regret it.

P.S. You can buy a box of 6 X 100g bags on their web site for just £11.94 (Less than £2.00 per pack).

Value (8/10)


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