Harvesting Chilli Seeds

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Chilli Seeds

You can harvest chilli seeds from your own plants, all you need to do is wait till the pods are ripe, then cut them open and scrape out the seeds, placing them to dry in a sunny spot, once dry, pack them away for use next year, seeds can last for appox. 4-5 years if stored in a cool dry place.

Remember: If collecting seeds you need to be careful, your hands will be covered in capsaicin, I wear rubber gloves when doing this.

If you have lots of the same pods to collect seeds from, you can try cutting the pods into quarters and putting them in a blender with lots of water, then blitz them at a low speed for a 10+ seconds and then leave to stand until the seeds float up to the surface, they can then be collected and dried. Chillies are easy to pollinate, and this it normally done by bees and other insects, so often you seeds will a cross between what every varieties you are growing.

Fortunately chillies are self pollinating, so it is possible to get a pure seeds from you chilli plant, but you need to stop insects cross pollinating them, this can be done by enclosing the plant with a small tent of fine netting (it needs to be fine enough to keep stuff out), remember we still need to let light in so the plant can grow. Once the pods have set, you can release the plant from it net, but any flowers that appear need to be removed else they can still be cross pollinated.

If you have purchased some dried chillies and are intending to save the seeds, you may find they are not good germinators, this is because they have been heat treated during the drying process, but you may be lucky!
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