Nitro Naga – Naga Jolokia Chilli Jam Review

by Darth Naga on November 22, 2009

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Its not often I write reviews on sweet things such as jam, more often than not Hot Juan writes the jam and chutney type reviews as my palate clearly has a thicker asbestos lining, but of course if I am reviewing a jam then you all know it can’t be an ordinary chilli jam, and you’re right, it isn’t!

Nitro Naga?—?Naga Jolokia Chilli Jam

Nitro Naga?—?Naga Jolokia Chilli Jam

This jam comes form the one and only “Chillichutneyman” a lovely gentleman by the name of Bryn, and someone I have chatted with a few times before, the “Nitro Naga” range being one he makes for Karl and co at, and as such this jam is’nt like any other, it contains my FAVOURITE chilli which also happens to be the hottest chilli in the world to date, so without any more jabbering on, lets begin!

Ingredients: Dried naga chillies, tomatoes, ginger, thai fish sauce, garlic, red wine vinegar, caster sugar, muscavado sugar, coriander, salt.

Okay, so the two top ingredients on the list did’nt exactly scream “PERFECT JAM INGREDIENTS” to me either, but I decided to persevere unhindered by the ingredients list. “Nitro Naga: Naga jolokia chilli jam” as this fine product is known comes in a mid size 185ml jar, its the kind of jar you’d see homemade jam in at farmers markets and the like, but this is no ordinary homemade jam! The lid and label are pure black, save the yellow title and flames licking up the sides, (the base of the flames actually depicts a devils head, something I only just noticed LOL!) the “Scorchio” logo is also present as is the description of the jam within, “Sweet and hot” it proclaims, yet only a taste test can be the judge!

I opened the lid and took a good ol “Darth Naga” whiff and instantly the smell of Naga chilli blended with brown sugar and vinegar hit me, not an unpleasant smell mind you, but certainly unexpected given the position of tomatoes on the ingredients list, the sauce has a wonderful thick but pourable consistency not at all like the mass market jams of today which are basically sugary jelly. The colour is a deep caramel sort of colour (no doubt from the muscavado sugar) with Naga seeds suspended here and there in the gloopy mix, i dipped my tasting spoon into the jam and scooped out a nice amount to truly get a good idea of the flavour.

Placing the spoon into my mouth, I noticed straight away that this stuff tastes EXACTLY as it smells! The naga flavour was there with a lovely sweet tang to actually reminded me of christmas! I know its odd to say but this jam reminded me of mince pies and christmas cake and pudding and mincemeat and just the general smell and taste of christmas, the heat soon broguth me down to earth but not with a bang I am pleased to say!

The heat is an all round the mouth burn that is similar to the “Nitro Naga Extreme edition” sauce I tried a while back, and while its not the sort of hiccup inducing heat you would get from raw Naga’s its definitely a building burn that WILL increase the more you consume this jam!

The heat level and flavour of this jam combined make this a perfect morning or bedtime treat, have it on toast,muffins or crumpets before work, before bed or even BOTH! Have it with peanut butter for a nice hot PB+J sandwich, heck have it with whatever requires a sweet edge with a medium kick of heat! I’m gonna have to save this jar now till boxing day to have with cold leftovers and toast! (unless bryn wants to send me another jar *wink*)

At a mere £3.49 a jar available exclusively at this is not a condiment to be missed, it will go well with alot of things, and i implore you to try it on a few things and let me know how it is! I’m a vegetarian so i can’t have it on much other than Quorn and vegetables which is fine for me, but does’nt really give you readers a good idea of what it goes with!

Until next time chilefanz!! May the sauce be with you!!
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