Satan’s Spawn

OK, you have eaten and drunk to much and are slumped in an arm chair on boxing day..

Time for some exercises… NOT

But maybe you have time to strain that remaining brain cell?

a i s m l l e h y r r u c h f h m r a i q n 1
i l a a t a f n o e e y e s d r i b p a i f f
o a a s e l t o p i h c s l s o h v g b i b a
k p q q l b s i i n u l y a p i a t f l a k o
t e t u n a v a h a e t i p t n i r l g i n t
m r c e e a s s s e p t e n a r y i a r l r a
l i s r g h r g e n t l a g a t h n m h e l k
t p a a g a n h t r a d a n i c t i i o a g a
a e n d u i d r a g o n f i r e z d n a h a r
r r t e w r l o u n a r o e s i t a g r h u k
a i a n v i b h n p b n p r b r l d a e o t t
o l s n l a l u a b e u o i o b s s l g t u t
i l s w e n e l r p s d b o o t q c a n m t r
o i h a c c m h a b n e k p q k h o h i i n p
o l i p a b u l g a r i a n c a r r o t n a i
o i t s b a a a f n e e t n p l r p s s t e o
c l f s u j i s s g i s h r c s l i t g j d h
r l o n n b i t o t s c o t c h b o n n e t a
q i s a t i e b a s o a a l o e u n r i l s t
b h u t j o l o k i a h t f h r f t d r l e b
h c h a r i s s a p a s t e 1 l b n n s y w p
n t p s n d n g h s r a r r n b o n a e r e a
c d k r a e a i n r o a u g q b i p n c y h l
Aleppo BBQ Bhut Jolokia
Birds Eye Brother Bru Bru Bulgarian Carrot
Chillililli Chipotle Chutney
Curry Hell Darth Naga Dorset Naga
Dragonfire Facing Heaven Fataali
Flamin Galah Harissa Paste Hot Mint Jelly
Hot Sauce  Jalapeno Kirmizi Biber
Krakatoa F1 Masquerade Naga Napalm
Naga Viper Peri Peri Poblano
Ringstinger Rookie Goblin Salsa
Santas Shit Satans Spawn Scotch Bonnet
Septenary Super Chilli F1 Thai
Trinidad Scorpion  West Dean Wing Sauce

You can download this as a PDF here and also the answers here!!

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This month we hear news of another possible World Record breaking Chilli – HP22B at 1,474,000 SHU’s

Things are starting to get busy for the Chilli Retailer on the build up to Christmas, we are hearing of mega shippments arriving, and possible shortages due to such high early demand. We will be running a series of articles in the first days of the month highlighting some of the best offer and gift products available for chillie-headz, so there is lots to look forward to in December.

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Satan's Spawn - Evil Hot Gummi Bears

Satan's Spawn - Evil Hot Gummi Bears

These are evil hot gummy bears, as the description on the packet reads! And they really do mean it! These cute little bears bite back!

Are you, like me, a gummy bear fan? And a chilli fan? These seem ideal! They are small, orange gummy bears with a cute and harmless appearance, as innocent as any bear shaped gummy sweet could be! They even smell innocent, with a Delicious and inviting fruity smell. However, this is all an act and they are trying to deceive you! Be warned! I immediately popped one in my mouth, naively thinking to myself “what harm can a little gummy bear really do?” – famous last thoughts! Fruity gummy bear flavour starts, but they soon bite back with heat, and oddly enough its all on the left side of my mouth! The flavour is intense and hot and completely takes you by surprise! My immediate reaction was “where is Hot Juan? He has to try these!” and he did, and they did the same thing to him! These bears have bite!

So, what do they contain I hear you ask?

Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, gelatine, citric acid, habanero chilli, fruit concentrate (grape, apple, apricots), flavourings, coating agent: vegetable oil, bees wax(E901).

Satan’s Spawn kindly provided by

You can really smell the fruit concentrates and you can taste them to start with too, but then the habanero kicks in and really takes over your entire mouth!

These evil but cute creatures come in bags of 250g, with a label on the front warning you about their evilness – stating it isn’t their fault, these spiteful little devils were just born bad! They can be bought at the very reasonable price of £2.99 from the hot-headz website.

Brilliant for birthdays or christmas, or taking to the cinema as a spicy sweet alternative while you enjoy your film! Or if your feeling cheeky this halloween, you could even use them as a trick treat for those annoying trick or treaters!


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