Good day my avid chilli padawanz. the sauce i have for review today comes from a company known as “Sinful Sauces” which is a small company based in northampton that makes a wonderfully colourful range of sauces and pickles. It all started in 2010 as a fleeting idea between Paul and Kelly, a husband and wife team from Northampton. From there it has grown to become quite an enterprising business for the pair of them, Paul being a native Southampton lad and Kelly hailing from Melbourne, Australia…not that it has ANYTHING to do with how they make their sauces, but together they have combined numerous skills to produce a range of sauces that look AMAZING and of the few i have tried, taste even better! Lets hope this one follows the trend eh?

Sinful Sauces - Warth

Sinful Sauces - Warth

Ingredients: Tomatoes (42%), Red Peppers, Onions, Naga (5%), Red Wine Vinegar, Applewood Smoked Garlic, Sugar, Olive Oil, Black Treacle, Lime.

Review bottle generously supplied by www.sinfulsauces.co.uk

Right where do i begin with this stuff? I can start by saying that the presentation of this product is nothing short of outstanding, usually you see alot of new companies start out with a fledgling product and branding that starts out looking very homemade, then moves on over the years to become a very professionally designed and eye catching brand and label that would’nt look out of place on a supermarket shelf! Sinful Sauces have jumped straight in at the deep end with a range of sauces that have one of the most eye catching designs i have ever seen! In the case of “Wrath” this bottle has a bright red bearded demon on the bottle, with the name of the sauce in the same type of red below with a short decription of the flavour to expect within, in this case “Sweet smoky naga”.

Sinful Sauces Heat ScaleA couple of other eye catching things about this bottle that you may or may not be able to see from the picture is the heat guage on the side of the bottle, and rather than the usual heat guage with scovilles etc on it, this one has the names of all the other sauces thata re in the range, so you can pick a sauce according to your chilli tolerance level! The other thing that really sets this bottle apart from others it the awesome “Sinful Sauces” “S” logo done in a nice gothicky font right on the security seal that is wrapped round the neck, something i have seen no other company do, and this helps set these sauces apart from the crowd.

Okay now lets crack on with the really import stuff, the contents of said bottle, the sauce itself is a nice rich brown colour, with the occasional seed floating around, the smell as I twisted the cap off was a lovely tomatoey, garlicky smoked smell with only a hint of Naga in there to affirm its presence, so after smelling only a hint of chilli I loaded up my tasting spoon with a rather large dollop of the sauce, thinking that it would’nt be that hot and putting it in my mouth, letting it sit on my tonuge for a few seconds before swishing it round and swallowing..WOW!

Immediately a nice tangy tomoato taste hit my tongue accompanied by a smokey, garlic naga flavour that had an amazing aftertaste as the sauce dissapeared down, the heat however hit my right at the back of the throat, i could definitely feel the sauces namesake after all the flavours had gone and the heat and aftertaste crept it, the burn soon spread from just my throat to my tongue and lips with each subsequent spoonful, it was burning, there was the sweet pain we chileheads have come to love, but the flavour was too good to stop eating it!!

For me this was a real chilli padawanz BBQ ketchup, this is the sort of thing you bring to a BBQ and get reinvited back for in the hope that you bring another bottle with you, and at £4.50 for 150ml from www.sinfulsauces.co.uk this is cheaper than alot of other hot sauces at this level and its damn tasty to boot, i can’t recommend this sauce enough, especially considering these guys have been in the game for less than a year they are really showing the big names that they have a part to play in the hot sauce market and no mistake!!

Until next tiome my chilli padawanz, get a bottle of this sorted and I’ll see you at a BBQ soon, may the sauce be with you, always!!!


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It is not often that a new sauces company comes a long with a product range that makes you go WOW, but Sinful Sauces have done just that…

Sinful Sauces - The Range

Sinful Sauces - The Range

The range is 100% natural with heat levels and flavours to match all tastes, they are now being scheduled for review, with the first review coming from Stuart from Hot-Headz in the next few days.

The range redefines 7 deadly sins

  • Envy – Jalapeños and Kiwi, Lime and Ginger
  • Passion – Passionfruit and Pineapple
  • Addiction – Apricots Mangoes and Orange Habaneros
  • Sublime – Zesty Clementines and Scotch Bonnets
  • Wicked – Roasted Red Peppers, Tomatoes and Serrano Chillies
  • Warth – Tomatoes, Peppers Naga Chillies with Applewood Smoked Garlic.
  • Bliss – Slow Cooked Onions and Tomatoes with Chiptles and Naga Chillies

They also have two pickles a “Naga with Mustard” and a “Habanero & Cardamon

In my opinion the quality/design of the packaging scores a 10/10 in the first attempt, great logo/style and well presented consistently across the range.

You can order on-line at www.sinfulsauces.co.uk and they are also stocked by Hot-Headz.

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