Germano’s Chilli Sauce In Olive Oil

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Germano's Chilli Sauce in Olive Oil

Germano's Chilli Sauce in Olive Oil

I think this is the first chilli product I have been sent that comes from the Philippines, now chilli sauces are generally smooth blended products, maybe a few lump of chilli flesh in them, but not this one. The jar make a rattling sound as the contents hits the lid as you shake it, this is not your usual chilli sauce.

On cracking open the lid the smell is an intoxicating blend of olive oil, roasted garlic with just a mild hint of chilli, there is a few millimetres of the oil below which the ingredients can been seen. As I dip my spoon in I can feel and hear a firm crunchy texture of the cooked chillies and garlic, some of the pieces are quite large. and very crispy.

Ingredients: Fresh Chillies and Garlic, Olive Oil, Seasoning, Sugar & Iodized Salt.

Jar kindly provided by Marsh Trading

Now the flavour is amazing and very hard to describe, I love roasted garlic, and there is plenty if that, the heat and flavour from the chillies is hot and so very moreish, it is hard not to keep going, I just want one more crunch of this hot salty garlic crunch.

I don’t feel I am doing this justice, the ingredients have been cooked  until they are almost burnt, but somehow they are not, there are hints of smokeyness. This is one hard product to review and describe, but I have to say I love it

Now on youtube you can see some videos of the sauce being made, unfortunately there are only a few recognisable words, but it worth a watch as you get see what this is all about.

This 100g jar costs £3.95 and it is very easy to just finish the jar, the heat builds, but the flavours just deep you going back for more, I am saving what is left for tonights leak and potato soup, I think this will be awesome drizzled in the bowl just before eating, or for dipping crusty bread in..

You can order this on-line at, they are looking for retailers and stockists  for this very unique product, I think it is going to be a bit like Marmite, your either going to love it or hate it, it is not what I expected, but I love it.


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