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The 2016 version of Mort is now available from Grim Reaper Foods this year there are 66 bottles available and they normally sell out before I have even had time to surf the web.

Grim Reaper Foods – Mort 2016 Ltd. Edition Scorpion Chilli Sauce

This year the pepper are Red Scorpion from Chris Saunders and Glenn from Glenn’s Peppers. The Scorpion is a horrific beast that while not as hot as the Carolina Reaper, still comes in at around 1.5 million Scovile units.

Russ has sent me a special sample bottle just for tasking, I also have a bottle for my collection oddly numbered 67 of 66 with a little smiley face :-). Looking at the ingredients, this looks like a very classic style of sauce with most of my favourite ingredients, Garlic, Red Wine vinegar and Tomatoes, I am a big devotee of using red wine vinegar in cooking and it works so well with chillies.

The smell from the bottle is intoxicating, and I quickly find this is not a sauce to be taken lightly when you have had a cold and the aroma hits the back of my throat there is only one thing for it, out with the tasting spoon and off we go.

The heat is searing and the coughing starts followed by the hickups, as the heat starts to cool, which take a lot longer that I was expecting, I can taste the garlic, then a little of the tomato just makes its self known, a second slight smaller spoonful and things are returning to normal, the other flavour start to appear.

Ingredients:- Plum Tomatoes, Red Wine Vinegar, Scorpion Chillies, Shallots, Garlic, Sugar, Tomato Puree, Salt, Rapeseed Oil.

Bottle kindly provided by Grim Reaper Foods

Limited editions are a great fun idea, but unfortunately I suspect many will never get tasted, which is a shame, as this is a really great sauce, at only £6.95 for a 100 ml bottle of such a unique collectors item, I must admit it would be a shame to open a bottle with such a neat wax seal.

So I feel extra special being one of the few with a bottle I can enjoy and one I can save in my collection.

Value (7.5/10)


Grim Reaper Foods
Today, brings the unleashing of the Grim Reaper Foods – 2015’s MORT limited edition hot sauce, made with Scorpion Morouga peppers grown here in the UK by chilehead Chris Saunders! This is the third MORT, in 2013 it sold out in 8 days, last year however, it sold out in just over 2 hours. Today it goes no sales at 9PM GMT.

Bottles are numbered and signed. The first 10 bottles will go out numbered 1-10 to the first 10 orders, after that they are random. If you order up to 3 and you are in the first 10, your order qualifies for one of the first 10, the other two bottles will be random. If you would like a specific number (NOT first 10) just request it, however it isn’t guaranteed as many requests come through-it must be on your order in the notes ection. Jees, so many rules….Big rule-MAX 3 bottles per household, orders for more will be cancelled im afraid..


We are back from a short summer break from posting new articles, which has allowed time to attend lots of chilli events and recharge batteries. But we return here with a preview of a new limited edition product launching at the end of October from Jamie Sythes who runs The Wiltshire Chilli Farm. The Voodoo Habanero is a three sauce set presented in an attractive black box with a comic style Voodoo doll image on the front.

The set comprises one of each different Habanero Chilli Sauces, this follows on from 2011 when the company released the Septenary trio and in 2012, the Ghost trio was released.

This year the following sauces are included:

The Chocolate Habanero made with 40% Chilli content:

Darth Naga reviewed this sauce last year and can be seen here

The Fruit Burst Habanero made with 40% Chilli content:

This was recently reviewed by Darth Naga here

And finally the third sauce is only available in this box set, the Peach Habanero made with 50% Chilli content:

Jamie is no stranger to releasing single variety Chilli sauces, like Fatalii, Criolla Sella, Aji Lemon, White Habanero.

These sets are available to pre-order now via this link and are limited to 200 sets only, on sale for £15 each plus £2.50 postage. They should all be shipped by the 1st November and we will be reviewing the Peach variety when it arrives.


The Reaper has been busy, very busy, flexing his scythe; his black cloak flowing in the air as he silently carries out his work. You need to keep your eyes peeled as we fast approach the end of October for “All Hallows Eve” or Halloween as it is better known as he has something special for a lucky few.

I am of course talking about Grim Reaper Foods Ltd run by Russell Williams, the Reaper himself. Russell is a professional chef by trade with over 20 years experience, and Halloween has extra special significance for him, as two years ago this Halloween he started trading as Grim Reaper Foods Ltd, and it’s been a busy couple of years with product development, launches and awards aplenty.

The Company started with one product, The Evil One, see the original review here.

This won Best Amateur Sauce at the National Chilli Awards at the April Fiery Foods Chilli Festival in Brighton in 2010. Since then this product has gone on to win other awards. In fact Russell has gone on to win multiple awards in the past two years including a further 6 National Chilli Awards, this year for best company and best labelling for his Hellraiser Chocolate, 2 Great Taste Awards and most recently a Bronze at the Scovie’s Awards in the US for his Purgatory Chocolate.

His has also been shortlisted for an Award at the Quality Food Awards and is up against some of the large supermarket giants. Russell has a range of over 15 products now available from his website and various food events.

But it’s The Evil One that has a special place in the company’s history, being the first product which launched the company. So the Reaper has something special lined up for a few lucky, or unlucky people this Halloween.

To celebrate the two year anniversary of the company, Russell has created a very special limited edition version of The Evil One. These differ from the original in a few ways. As you can see from the picture, the bottles have different labels, the bottles are individually numbered, and the tops are adorned with red and gold wax.  They have officially had the Reaper treatment!

But there is one key ingredient that is different; the usual 1 million SHU Oleoresin has been replaced with the 12 million SHU version! (Russell made his own Oleoresin for The Evil One that won him that original best amateur award, he explains how here)

Now as I said these are limited edition, there are only 40 bottles available worldwide, and they will only be available on the Grim Reaper Foods website from 12.01am on the 31st October. They are priced at £12 plus postage.

Maximum of 3 bottles per order/person, orders for more will be cancelled, as the Reaper wants to share his pain with as many victims as possible!

Once these are gone they are gone, never to be seen again. Each bottle will come with a 5ml “taster” bottle of the sauce if you are brave enough to try it!  Russell also tells me that the lucky 7th and unlucky 13th order placed will receive their bottle but will have a slight variation, intriguing!

So either stay up late or set your alarms for the early hours. You could of course risk waiting until daylight on the 31st, but there are only 40 bottles. Grab yourself a piece of chilli history and while you are there, have a look at the Reapers other wares. Good luck!




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