China Spice “Space Seeds” – To Infinity & Beyond

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Now we all want the biggest yield from our crops whether they be tomatoes, chillies or any other veg. Well for many decades work has been going on by the Chinese on this very subject. They have been sending seeds into space on their Space Breeding programme and then on return, sowing these seeds. It has become apparent that the trip into outer space is creating higher yields, bigger produce, and an increase in the levels of nutrients in the resulting fruit. Now whether that is due to the radiation or the lack of gravity, who knows.

T1DhFtXXhlXXbMSHoY_025505.jpg_310x310This has been fairly secretive and to a certain degree it still is, and as such these seeds are very hard to obtain for obvious reasons, some people may be quite skeptical especially when you see the pictures. But China Spice, the specialists in obtaining the best Chinese ingredients are actively looking for these vegetable seeds, especially chillies and peppers.

Here is an excerpt from Smart Planet who have spoken to Space Breeding Research Center at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences;

Chinese research into “Space breeding,” as the practice is known in China, began in the 1980s, when the first batch of Chinese seeds entered orbit attached to a satellite, returning to earth five days later. Satellites continued to carry Chinese seeds into space through the 1990s, but the pace of the program has accelerated rapidly in recent years. “In the past five years the government doubled its investment in the program,” Professor Liu Luxiang, director of the Space Breeding Research Center at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences said. “That helped us increase the number of new seed varieties produced by Space breeding from just 20 to 110.”

The first improved variety of plant to be grown from a space seed was a strain of rice known as Huahang 1, yields of which were reported to have improved by more 4%. But Liu is proudest of the new varieties of wheat produced by the breeding program, some of which are now being grown commercially in China. One variety, named Taikong 6, is “more nutritious,” than normal varieties, because it contains elevated levels of protein. “Its great for baking,” Liu said.

A recent paper published in the journal Space Policy touted other space seed successes, including a kind of soybean with 11% higher yields than usual, supersized green peppers weighing in at 500g, as well as oversized cucumbers and tomatoes with unusually high sugar content, whose taste is “comparable to oranges,” according to the report.

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So there you have it, we will let you know when and if China Spice get hold of seeds. We can then see if the claims are true.

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