Dartmoor Chilli Farm – Chilli Club 2013 & Special Offer for Christmas

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Phil and Kay Palmer who run Dartmoor Chilli Farm have a great set up, nestled in the beautiful Dartmoor National Park, Devon. They farm chillies in a very environmentally friendly way being “off grid” for electricity and water, utilising the suns rays and wind for energy generation, and use rainwater harvesting. This is a very commendable way to live and run a business.

Being on National Park land comes with a lot of rules and regulations which would put a lot of people off, but not Phil and Kay, they perservere through some testing times, especially with the weather 2012 has and is still throwing at us!

They sell their own handmade chilli sauces, chocolate, fudge, plants and fresh chillies plus a whole load more.

One different product they do sell is a years membership to their Chilli Club, something that I got from Father Christmas last year.

It costs £29 and consists of products being sent at different times of the year including chutneys/sauces/plants/chocolate/liquid feed and fresh pods.

The Club is an exclusive one and membership is limited to 30. It is available now via the Dartmoor Chilli Farm website . Initially you receive a giftcard like the picture which can then be used as a card if the membership is a gift for someone else and then the other items follow in due course.

Now as Christmas fast approaches, to wish their customers a happy festive season, Phil and Kay are offering a special 15% discount for Chilefoundry readers on all products except the CHILLI CLUB as that is run as a non profit making item. To receive the discount simply enter the code CHILEFOUNDRY on checkout, which is valid on all orders up until the 25th December.

If you haven’t ever checked out their website, go take a look, there will definately be something to interest you!



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