Jason Stevens who runs Burning Desire Foods from his Brighton base has been creating some great tasting Chilli Sauces since 2011 and launched at the Fiery Foods Chilli festival in the south coast city. Not only has Jason been cooking and developing sauces but has been working hard to get his sauces on the table of restaurant diners, and this week has done just that, sealing a deal with Brewery Tap in Brighton.


Jason explains how the new collaboration came about:

In April 2012, while attending the Brighton & Hove Food Festival with my Company Burning Desire Foods, I met owner Miles Cunliffe of the Mixology Group, a company that specializes in professional cocktail training & bar school.

I mentioned he should try their Bloody Mary’s with my flagship hot sauce Burning Desire. Later that day I started receiving messages about this amazing tasting Bloody Mary with the Burning Desire Hot Sauce.

A few months passed and I received a phone call from Miles explaining he was about to open a restaurant in Brighton in partnership with the My Brewery Tap company and he wanted to have a local hot sauce company supply them quality hot sauces.

I have been approached a few times before to partner up with restaurants and food suppliers but that meant losing my company identity which for me was not the direction I wanted the business to go. From the first meeting onwards with the Brewery Tap manager Mike Mason and head Chef Will Innes, we were all on the same page about keeping Burning Desire Foods visible to the public.

I then spent some time with Will, the head chef and discussed the menu and what sauces would complement the type of food they were creating.

I love cooking with a passion and the ideas Will had were a perfect partnership with hot sauces so this was a very exciting process. The type of food the Brewery Tap makes is traditional Cajun and Louisiana style cooking, from catfish to seafood gumbo, and Cajun spiced Andouille Sausage and Blackened Salmon with Dirty Rice to name but a few tantalising dishes that any food lover and chilli head would appreciate.

Also on the menu is a searing hot Naga Burger served with my Hot Kiss Naga Hot Sauce”

So there you have it, you might already know Brewery Tap as the UK’s largest importer of micro brewery beers who last year opened their first restaurant in Brighton.

3The food on the Brewery Tap menu is traditional deep South American, barbeque & Louisiana style cooking. As of this week, all of the Burning Desire Foods range of hot sauces will be available to customers to compliment their choice from the menu.

You can order po’boy’s with Burning Temptations Smoky Hot Sauce, top quality hamburgers with Hot Kiss Naga Hot Sauce or chicken wings with Burning Desire Hot Sauce… the choice is all yours.

Along with a great menu there is also an amazing selection of top quality craft beers from around the world

Great food, great beers and great hot sauce what more could you want?

Check out Brewery Tap at Brewery Tap, 103 North Road in Brighton.




How’s it going my Chilli Padawanzzzzzz? (I used a “Z” there to look…”street”) Got another video review for you all today, and trust me its a corker!! The sauce I have in this review comes from none other than the Master Baker himself, Paul Brayshaw!

Regulars of the Chilefoundry will know Paul for two things, first of all he’s the owner of “Paul’s Pizza” which honestly does the BEST pizza I have ever tasted, the man is an artisan baker and has been since 16, so he’s very well versed in his art! We featured his restaurant on it’s re-opening here.

Secondly he’s also the proud owner of what we believe to be the worlds hottest pizza, tested at just over 3.5 million SHU..the “Saltdean Sizzler” has claimed many victims, but three of our own reviewers have tamed it! Me?? Nooooooo….well I might try it one day…when I have that frontal lobotomy done!


Jays Peach and Red Ghost Scorpion Chillies, Roasted Red Peppers, Roasted Garlic, Lemon, Cider Vinegar.

So, the ingredients to “Ghost Scorpion Juice” are fairly simple and straight forward, judging by the ingredients list it might be a little tangy, but obviously we’ll leave the taste test for that, the bottle itself is a simple, unassuming 100ml glass bottle, no label this time round as this was more of a test batch that Paul decided was good enough to sell to the general public, this is the first run of the sauce so I would deffo grab a bottle in case it becomes popular!

Right! As you saw in the video, this sauce is bloody hot, its a little watery for my liking, but there is some flesh in there and the pepper flavour is good but the slightly watery taste lets it down a bit, hopefully Paul can sort this on the next batch, very big emphasis on the Ghost Scorpions, almost a Ghost Scorpion puree in fact, so perfect for cooking with, or even making pizza sauce!

You can grab a bottle of this from Paul at £4.99 plus postage, visit his website and hit the “Contact us” page, follow him on Twitter @PaulsPizzaUK or visit his Facebook page at and message him there for more info on grabbing the sauce!!
Right I’m off to scoff some hot spicy snacks for my next video review, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!! (eyes peeled? ow) and until I see you there,

I shall just say this…may the sauce be with you..always, take care!!

Value (7/10)


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Many of you will have heard of the “Saltdean Sizzler”, a pizza made by Paul Brayshaw of Paul’s Pizza in Saltdean near Brighton, along with some delicious handmade pizzas for the, shall we say, sensible customer! I reviewed Paul’s creations including the Sizzler back in May this year here.

Well it’s been a a very rocky road for Paul over the last few months with an attempted break in at the restaurant, resulting in a very nasty injury to his leg which resulted in him having an emergency operation to have the lower part of the leg amputated. This meant a long stay in hospital and the rehab that follows.

Now many people might give up at that point, but not Paul, he is champing at the bit to get back at the oven to make more fantastic pizzas for the people of Saltdean and beyond.

Since my own and Rob House’s visit to Saltdean, Paul attended the reading cook off where he was serving up slices of his sizzler to the unsuspecting crowds. During his recovery period the Saltdean Sizzler has regularly been discussed on Facebook and has gathered certain recognition among Chilliheads as a challenge to beat all challenges. Being that just before he closed, Paul had served just over 1000 Sizzlers and only 8 people had managed to consume a full one, you can see why!

The pizza was sent off to Warwick University where it came back with a Scoville rating of just under 3.2 million!

So on the 15th November 2012, exactly a year since he opened originally, Paul is scheduled to fire up the ovens, and open the doors once again. He isn’t even waiting until his new prosthetic leg is ready, he is that serious to get his life back on track and I for one salute him for that.

Opening hours will be slightly reduced with the new opening, I believe being shut on tuesday and closing earlier in the evenings, but it still leaves you all plenty of time to come down to Saltdean and take on the Sizzler, or something more tame!

To keep you going here is my successful attempt at the Sizzler:

And here’s our very own Rob House with his speed eating record! Blink and you will miss it!

At the moment Paul can be contacted via Pauls Pizza on Facebook or PaulsPizzaUK on twitter

So do you think you can handle a Sizzler? there’s only one way to find out!



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