Satan’s Sweat – Naga Chilli Sauce

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Hot Headz - Satan's Sweat!

Hot Headz - Satan's Sweat!

Satan’s Sweat is the new Naga Chilli Sauce from Hot Headz, and it needs be used with caution! It has a searing heat from the start, but with no Chilli extract used it does not have the a chemical after taste common with extract sauces this hot, the burn while very hot is not long lasting and far more natural.

I could not detect the Lime Juice, Passion fruit or Garlic, but I suspect this would become apparent when used to add heat to salsa etc.

Available in two sizes, a standard 148ml/ 5 oz bottle and smaller 59ml called the “Son of Satan’s Sweat” an ideal pocket size, when you know you will need more heat.

Ingredients: Water, Naga Jolokia 44%, salt, onions, lime juice, acetic acid, passion fruit, citric acid, garlis pulp, xanthan gum (natural stabiliser).

Compared to many Naga Sauces this has a very high percentage , 44%, of Naga chilli’s in the recipe, based on this we estimate the sauce would rate approx. 420,000 SHU’s (Scoville Units).

This sauce get a 5/5 stars for taste with heat, and is highly recommended.

To order youself a bottle visit the Hot-Headz web site

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