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Grillstock 2012

Now I know GrillStock is a BBQ event, but it is very well served by the chilli sauce companies, with a great turnout and even a new chilli business at it first show.

Social SmokersBut I better start off talking about the BBQ side of things, the area for competitors was much bigger than last year 24 team took part and it all seemed was much busier. I must put a plug in for the local Chilli-Headz team The Social Smokers (Matt Deakin, Jon Aitken and Joe Pamphilon) I am not sure how well they did,  I know they got very little sleep getting everything preparing and cooked, but they looked like they enjoyed themselves.


Green Mountain GrillsI also found the next BBQ I want, it came from Green Mountain Grills it used food grade wood pellets with a blown air system to almost completely burn the wood away leaving very little if any ash and this is all digitally controlled so you can just set the temperature and let it go ( I live in hope they will let us have one to review?).

Now if you wandered around the event you would think you where at the well catered Chilli Festival I counted 16 chilli vendors at the event, I visited on the Sunday and while it started off a bit wet the weather soon cleared to a blustery but sunny day, the Saturaday I was told has been a bit wet, but the turn out was impressive is you consider the weather and that this was an open air event (This year has not been a good one as far as weather god for open air events it seems).

The Chiili Jam Man and British Premium Sausage Co.We did discover a new chilli sauce manufacturer called The Chilli Sauceror the web site is in development, but you can find out more on there facebook page, we have a couple of sauces to review so they will be popping up soon. Another interesting find comes from The Chilli Jam Man, Simon Barrett, who has been working with the British Premium Sausage Company to produce a sausage that includes some of this Yorkshire Dragon Chilli Jam, I got to try a sausage and a burger and will be very happy when I can order some, while not hot hot but they did carry the flavour very well ‘Yummy’.

I picked up some chilli chocolate from Alex at the Upton Cheyney Chilli Company who is always bright and happy especially when his stand is just a few steps from a cider stall. Smokey Joe Sauces also has a new Paw Paw Pepper Sauce that is now scheduled for a review.

Unfortunately I had to leave before the chilli eating contest, not that I would have dared to take part, but as I had left my Son at the SailLaser center in Portland and his course finished at 5pm. This event seems to get better every year, a bit of a shame about the weather, but I will be back next year.

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We have been looking at how well Hot Sauces business use the “Social Media” this month we are looking at

We have used to calculate the overall success rate of each account, as it takes into account the number re-tweets, which is hard to workout without a major effort.

It is however quite interesting to calculate the ratio between the number each account follows and how many follower each account has, it is common for some twitter users to follow as many people as possible in a hope of getting a higher number of followers as other users reciprocate, the lower the ratio the nearer the balance between the two.

# Twitter A/C Tweets F’ing F’ers Lists Ratio KLOUT
1 DartmoorChilli 4,537 566 1,599 91 2.83 55
2 HolyCowSauces 1,244 134,104 134,341 1,479 1.00 52
3 SinfulSauces 781 385 371 4 0.96 48
4 MrVikkis 2054 134 402 15 3.00 46
5 wiltshirechilli 1,499 99 231 7 2.33 43
6 smokeyjoesauces 680 471 578 27 1.23 39
7 HotheadzSauces 533 76 270 16 3.55 39
8 HotStuffChilli 669 96 361 25 3.76 38
9 Chilli_Farmer 385 87 209 4 2.40 37
10 thechillijamman 484 104 457 17 4.39 37
Data collected 30/04/2011 - we are only looking at UK business

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The Smokey Joe Sauce Company - Jerk Marinade

The Smokey Joe Sauce Company - Jerk Marinade

I like the taste of jerk, but I find most of the commercial versions of this Jamaican flavouring tend to be a pale imitation of the real thing of which there are lots of different versions, but they all have a few things in common, a complete depth of flavour with no fillers and they are all rich, warm and fragrant with no shortage of spices.

On finding a jerk seasoning from the Smokey Joe Sauce Company, I was not expecting to much from a UK made product.

As I opened the jar the smell was fantastic, taking me back to the Caribbean, and beach barbecued chicken, it is a rich aroma of fruity Scotch Bonnet, and the Allspice that fills my nose.

I tried dipping some bread into the paste and the flavour is as good as the smell, but not I can also taste the thyme and spring onions.

Ingredients – Scotch Bonnet Chillies, Spring Onions, Fresh Thyme, Allspice, Malt Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Herbs and Spices.

I was going to photograph cooking this on chicken on the BBQ, but I got a bit carried away and there was not a lot left to photograph (opps Sorry, I will try again).

This jerk was created by Joe & Nicola Knight who run The Smokey Joe Sauce Company and if born from their passion of Caribbean Island cuisine which they enjoyed during there travels around the islands.

A more enthusiastic couple you could not wish to meet, I visited their stall at GrillStock in Bristol and sampled the jerk again as well as their Bajan Seasoning which while not hot is also truly excellent.

You can order online at or find on the site a list of local stockests, at £3.10 for a 200g jar this is good value for money.

P.S. I almost forgot to mention this jerk has also won a Taste of the West Bronze Award, I think I would have given it a Gold.


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