Just Trading Scotland

Swazi Fire Chilli Sauce

Swazi Fire Chilli Sauce

Back in November last year I reviewed a lovely product that was made by the ladies of the “Eswatini Kitchen” and brought to these shores by a company known as “Just trading Scotland”, it was a “Kumquat Atchar” and most unlike any fruit based chutney/pickle I had tasted before, so now I come to one of their other products which is a cooking sauce by the looks of it, but to get its full merit and give it a fair review I will be trying it straight from the jar!!

If you want to learn more about the “Eswatini Kitchen” and “Just Trading Scotland” then head on over to www.eswatinikitchen.co.sz and www.justtradingscotland.co.uk respectively.

Ingredients: chillies (70%), onions, garlic, sunflower oil, vinegar and spices.

(Review jar generously supplied by www.justtradingscotland.co.uk)

This lil jar of heat is known as “Swazi Fire Chilli Sauce” and i’ll go into why I think it deserves that name in a little while. The jar itself is a standard, round 300g size jar, not big but not small, the label is similar in design to the “Kumquat atchar” I had reviewed being that it is a cream coloured label with green and red writing, albeit with the addition of a little flame dude stood atop a nice red chilli!

The sauce inside is a marbled red and brown, with lots of big pieces of chilli in and a hefty amount of seeds too, upon twisting off the jar lid I noted the strong smell of chilli and garlic, no other smells were noticeable but then sometimes, simple is the best recipe for success! A little of the sunflower oil was sitting on top of the mixture and has taken on the nice red colour of the chilli inside, alot of people are turned off sauce that has a bit of oil in it, but I can tell you now that you really don’t notice the oil when you taste it and I can only imagine how good this oil would be to cook in once you add onions and such to it in a pan.

I dipped my spoon in and got a nice dollop of the sauce on my spoon, placing it into my mouth and twisting it over and over with my tongue I started to realise two things!

  1. This sauce has a very simple but outstanding flavour, the garlic and onions work brilliantly with the chilli and make this a perfect addition to ANY recipe that asks for fresh chilli. I would use a teaspoon of this sauce in place of a fresh chilli in your recipe’s, not only will you get the amazing fused flavours into the meal you are making but it will also bring a nice kick to it!
  2. This stuff is surprisingly hot! I swallowed the sauce and nall round my lips and the corners of my mouth were burning, no hiccups were incurred but I certainly got a damp forehead and could still feel the heat ten mins later, though it had died down alot by then!

The only thing I did’nt like about this sauce was the slightly bitter aftertaste it left, but then again I am trying this stuff neat, whereas it should blatantly be used in curries, chilli’s and the like, as cooking this sauce will take out the bitterness which no doubt comes from the raw chilli present in it. If you are looking for something to put in your spicy chilli related dishes then this is an ideal replacement for fresh chillies, all the better if you are the type of person who loves using fresh chilli over dried, but finds they only use some chilli and then throw the rest away because they are uneeded then this stuff is for you! Head on over to http://www.justtradingscotland.co.uk/pages/Retailers and look down their list for someone near you, then go out and buy a jar of this, use it in your next spicy dish and then I dare you to come back and tell me it was bland, I DARE YA!!

The rrp according to the website is about £2.75 a jar and for whats in it, I think thats a fair price, and obviously when you buy a jar you’ll be helping out many families over in swaziland!

Until next time chilefanz, the sauce is strong in this one!
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Fiery Foods UK National Chilli awards winner – “Best Import Product

Eswatini Swazi Kitchen - kumquat Atchar

Eswatini Swazi Kitchen - kumquat Atchar

Its a monday night, work is all done for another day and i’m doing my best to relax..and what better way to relax than with a nice review of something hot and spicy, best thing for these cold nights if you ask me!

The product I am reviewing today comes from a company known as “Just trading Scotland” who sell fair trade products here in the uk on behalf of people from Africa, asia and latin america, one of the groups that they represent is known as “Eswatini Swazi Kitchen” and its that particular group that have made the product I am reviewing today.

Eswatini was set up in 1991 by a catholic priest , Father Larry McDonnell and an Anglican Nun Sister Judith Dean O.B.E. to create jobs in Swaziland for certain communities and to generate funds for “Manzini Youth Care” a non-government organization caring for children affected by HIV and AIDS. Eswatini has grown considerably over the years and currently exports its quality products to 14 different international destinations including the US and UK.

It is also worth noting that the product i have here has also won a National Chilli award at the Fiery Foods UK festival, it won first place in the “Best import product” category!

Ingredients: Kumquat fruit (65%), Sunflower oil, Vinegar, Spices, Chillies, Salt and Garlic.

Okay, as you can see from the list of ingredients this is a very simple and straightforward product, there is no preservatives or additives so its 100% natural, the jar itself is a simple one with a white lid and the label is a beige sort of colour, with red and green writing on that stands out quite well, giving the product a very unique and homemade look as opposed to the usual mas market uber colourful approach!

The pickle (?) inside has a gorgeous orange hue to it, with flecks of red and brown throughout, sunflower oil being high on the list of ingredients my first thoughts were that this would be a little greasy, you have to imagine that its been a couple of months since the FFUK festival so i could’nt remember how this tasted, all i knew was that it won an award for good reason and I was about to relive that reason!

I twisted off the lid and held it up to my nose, allowing my olfactory senses to do the driving for a brief moment, a very fruity and uplifting smell entered my nostrils, not dissimilar to lime pickle but with something different in there..obviously this being a review i decided to allow my tastebuds to get their own opinion on this intriguing paste. I dipped in my tasting spoon and took out a nice heaped amount, placing it between my lips I let it sit on my tongue before moving it around inside my mouth to be able to fully appreciate and perhaps decipher the ingredients.

A wonderful fruity, spicy flavour was making its way around my senses, the kumquat was immediately obvious as was the chilli, I was pleasently surprised by the non-greasy texture of the product too, the kumquat created an altogether different sensation to anything else I had tasted and I certainly would’nt have ever thought that kumquats and chillies go together so well. The heat was mild but warming and complimented the fruity zing of the main ingredient, the garlic was more of a savoury afterthought but one that worked well as a parting gift to your mouth!

Just Trading Scotland

Just Trading Scotland

I remembered fondly then how we came about giving this particular pickle the award, I smiled and had another spoonful while I tried to find a price for this item, ALAS!! i could not find one at all..in fact the only way I could find an indication of where to purchase this product was to head over to http://www.justtradingscotland.co.uk/pages/Retailers and look down the list their, they also have the retailers on a handy map of britain, so i’m sure you’re bound to find someone near to you that sells the “Eswatini” range!

This sort of thing would go well with white meat i feel, things like pork and chicken would take full advantage of the flavours on offer, as would most vegetables tbh..and I think it would go VERY well with my personal favourite, CHEESE!!

Get thee to your nearest purveyour of fair trade products as listed on their site and grab a jar of this before they sell out, as i can guarentee with this sort of flavour, as soon as people start to notice it, it will sell fast!! Until next time chileheadz, may the sauce be with you!!!
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Right, it’s Monday night, the night after the Brighton “Right, it’s Monday night, the night after the Brighton “Fiery Foods UK Festival” and i have to say I’m still knackered!! It’s been a great weekend and I’ve really enjoyed myself, so i decided to take a slight detour from my usual reviewing style and instead write up a little piece about the festival and how well I believe it went!

Day One – Saturday 19th September

The Naga's

The Naga's

The whole thing started off with myself and Mrs Naga arriving on site around 9am, grabbing our parking permits, parking the Nagamobile and then hot-footing (get it? hahaha…ha…no? okay fine!) it back to the festival arena, first people we met were Miranda and ChilliPepperPete himself, Miranda couldn’t stay long as she had lots to do but we stayed and chatted with Pete for a bit before having a look around and watching everyone set up for the festival!

It wasn’t long before we had met all the usual friendly faces and a few new ones too, we had been introduced to all the Seymour clan (ChilliPepperPete) who were lovely and we had a proper good laugh with Rose and Aaron Seymour as we talked about the upcoming highlights of the day. Myself and Mrs Naga then decided to make ourselves scarce and popped off to grab something to eat and have a sit down while we waited for the day to begin, Gerald Fowler from the chilli pepper company came to sit and chat with us after he had proudly presented me with his latest creation (more on that in another article!), not long after that the gates opened and….nothing!

Disaster had struck, the AA had put out the signs for the FFUK festival that were a year old!! they displayed the dates and times as “11am till 6pm 20th and 21st of Sept” so not only were the dates wrong, but the time advertised was an hour later!!

SO with things off to a slow start people started to get a little worried, but as with anything chilli related, things soon started heating up!!

A little later that day i was asked to do the task i had come all this way for, be one of the panel of judges for the “National Chilli Awards” alongside Karl from Scorchio and Dany Lamote, the head chef from “Hotel California”! After a little while of sampling the many products, poor Dany had to go and do a cookery demo nearby so me and Karl soldiered on joined by the ever lovely Mrs Naga.

The National Chilli Awards 2009 Judges at work

The National Chilli Awards 2009 Judges at work

After we had drawn our verdicts on the various categories there was no time to waste as the awards ceremony itself was about to begin, myself, Karl and Dany dutifully got up on stage to help present the various winners with their awards, and then within no time at all after a couple of comedians (which I unfortunately missed!!) it was on to the main event of the day…The Chilli eating competition!!!

The 10 contestants made their way onstage as Rob the compere called out their names; I had met one of the favourites earlier on in the day, a young guy by the name of “Guff” who had come to the festival with his male groupies who were cheering him on as he climbed onto the stage. I was enlisted to hand out the various chilli’s to the contestants, a job which i OBVIOUSLY enjoyed, grinning like a Cheshire cat as I was handing out the fruits of pain!

Within about 30 mins we had whittled the contestants down to three; another dropped out after the Dorset Naga was consumed…but then came the piece de resistance!! the CPP Spanish Naga (more on this chilli in a future post!), after both contestants had chewed down not one….not TWO, but THREE Spanish Naga’s, the only female entrant gracefully dropped out thereby handing the win to “The Guff” who amidst all his pain and anguish still had enough strength to stand up, collect his prize ( a ChilliPepperPete t-shirt, bottle of dragons blood, £50 cash and the chance to go to ChilliPepperPete’s kitchen and cook up his own sauce!!) and bow for applause and cheers from the crowd and his gang before hastily swallowing as much milk, sugar and beer as he could consume!!

The day continued for another couple of hours, at this point there were masses of people swarming round the stalls and buying lots of painful treats for themselves and loved ones, myself and Mrs Naga were invited out for a meal by Miranda and Pete, an invitation we did not turn down! As the day progressed and the afternoon turned to evening we sat down with some of the most interesting people I have ever met and talked hot sauce, chilli’s and Baja till we had all eaten our fill at a lovely Italian restaurant down in the Marina, after which we all said goodnight and headed back to our respective abodes to try and get a good night’s sleep to prepare for the 2nd and last day of the FFUK festival!

FFUK National Chilli Wards Categories and Winners:

Day Two – Sunday 20th September

I awoke a little later than I had planned but still I felt refreshed and ready for the day, after a hasty morning preparation, myself and Mrs Naga headed out of our B&B after handing in the keys and jumped in the car, speeding off to nearby Brighton for the final day of our fantastic weekend.
As we arrived we managed to get a parking spot onsite this time, which allowed us much easier access to the whole site, the requirements of me today were to just generally help where i could, assist with the chilli eating competition again and also speak to some stallholders and get more photo’s, i headed off to see Pete and Miranda, things seemed a lot calmer today and there were much higher spirits all round as the event had only just opened and already people were pouring in and queuing outside!

After a quick chat we headed off to get some breakfast from a nearby snack wagon, then we had a lovely chat with “Archibald Floss” the proprietor of “Mental Floss” and also one of the acts for today’s show, after much laughter Archibald headed off to prepare and we went to sit down and enjoy his show. The show was fantastic, proper old school Victoriana sort of sideshow stuff, I can’t explain it very well but it was awesome, and afterwards we chatted to him some more and then headed off to chat with Gerald from the chilli pepper company who duly informed us that his newest hot sauce “10 Minute burn” had been banned by the health and safety officials for being too hot!! I took this opportunity to grab a quick video interview with Ged about the whole experience!!

Dany Lamote Cooking demonstration at FFUK09

Dany Lamote Cooking demonstration at FFUK09

We headed to the main tent where we were treated to a cookery demonstration by the fantastic Dany Lamote, head chef at the Hotel California in Baja, Mexico. Dany cooked a beautiful catfish in cashew and breadcrumbs with a chipotle sauce accompanied by stuffed Jalapeno’s and to say the food was sublime would have been an understatement, people scrambled up to the main stage the moment Dany said “who would like to try some?” We managed to grab a portion and while Mrs Naga just had the Jalapeno’s I had some fish as well and it really was worth scrambling for!!

After that it was time once again for the chilli eating competition to commence, and after much applause and booing, lots of sweat and tears one man came out on top, an ex chilli eating champion named Andy! he looked very hot and bothered but was glad to accept the prize and smiled for the camera. I stood around for a bit and chatted with a few people who recognised me from my YouTube video’s and postings here on the ChileFoundry, they urged me to make more video’s and just generally talked about all things chilli.

It soon dawned on myself and Mrs Naga that it would soon be time to go, so I set about collecting review samples from various stallholders, making sure to grab one of each of the previous days “National Chilli Awards” winners before thanking Miranda and Pete for being amazing hosts for the weekend and saying goodbye to various people we knew before climbing into the Nagamobile loaded down with plenty of review material, starting the engine and then heading off into the sunset with some awesome memories of an amazing weekend!! Thanks again guys and girls for making my trip so enjoyable, I’m really looking forward to the next one!! May the sauce be with you!!

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Fiery Foods is back in Victoria Gardens, Brighton, and promises to be bigger and better than last year..

Stands Booked so far:-

Hot Food Stalls including:-

Please visit their web site nearer to the event for more information

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