Death at the Crimson Altar is a new sauce from the Devon Chilliman named as the sauce has a dark red blood colour. Luckily for me unlike The Devon Chilliman my blood does not contain chilli seeds or any of the collection of super hot chilli included in this concoction.

Death At The Crimson Altar

All the chillies in this sauce have been grown in Devon, I hope some of you have been reading the monthly reports we get from The Devon Chilliman regarding his project at Channingswood Prison we are looking forward to this years reports.

Ingredients:- Moruga Scorpion 20%, Naga 20%, Red Savinas 10%, Carolina Reaper 5%, Vinegar, Beetroot, Mango, Salt, Mustard, Liquorice, Spices.

Bottle kindly provided by The Devon Chilliman

Well enough waffle, time to crack open the bottle and quench my blood lust. Opening the bottle and you just know this is going to be painful, there is that acidic aroma that comes from chillies just waiting to burn, a little hint of vinegar soon evaporates, so will I be slain on the Crimson Altar.

The simple answer is arrrrhhhh Yes, about 1/2 a teaspoon was by far enough, the searing heat is making writing this harder and harder ……a short break is required…… I would now like to say that the beetroot, mango, mustard and unusually liquorice all combined well with the chillies to….. But none of that would be true, I suffered greatly with hiccups and just a little chilli reflux before I could get to the fridge to find the milk and then off to the freezer for Ice cream.

I am sure I used to be harder that this or are these hot sauce makers/growers and becoming much more successful at the satanic arts of hot sauces, at £7.50 a bottle this packs a punch that this now ageing writer is starting to feel with a vengeance. This is a all natural sauce, no extract, for me it will be used very carfully to warm us my chilli.

Note: This was a few days ago, now recovered I have used this in cooking and am feeling much wiser, I have made a very tasty chilli with just 250g of best beef mince and a couple of finely chopped onions a little red wine and one small teaspoon of Death at the Crimson Altar, even that was enough for a good sweet, but the flavours from those chillies was worth it.

Value (7.5/10)

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Looking for the ideal christmas gift for a Chillihead.. How about a new sauce called “Death At The Crimson Altar” from the Devon Chilliman.

Death At The Crimson AltarThis is his hottest sauce to date, it contains Devonchilliman’s own grown super hot chillies including the worlds hottest chillies Carolina Reaper, the current Guinness World Record Holder, and the Moruga Scorpion as well as Naga’s, Red Savina Habanero

Ingredients: Moruga Scorpion, Naga, Red Savina, Carolina Reaper, Vinegar, Beetroot, Mango, Salt, Mustard, Liquorice, Spices.

You can order online at

Over the next few days we will be plugging some excellent UK products that would make excellent Christmas presents – stay tuned for more…


Question: Summertime means one thing BBQ’s and what do you need to go with a BBQ?
Answer: A great chili sauce, so we crack open this sauce made by Mr Vikki’s named after his son ‘Harry’ it is called Harry’s Roast Chipotle BBQ Sauce so lets get it open and see how it tastes.

Ingredients: Tomato Paste, Vinegar, Roast Hickory Smoked Chipotle 14%, Molasses, Honey, Golden Syrup, Onion, Garlic, Cornflour, Salt, Soy Sauce, Mustard & Spices.

Made by & available from Mr Vikki’s

Bottle 280g Priced at £4.50 (Price correct at time of publishing)

About Mr Vikki’s: ‘A small bespoke Indian Fusion pickle producer in the beautiful Lake district Cumbria. Dedicated to using fresh natural ingredients, that contain no wheat or dairy. Many products using specific chillies, and keep very well once opened and unchilled due to the low water content achieved through ancient methods of preserving.

All recipes are unique and made by Adam Marks.’ Courtesy from


Mr Vikki’s is a small bespoke Indian Fusion pickle producer in the beautiful Lake District Cumbria. Mr Vikki’s is dedicated to using fresh natural ingredients, containing no gluten, wheat or dairy. Many products use specific chillies, and keep very well once opened and un-chilled due to the low water content achieved through ancient methods of preserving.

It’s time for me to hold my hand up. At every chilli festival and event I have walked by the Mr Vikki’s stand every time not feeling drawn to their products. Partly I think to the labels and a little for the Indian influence not exciting me. Maybe I’m a bit of a sucker for stupid names and cool graphics.…..

Oh how wrong it was to walk by! You need to check this guys stuff out. Mr Vikki’s could be considered the “Ronseal” of the UK chilli market. His products do exactly what it says on the tin. Besides an impressive 69 great taste awards in 7 years, including 13 great taste awards in 2013 so far can’t be wrong. Many apologies to the chilli god for committing blasphemy towards such a high achieving UK producer!

As I have hinted above the label to me is a little dull and very yellow. Nice touch with the flames though. I like that the label covers only half the jar so you can see the contents. There is a lot of helpful and professional information displayed including the Mr Vikki’s Heat ‘O’ Meter .The Piri Piri mustard is rated as ‘Hot’

Checking out the website, the product description gives an honest view stating “chilli heads will love this but will still find room for a bit more heat. Packed with flavour combinations and high chilli content, it’s not to be missed and should be brought out at every meal”


Mustard 60%, white wine Vinegar, Birds Eye Chillies 10%, salt and spices

Jar kindly supplied by Mr Vikkis

Cracking open the jar, surprise surprise you smell mustard. I have tried many chilli mustards recently. Some just throw in the power and hope for the best – these are terrible – some have tried to be creative with the flavours and often take away from the mustard itself.

Mr Vikki’s has used basic ingredients in the right proportions to not commit either of these mistakes but instead produce a very pleasant taste. I enjoy the texture of the wholegrain mustard used and am very partial to anything Piri Piri. I 100% agree with their web statement, disappointing for a chilli head seeking only power. If it’s this you want check out the rest of the Mr Vikki’s range there is plenty to fulfil your needs! However the mustard does indeed still pack heat and will go well with anything picnic or bbq related.

There isn’t too much more to describe I think, it’s good, it’s tasty, it’s hot, get some!

A rather strangely weighted 205g jar will cost a mere £3.25 on their website currently.

My advice is not to stop here and make the same mistake I made before. Don’t just order this product. Follow @MrVikkis on twitter and find out which chilli event he will be attending next, head for the glowing yellow stand, and get yourself a full tasting experience!

Value (7/10)



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