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They call it Mellow Yellow? I dont think so! This product, Aji Limon & Yellow 7 Pot Jam, is not commercially available to buy online or in high street stores, its made in small batch quantities by legendary creator ‘Rob House’. Rob House is an avid chilli head, who shows his passion in the chilli world, not only by growing and collecting sauces, but travelling around the UK to dominate chilli challenges, eating competitions and any other confrontations that stand in his way. Rob has shown his hardcore eating skills at this years Upton Cheyney chilli fest 2012 and did himself proud with a shiny bronze medal.

The label is simple but compliments the jar well with the burning orange radiance of the jam, but as its his first test batch, he may have other label ideas for future release. But how it stands now is a traditional ‘homemade’ appearance and gives it that ‘I don’t look hot’ appeal. Hopefully Granny doesnt carelessly spread it on her toast, it could send her off to an early grave!


Jam sugar, cider vinegar, yellow bell peppers, yellow 7 pot chillis, aji lemon chillis

As soon as you twist the lid off *SNIFF SNIFF* you are exposed to a certain aroma that might be familiar to you, and that would be yes, you got it ‘superhots’. The smell is tangy and sweet, slightly overpowered by vineger, a 7 pot gusto and a slight citrusy aroma, more than likely from the aji limons.

I know it may be hard to believe but it tastes exactly how it smells, the the vinegar is more dominant (which isn’t a major issue). The consistancy of the jam is slightly on the runny side, but still holds as a jam. *takes spoonfull*

After  the tangy judders and citrusy hints, the heat of the 7 pot shines through and gives me an all round mouth burn which is quite pleasant, which i didnt expect. I thought i was going to be screaming round the kitchen with milk at hand. The aftertaste was really nice, even more so if it had a tad less vinegar in it.

Spreading this on toast or bread for a fiery breakfast sounds like a good plan, or as a meat marinade. I can imagine this being delectable with chicken, it will vamp it up for sure and make a hot, sweet, savoury treat.

Rob has done a great job with this, but still has elements that need improving, one of them being the vinegar issue, which im sure he’s noted  for next time. It would nice to see a range of these jams from mild to XXXTREME as I would be sure purchase them, I dont have much jam in my collection, but I might start giving some a try.

To add to that, Rob has another jam Called Hawaiian Sunrise which contains the nuclear yellow 7 pot brainstrain, I’m sure that will be a lot hotter than the limon and 7 pot jam, but who knows until I try it………… sounds like a delicious dare.

Value (0/10)


** Please note that this article was Chris Whitehouse’s sample review he submitted, and the product was his own choice **


Here at Chilefoundry, we are kept quite busy writing news/reviews and sharing as much other Chilli related information to you the readership. As this is a Hobby/Passion/Obsession/Addiction for us, we are not paid and do have real normal jobs to pay the bills, so from time to time life gets in the way. We are a small team of reviewers, Myself, Darth, Marty, Scooby and David Kelly, with ad-hoc contributions from others including David Floyd, the previous Editor.

With that in mind and to alleviate some of the pressure on the writers, I have been approaching a few Chileheads who I feel might have the right credentials to become reviewers on the team. So it is with great pleasure that I would like to welcome Rob House, Clare Cameron and Chris Whitehouse to the writing team. They may be familiar to you or completely new but here is some info on each of them;

Rob House

“I have always been an adventurous eater. When I was 18, I moved away from my parents farm in Dorset to study Computer Science at the University of Portsmouth.

It was here that I first discovered Asian supermarkets and my love of chillies. As a student, curries and chilli con carne were staples of my diet. This was mainly because they could be prepared in advance and reheated at a later time. The Asian supermarkets in Portsmouth contained many exotic fruits and vegetables that I had never seen in rural Dorset – these included Scotch Bonnet chillies. Fresh chillies quickly became a favourite ingredient of mine and I have been regularly cooking with them since.

In 2011, I went to the West Dean Chilli Fiesta and was blown away by the number of small producers and the exceptional products that they had to offer. It was also around this time that I discovered the ChileFoundry and Darth Naga’s Funhouse ‘O’ Pain”

Clare Cameron

“I never really ate much chilli growing up but when I left home to go to uni I started trying different foods and learning how to cook.

I realised how much I liked chilli and experimented with different chillies and gradually made food hotter and hotter.

Challenging myself to eat hotter food gave me a buzz and soon found standard supermarket chillies were not enough to satisfy my chilli cravings so started growing my own superhot variety and buying specialist hot sauces, daring myself to put more in each time. It soon got to the point the majority of my friends couldn’t eat my food and if they did I got accused of trying to kill them!

I started looking around for eating places that boasted super hot food such as Naga etc.

I then, inspired by Man Vs Food started looking for UK challenges but found most were about heat and quantity. I was happy to eat anything hot but not a mass of food as it just seemed a self destroying thing to do and as someone who is trying to watch my weight could not put my body through eating insane amounts of food. Then in September I went to my first Chilli Festival, FieryFoodsUK in Brighton and entered my first competiton, the Man Vs Fire Buffet which I won! Since I started eating hot food it has definitely proved to be an addiction and a passion I am even considering a chilli tattoo!

 Chris Whitehouse

“I would like to thank the Chilefoundry team for letting me board the heat ship and sail upon the fiery seas, reviewing products and potentially burning my soul to death, cheers guys!

My name is Chris Whitehouse, I’m 29 years young and I have always been a fan of hot food and sauces. But in the last 3 years or so, I have really become passionate about collecting sauces etc, and also growing my own chillis (mainly superhots) in my garden. Each year my chilli growing space gets gradually bigger. My first grow was in a cheap plastic, walk in greenhouse, then I moved onto a 10×8 greenhouse and if all goes well, next year I will be growing in a mahooosive 100ft x 50ft polytunnel PARTY ON! So yeah you could say I’m a crazy Chillihead and yes, I love being one! The chilli world has some of the best characters around, as you all should know. Having met lots of them this year at Upton Cheyney Chilli Fest, it was a pleasure and needs to be done again very soon, and I’m going to try my hardest to attend many more fests next year. Roll on 2013! last but not least, as well as the Chilefoundry I would like to thank ‘Darth Naga’s funhouse of pain’ , a group on facebook and if you are not a member, ask to join now! The group has a vast amount of knowledge between us and has helped me and many other peeps all over the globe with any problems with growing chillis, finding products and being up to date with the latest chilli news. If it wasn’t for his group I don’t think my passion would be as big as it is now.”


These guys have submitted a sample review of their choice as part of their “recruitment”, these reviews will be published shortly.


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