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by Chris Whitehouse on December 12, 2012 · 2 comments

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Mint sauce was invented by the romans ‘back int day’, to mask the taste of old fetid meat. Today’s equivalent will be dowsing a Rustler burger with hot sauce. It is traditionally made from finely chopped spearmint leaves, vinegar and a touch of sugar. But there are many other ways of constructing the recipe. Garlic, lime and olive oil are a few to mention to liven up the ingredients list.

Making your own homemade mint sauce is very simple and can be very tasty. There are lots of recipes online which you can follow, just type in Google ‘mint sauce recipes’ (yep it’s that obvious) and you should get tonnes of pages to visit. Why not infuse your favourite herbs and spices, be creative and experiment with the flavours to create some imaginative whacky sauces. This now leads me onto the product I’m about to review Chilli Queens Mint Chilli Jelly.

Chilli Queen was founded by Lee Everett, wife of classic comedian Kenny Everett over 25 years ago. When she visited the USA she got hooked on chilli pepper jelly, after returning back to the UK she started developing her own unique versions of chilli pepper jelly. Kenny was also responsible for lee’s nickname ‘Chilli Queen’ because of the high demands of her products, selling thousands.

To start with the label design is simple with a pale yellow background and dead centre lays a mint leaf with a white outer glow. There is something I really like about it, mainly because the chilli queen logo text forming  the shape of a chilli pepper with a green stem hanging off the letter ‘C’. Great logo design 😀

Ingredients :

Unrefined sugar, Malt Vinegar, Water, Fresh Green Peppers, Chopped Mint (0.65%), Scotch bonnet Chillies (0.94%), Natural Garden Mint Oil, Gelling Agent: Fruit Pectin

Lee has been rewarded with lots of ‘Great Taste Awards’ for the majority of her products, this being one of them. The label shows off a nice gold sticker at the bottom.

I opened the lid and gave it a nice big whiff. It just smells like mint sauce, mint accompanied by vinegar undertones but just a little sweeter. I couldn’t pick up any chilli scents, with it only containing 0.94% scotch bonnet chilli’s there is no wonder, the other ingredients overwhelm it.

The consistency reminds me of a waxy hair product almost like jam, let’s hope it doesn’t have the same taste (I’m guessing not). This review was timed perfectly as I have a nice lamb roast ready to be layered in this stuff! I tuck into a nice healthy piece of lamb coated with the jelly.

It’s definitely more on the sweet side than savoury, and a recommended alternative to mint sauce. The taste is almost identical, with its own unique candied flavours. A speck of heat just pulls through the mint, enough to tease your taste buds. With chilli or without, this would still make a great condiment. If you are a heat seeker then it aint for you buddy. But if you want a well balanced mild chilli jelly with delicious adventurous flavours then go grab some. This would make an exciting glaze for most roast meats but especially lamb. The label says try it with tandoori chicken I might just do that, because that sounds epic.

You can purchase this from Chilli Queens website for £3.50.

Here are a few other jelly varieties she has for sale – Original (developed over 25 years ago), cranberry sauce, ginger & lime and coriander & shallot. Visit the site for full list.

Christmas twin packs are available to order for that someone special. Maybe that fat red bearded dude may put one under your tree this year.

Ho Ho Ho

Value (8/10)

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avatar TheDevil December 12, 2012 at 5:41 pm

i use this jelly and love it, i add chilli powder for extra heat but the flavour is amazing….


avatar Ady December 12, 2012 at 4:59 pm

Shame about the lack of heat, I’ve been making my own but its nearly 50% / 50% Aji Lemon 🙂 Interesting stuff about Kenny and his wife!


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