Are we crazy about this sauce? Well we go to a Chili & BBQ Festival in Hannover Germany grab a bottle as we love the look of the stand and the company name ‘Crazy Bastard Sauce‘.

Camera on, spoons ready, lets crack it open and see what it’s like…

Ingredients: Red Onion, Jalapeño, Hungarian Wax Pepper, White Wine Vinegar, Dates, Cayenne Pepper, Poblano Chili, Lime, Garlic, Coriander, Salt & Olive oil.

Jalapeno & Date Sauce made and available by: Crazy Bastard Sauce

100ml Bottle priced at €4.99
200ml Bottle priced at €8.99
(Price correct at time of publishing)

Filmed on location by the Clifton Chilli Club at the Chili & BBQ Festival Hannover. Germany.


SonnyI came across Sonny as he had painted some pictures of chillies and had posted some the chilli groups on FaceBook his water colours for me seem to have captured the chilli look just about right.

Sonny has been painting for about 25 years specialising in portraits and landscapes in both watercolour and acrylics oils pastels, Sonny has worked and painted around the world including Scotland, Australia, Spain, Africa, America and is now back in the United Kingdom. His passion for growing chillies has inspired him to produce artworks and jewellery showing off the beautiful shapes and colours of the many varieties.

You can find Sonny visiting many of the UK chillies festivals and see more of his paintings if you follow this link to his Facebook page

Sopnny Chana Water Colour Chillies Chilli’s include Cayenne, Twilight, Scotch Bonnet, Black Pearl, Jalapeño, Trinidad Scorpion, Apache, Carolina Reaper, Vampire, Chocolate Habanero, Hot Tomato and Friar’s Hat.

Sonny is selling signed prints of the picture above, the small to the right is 15cm x 20cm (double mounted 28cm x 34cm) is £20 plus £3 p&p, the larger print to the left is 20cm x 29cm (double mounted 34cm x 43cm) is £30 plus £3 p&p, Printed on high quality paper.

Painting in progress

Watercolour Chilli

Chilli Earings

If you would like to contact Sonny about his work, or to order a print or some jewellery, please use the form below.
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Its Friday night I have a pint of ale in my hand and a bag of Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling, Jalapeno chilli flavour in my hand to review…. I am happy. Normally I am put off from purchasing pork scratchings in a pub because they are often in a greasy looking see through packet that looks like it has been there for years, not these though.

In a glorious eye-catching red packet with a proud pig wearing the British flag as a waste coat, Mr Trotters crackling is a high end product. Made from 100% prime British pork skin from only the finest British out-door bred pigs. Currently it can be found in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum and Masons and Chatsworth house. Also in a growing number of pubs, farm shops, delis and Garden centres

The pack describes the ‘porky’ as teaming up with jalapeño chilli from Mexico. A medium-hot chilli with a verdantly sharp bite…… specially seasoned with the finest blend of natural ingredients, including sea salt, with no added MSG, to give you a flavour to savour. When it comes to the crunch it’s just got to be Mr Trotters – they’re Dangerously Good!! 

Bag kindly supplied by Mr Trotters


Pork Rind, Salt, Wheat Flour, Rusk, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Sugar, Dextrose, Citric Acid, Yeast Extract, Spice Extract, Flavourings.

As you would expect with the ingredients nothing healthy or surprising there but on opening the bag you forget all about the health risk of your chosen snack. You know it is Jalapeno flavoured straight away with a good waft of chilli. The smell of grease and fat that I expected was not there. The crackling pieces are a good size, all bite size and lots of them. They are also lighter than expected too, with an aerated appearance and great crisp texture.

When you first bite into them you get that crunch that you want from a scratching, then you experience the soft texture of the other side of the skin but no greasy taste/texture that you can get with other scratchings. The cracklings are triple cooked for proper crunch with natural yeast and sea salt for good measure, this process has obviously worked very well. When you are finished with the amazing crunch, then you get the natural tasting Jalapeño chilli kick, which gently builds to a satisfying level in your mouth and lasts a surprising amount of time. The level of chilli is just right, anymore and it would over power you, less and it would be unsatisfying.

These were amazing with a pint of ale and I would happily munch my way through a bag in the pub. The 60g bag is actually a decent size portion and they are ridiculously moreish. Looking up the price they appear to sell at trade only from their website but there were contact details for further enquiries. My only worry with these is what they would actually sell for per bag in a pub or market. Pork crackling is cheap, there is generally not a lot too them. I fear these may be overpriced when you see them and a way to feed the people of Chelsea with a food they otherwise wouldn’t touch, posh pork for posh people. I’d still buy them though…

£57.00 for 30 x 60g bags

£45.60 for 24 x 60g bags

Value (6/10)



Karimix are a company that produce a wide range of table sauces, cooking sauces and pastes, and the products have a very professional look, here we have their Jalapeno Apple Chilli Sauce.

This smoothly blended mix of fine ingredients fill the beautifully labelled 100ml bottle. The Karimix K in a purple and yellow arrangement adorns this quaint cylindrical bottle, filled with information about what you could possibly use this sauce for!  A rich brown sauce, exploding with aromas. Ginger, vinegar and the sweet jalapeno scents pop out to greet you as you open the lid.

This sauce pours quite thinly and reveals a plethora of spices floating about with slightly larger bits of apple flesh bobbing around inside the sweet sauce.I immediately taste earthy onion, overridden very quickly by sweet sweet apple and a sharp punch of heat from the Jalapeno.

For a sauce that says its a medium heat, they aren’t wrong.  It has a heavy vinegar taste that is inescapable.The heat is a fast hitting all over burn that is long lasting and true to the jalapeno style.It certainly leaves your lips warm and wanting more.


Peppers, Apple (19.5%), Water, Jalapeno Chillies (10.5%), Vinegar, Sugar, Onion, Salt, Ginger, Fruit Juice, Spices, Natural Stabiliser.
Gluten free, Suitable for Vegetarians.

I see this sauce being used well in a stir fry with pork, or as a glaze on a piece of ham/gammon. As a dipping sauce for anything you may need to dip (I think something porous like prawn crackers etc would work really well here).

Available direct from their factory shop, and at the chilli events at £3 a jar

Value (6/10)

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