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We have been looking at how well Hot Sauces business use the “Social Media” this month we are looking at

We have used to calculate the overall success rate of each account, as it takes into account the number re-tweets, which is hard to workout without a major effort.

It is however quite interesting to calculate the ratio between the number each account follows and how many follower each account has, it is common for some twitter users to follow as many people as possible in a hope of getting a higher number of followers as other users reciprocate, the lower the ratio the nearer the balance between the two.

# Twitter A/C Tweets F’ing F’ers Lists Ratio KLOUT
1 DartmoorChilli 4,537 566 1,599 91 2.83 55
2 HolyCowSauces 1,244 134,104 134,341 1,479 1.00 52
3 SinfulSauces 781 385 371 4 0.96 48
4 MrVikkis 2054 134 402 15 3.00 46
5 wiltshirechilli 1,499 99 231 7 2.33 43
6 smokeyjoesauces 680 471 578 27 1.23 39
7 HotheadzSauces 533 76 270 16 3.55 39
8 HotStuffChilli 669 96 361 25 3.76 38
9 Chilli_Farmer 385 87 209 4 2.40 37
10 thechillijamman 484 104 457 17 4.39 37
Data collected 30/04/2011 - we are only looking at UK business

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Gerald Fowler has written a quick report for us from the Chilli & Beer Festival at the Stephenson Works in Newcastle:-

Gerald Fowler - The Chilli pepper Company

Newcastle upon Tyne, Stephenson’s Works, South Street, Newcastle upon Tyne The first Chilli and Beer Festival was held at the Stephenson Works in Newcastle on the 12th and 13th June as part of the well established Eat Newcastle food event. Leading UK chilli companies were represented,including The Chilli Pepper Company, Trees Can’t Dance, The Hot Stuff Chilli Co & Spice Monkey.

With hundreds of chilli products to sample as well as over ninety beers of the Wylam Brewery, live music and a chili cook-off, it was an extremely successful and popular event.

The Chilli Pepper Company were again asked to withdraw their hottest sauce from sampling, due to the unfortunate effect on some of their enthusiastic customers. However, the same customers couldn’t resist buying the sauce and it was sold out on the first day of the show.

Saturday saw the Great Chili Cook-off, USA v England, judges were Gerald Fowler of The Chilli Pepper Company and Becky Mackenzie of Trees Can’t Dance.. The USA chili was judged the hottest but the overall winner was the UK with the tastiest chili.

The USA used an old Native American family recipe handed down over many years and was spiced up with the Bhut Jolokia.
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