Stogumber Music Festival
The Stogumber Music Festival (Somerset) includes a small but growing artisan food festival and they are looking for some of the local chilli suppliers to take some stands.

So are there any chilli companies who would like to be part of this festival on the 13 & 14th September should take a look at the Food and Drink Showcase where you can download a booking form and get a taste of the event or contact Kevin Walker via email at


I’m now pleased that finally I have over 2,000 Chilli plants now potted up into their final pots which are the Autopot 15L & 25L. I would like to say how extremely greatful I am to the companies who have supplied me with the growing media for this project at HMP Channingswood and they are…

Atami , Growth Technology, Nutrifield, Mills, Plagron & UGro.

I can honestly say “what on earth have I got myself into !!”, but on the other hand I love a challenge and to have such a massive passion for my chillies I am in my element and have now spent a whole month in the prison ,although my body is telling a different story as I never knew I had so many muscles that could ache.

Polytunnels Complete

We now have 4 of the 36M x 9M polytunnels up and running with the Autopot Watering System and hope to have the last three completed in just over a week,it’s been extremely challenging in the heat that we’ve been having the last few weeks,but the plants are thriving.

Heres some of the varieties that I’m growing this year…

Carolina Reaper, Sugar Rush Peach, Bhut Red, Borg9, Chocolate Borg9, Naga Morich, King Naga, Black Naga, Red Scorpion, Yellow Scorpion, Chocolate Scorpion, Fatalii Yellow, Trinidad Moruga, Red Ghost, Peach Ghost, Red Habanero, Yellow Habanero, Wartyrx, Yellow Pimple, Faces, 7 Pot Primo ,Shabu Shabu, Katy, Genghis Kahn & Apocalypse.

The pods are starting to appear as of the last week,so hopefully I will be able to share lots of pictures with you all soon.







Reviewers Wanted
Dear Readers

We are looking to rebuild the reviews team for the ChileFoundry. So if you would like to try some of the best chilli products in the world and then write or write/video your review we would be interested in hearing from you.

We are looking for reviewers from around the world. While the UK team will be supplied with products direct from ChileFoundry HQ we hope to cover other parts of the world with either guest reviews, or products shipped direct from local suppliers.

We have a stock of 100’s of products to review as well as new products arriving all the time.

Do you visit any chilli related events? We cannot cover them all from here in Somerset, we would love to get visit reports and photo’s from as many events as possible.

Please use the form below and let us know if you are interested, we will ask you to send in a sample review for us to evaluate, we are not looking for large numbers of people, just a few will do, with each expect to do 2-4 reviews per month.

We look forward to hearing from you.

David Floyd

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This OUSEvalley Hari’s Lime & Green Chilli Pickle looks one of the most appetising product I have seen in while, the clear 300g jar show off the product perfectly. I love the simple label design which not only looks classy but is easy to read..

OUSEvalley Hari's Lime & Green Chilli PickleOn opening the lid, the aroma of limes is just amazing, with just a hint of the chillies and ginger. The flavour not only combines the limes with the green chillies and I am loving finding the roughly chopped pieces of lime and chilli in the mix, a day tasking chilli product does not get much better than this.

I am starting to need to get a curry on the go, this is such a great condiment for a spicy curry. The freshness of the limes helps rejuvenates you taste buds between mouthfulls. As always I have some rice leftover, a quick spoonful stirred in and the rice is transformed.

Ingredients: Limes 60%, Green Chillies 20%, Ginger, Garlic, Black mustard seed, Black onion seeds, Spices, Rapeseeds Oil, Wine vinegar, Salt.

The only problem with this product is while it is a generous 300g jar, it is not going to last very long, I am already planing mixing a spoonful or two in to some grated cheddar for what I am sure will be a sublime cheese on toast moment.

This is a stunning product, it looks good and tastes even better. So why not pop over to their web site and pop a jar into your basket, at only £3.95 you will agree that it scores very well on value for money. While you are there take why not take a look at the other products in their extensive range. I think you will be impressed.

Value (8/10)


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