Penis Pepper is selling a pepper that many of us have know for years as the Peter Pepper, which have always been a bit of a joke as they grow into hilarious shapes, what Chilli Willy™ have done very well is packaged this up without any childish humour or saucy illustrations (Which let be frank most of us think about when we see them)

Chilli Willy Kit

Chilli Willy Kit

The package from Chilli Willy is nicely put together and includes:-

  • 6 x chilli red plastic plant pots
  • 6 x Genuine Chilli Willy seeds
  • 1 x bag of Ecosoil™ Organic compost
  • Re-usable plastic greenhouse
  • Full growing instructions

All in an easy take home container, this kit is enough to get your plants started ready to put on to larger containers after they reach about 5cm tall. earlier in 2010 the kit won an award at The National Chilli Awards in Brighton in the category for “Best Name & Label”.

The Chilli Willy Pepper is Capsicum Annuum and the variety has won many awards including Best Tasting Chilli and Most Pornographic Pepper by Organic Gardening Magazine, so when you are successful growing your plants they won’t but just a novelty they will also be very tasty.

Please note “Chilli Willy” is a registered trade mark of  Luke Carter PO Box 427, Hatfield, AL10 1DR.

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