The Aleppo Pepper

by Hot Juan on June 10, 2010 · 2 comments

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I first came across the name “Aleppo Pepper” in a sauce made by ChilliPepperPete’s son Wilf and decide to investigate it further, kindly Pete send me a pack of the crushed Aleppo pepper to try.

Crushed Aleppo Pepper

Crushed Aleppo Pepper

The chilli is named after Aleppo a city in northern Syria famous for culinary cuisine, being located on the Silk Road in and area of fertile land, it is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, dating back over 4,000 years.

The Aleppo pepper part of the Annuum species and it grown in both Turkey and Syria, and is also known as the Halaby pepper. The pods are ripened to deep burgundy colour and then semi dried, de-seeded and either coarsely ground or crushed.

The flavour is not unlike the Ancho, but oilier and with a hint of salt, I have been told that salt is often used in the drying process. It is not a very hot chilli, with the heat building slowly, but it is packed with a fruity raisin-ish flavour.

If you find a shaker of chilli flakes on the table on your next holiday to Turkey, it is probably Aleppo flakes. I remember these from a trip to Turkey in my youth, but at the time did not know much about the varieties of chillies to even ask about them.

They can be used anywhere you would normally use chilli flakes, I have been using mine in all sort of cooking and especially sprinkled on Pizza’s, they also add a flavour to rice, I have added some to the water during cooking.

You can purchase crushed Aleppo Pepper direct from ChilliPepperPete
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