Naga Viper Sauce (aka Terminator) reviewed by Darth Naga

by Darth Naga on November 8, 2010 · 2 comments

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The Chilli Pepper Company - Naga Viper Sauce

The Chilli Pepper Company - Naga Viper Sauce

Hellooooo my chile padawanz!! Today I am reviewing a sauce that is made from the now infamous “Naga Viper” chilli, its made by my good friend Ged from the Chile Pepper Company, and he’s tried to keep this sauce as simple as possible so that people can appreciate the full on heat and flavour that comes with the Naga viper, and as you all know from my pod test a week or so ago, this particular chilli is really bloody hot!! Anyway, without further ado lets kick this review off shall we?

Ingredients: Bhut Jolokia, Naga Viper Chilli and Vinegar.

Review bottle supplied by Ged over at

Well there’s a rarity in the chilli world, a sauce that contains only 3 ingredients! well if you know Ged as well as I know him, you’ll also know that there reason behind this is a simple but effective one! He has done this so as to let the flavour and heat of the naga viper shine through and not be marred or possibly tainted by other flavours along the way, I’m sure Ged will be making other sauces based on the naga viper chilli and using different flavours but for now this is to let people get a taste of the Naga Viper chilli as pure as possible without tasting the actual pods themselves (which are rare atm!)

The sauce is simply called “Naga Viper” alot fo you are probably thinking “Hmm Darth has reviewed a sauce called naga viper before” and you’d be absolutely right! BUT Ged decided to change some things round a bit after he and i had a conversation awhile back, i suggested that maybe Ged should change the naga viper sauce he was selling at the time to the “Terminator” sauce he was also marketing at the time, mainly to avoid confusion and also because the name was more fitting, Ged seemed to have agreed with me as he has now changed the name of the “Terminator” sauce to “Naga Viper” (soooo all those people who bought “Terminator” at West Dean, you have the same sauce as i tested here today, but as luck would have it those bottles are now limited edition as they no longer exist!!).

Anyway, I could go on about the bottle and such but please watch my vid review to get the full lowdown on this cracking sauce!

So there you have it! this sauce is without a doubt one of the HOTTEST natural sauces to date, it is up there among the greats, putting us on the map as one of the best hot sauce producers in the world!! You need to get your arses over to right now and grab a bottle of this for £6 while its still at this mad price, its in very limited quantities so i would grab a bottle while you still can chilefanz!!

As another review comes to its conclusion i can only say that i hope you all have an awesome time with this sauce, and may the sauce be with you, always!!!


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