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Darth Naga Reviews – Fire Foods Infinity Sauce

This is the article of the month, Darth  makes a stunning video review of the Hottest Natural Sauce he has tried to date.

Top articles for September included:-

Report from the Fiery Foods UK Chilli Fiesta at Victoria Gardens in Brighton

Darth Naga’s Visit the the Big Brother House

Fiery Foods Chilli Eating Competition – Videos from both days at the Brighton Chilli FestivalHot Headz - Naga Mustard Sauce

Report from the Royal Horticultural Scoiety (RHS) Chilli Fiesta

Massala Inforno – Is this the worlds hottest curry

Scott Roberts – Chilli Letter from America #10 – Our monthly report from the USA

Hot-Headz – Naga Mustard Sauce Review – One of the hottest natural mustard sauces we have ever tried.

Cambridge Chilli Farm – Pineapple and Habanero Hot Sauce Review – Phil from the Dartmoor Chilli farm’s first review.

Simpsons Chilli Tastings – A visit to Simpsons Seeds to try their range of Chillies at one of their annual chilli tastings

Dr. Burnorium’s Hot Sauce Emporium –  We visit one of the UK’s few Hot Sauce shops in Bristol.

Tabasco  Pizza Review – If you like Tabasco sauce, this Pizza is perfect for you!

Britain’s Best Dish – Criag from www.wegrowourown.co.uk makes it into the final.

Can Chillies Cue Cancer – Some research from the University of Queensland

Dartmoor Chilli Farm – Dartmoor Real Ale Chilli Chutney – A first review from one of new team members

Report from the Upton Chenyney Chilli Festival 2010 – A very popular event now in its second year,

To Infinity Chilli and Beyond… – The breaking news of the new scovile rating for the infinity chilli.

Heinz Beanz – Sweet Chilli – I think most of us have lived with Heinz Baked beans all of our lives, I have made the odd excursion to another brand, but always seem to come back the one I know best Heinz!

The Hunt for the Trinidad Scorpion & 7 Pod Chillies – Read Chilli Joe’s adventure tracking down these on a recent visit to Trinidad.

Bee Sting Brand ThaiSting Sweet Chilli SauceThe Bee Sting range is from the Half Moon Bay Trading Company, who‘s Iguana range of hot sauces have been a favourite of mine for many years.

Images from Waddesdon Chilli Festival 2010 – Ben Saunders kindley provided us with his photo report from the event.
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RHS Chilli Fiesta Hyde Hall

RHS Chilli Fiesta Hyde Hall

While much of the attention of the Chilli loving fraternity was focused on Brighton over the weekend of September 18th & 19th, in a quiet corner of Essex the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) was holding its own Chilli Fiesta at Hyde Hall Gardens, just south of Chelmsford.

While Hyde Hall might not have the razzmatazz of Brighton, several hundred people turned out on a blustery day. They were greeted by about a dozen stalls selling all manner of Chilli sauces, salsas and marinades, seeds and established plants – this being late in the growing season.

Several of the vendors were new to me, such as Feel The Burn but while they might be new, their sauces were both fiery and flavourful. Look out for them.

And of course, being the RHS there was expert advice on hand if you were having problems with your peppers.

Okay, so not the fiesta that Brighton enjoys, but a pleasant diversion for those of us who might not want to venture ‘south of the river’.

Our many thanks to Bob the Brit (http://www.bobthebrit.net) for his article/pictures of this chilli event.


Explore the spicier side of vegetable growing at RHS Hyde Hall in Essex Chilli Pepper Weekend which promises to be a true feast for your senses. Enjoy plant displays, food stalls, growing advice and chilli pepper tasting for the brave!

For more information visit http://www.rhs.org.uk/WhatsOn/Gardens/hydehall


Explore the spicier side of vegetable growing at the  Chilli Pepper Weekend the RHS Garden Hyde Hall where you will enjoy plant displays, food stalls, talks and cookery demonstrations.

Many of you will know Michael Michaud who’s developed the Dorset Naga at his seed business Sea Spring Farm

For full details and to make a booking visit the RHS web site


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