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Tabasco® Brand - Chipotle and Smokey Bourbon Sauce and MarinadeThis arrived a little while ago at ChileFoundry HQ, TABASCO® is one of the world largest manufacturers of Chilli Sauces with it original TABASCO® Hot Pepper Sauce being first sold by Edmund Mcllhenny in 1868.

Well a few years ago we started seeing some new products all still based on the original sauce, one of my favourites was the Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce (See review) which was a mix of Chipotles and a few other ingredients added to the plup used to make the original.
Well this is an extension on that theme, they have taken both the Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce and more of the Tabasco Plup and combined it with lots of Tomato and Onions and a couple of percent of Bourbon and a little blended Scotch to make a new sauce/marinade.

Bottle Supplied by Manufacturer.

So what it like.. on cracking open the lid, you smell the tomato and a hint of vinegar and smokey chipotles, it pours with the consistency of a quality tomato sauce. The taste is when the bourbon and whiskey become part of the mix, they are not over powering, but add a nice highlight to the flavour which is otherwise quite sweet with a big lump of tomato and garlic.

Chilli heat with this is not really a problem with this sauce, it is mild, very mild, but that is not what this sauce is all about this is to slap on your burger or ribs, use as a dip with or without a dollop of mayo. If you want more heat add a splash of your favour hot sauce or even some finely chopped fresh chillies.

At £2.29 (Tesco 20/10/2014) for a 270g bottle this is on the good value or even budget side of the sauce market, it has an interesting flavour that will go down well with most people, ideal for the BBQ condiments table.

I must say like it I have paid a lot more for a sauce with must less going for it. It would go well with the craze for pulled pork that seems to be sweeping the country. Pulled pork being cooked at such a low temperature can take sweetened sauces as part of the cooking process, but I tend to add a rub and then mix the sauce with the pork once it has been shredded.

Value (8/10)


Pique (pronounced ‘Pee-kay’, not ‘Peek’ in this instance, I am delightfully informed) is originally from Puerto Rico.  There are many different styles and recipes of how to make Pique, mainly by steeping a selection of ingredients in vinegar and using it to enhance soups and stews and such.  Stuart at Hot-Headz has worked on this basis and created a great sauce.


Water, Pineapple, Cane Vinegar, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid (natural preservatives), Salt, Laurel, Habanero Chillies (15%), Garlic, Cilantro (coriander), Black Pepper, Aniseed, Xanthan Gum (natural thickener), Parsley, Sweet Pepper, Olive Oil.

In a 148ml bottle with the standard Hot-Headz branding with a gradient from bright green on the base to dark red at the top.  This sauce is a deep orange filled with very fine herb and fruit pulp.  it pours relatively thinly.  The first thing I can smell is the garlic and cilantro (coriander to us Brits) which reminds me of italian dishes.  The Parsley gives it a relatively mild earthy tone which grounds this sauce well.  The initial taste is mainly vinegary with a very strong Parsley aftertaste just before the Habanero kicks in. 

There is a slight sweetness but the sharpness of the vinegar soon sorts that out.  Sadly I cannot taste any pineapple with the sauce but I feel its mild flavour pulls everything together.  The Habanero heat gives a punch after the first taste and lingers all over the mouth.  Its a relatively mild burn compared to some.  This sauce pulls the Habanero heat away from being overbearing and gives just enough to allow the other flavours to show through before making its rightful place on your tastebuds.

Pique is best tried with soups, stir fries and stews as an addition to any meal.  Try it as a marinade too, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Available from Hot-Headz directly for £3.99 in a 148ml bottle.

Value (6/10)



The Chilli Pepper Company is based in Cumbria and run by Gerald Fowler, the man behind the Naga Viper Chilli which held the World Record for the hottest chilli. If you pay Ged’s site a visit you will find all manner of chilli related powders, extreme products, chilli seeds, chutneys and chilli sauces.

Now with Christmas in mind Ged has converted some of his more popular sauces into smaller 50ml bottles with funky new redesigned labels which I am very impressed with. They come in handmade wooden boxes, something I have not seen before.

The 5 sauces given the update are Naga Viper, Scorpion King, El Diablo, The Beast and 5 minute Burn (not pictured)

The wooden racks are nicely made and have a thin dowel which is removable allowing the sauces to be released. The website only lists different box sets of two sauces, and these are priced at £7/£8 depending on which set you want. You can also buy all 5 in a hamper for £15.

They are available from The Chilli Pepper Company right now and would make a great stocking filler for the chilli head in the family.


Jason Stevens who runs Burning Desire Foods from his Brighton base has been creating some great tasting Chilli Sauces since 2011 and launched at the Fiery Foods Chilli festival in the south coast city. Not only has Jason been cooking and developing sauces but has been working hard to get his sauces on the table of restaurant diners, and this week has done just that, sealing a deal with Brewery Tap in Brighton.


Jason explains how the new collaboration came about:

In April 2012, while attending the Brighton & Hove Food Festival with my Company Burning Desire Foods, I met owner Miles Cunliffe of the Mixology Group, a company that specializes in professional cocktail training & bar school.

I mentioned he should try their Bloody Mary’s with my flagship hot sauce Burning Desire. Later that day I started receiving messages about this amazing tasting Bloody Mary with the Burning Desire Hot Sauce.

A few months passed and I received a phone call from Miles explaining he was about to open a restaurant in Brighton in partnership with the My Brewery Tap company and he wanted to have a local hot sauce company supply them quality hot sauces.

I have been approached a few times before to partner up with restaurants and food suppliers but that meant losing my company identity which for me was not the direction I wanted the business to go. From the first meeting onwards with the Brewery Tap manager Mike Mason and head Chef Will Innes, we were all on the same page about keeping Burning Desire Foods visible to the public.

I then spent some time with Will, the head chef and discussed the menu and what sauces would complement the type of food they were creating.

I love cooking with a passion and the ideas Will had were a perfect partnership with hot sauces so this was a very exciting process. The type of food the Brewery Tap makes is traditional Cajun and Louisiana style cooking, from catfish to seafood gumbo, and Cajun spiced Andouille Sausage and Blackened Salmon with Dirty Rice to name but a few tantalising dishes that any food lover and chilli head would appreciate.

Also on the menu is a searing hot Naga Burger served with my Hot Kiss Naga Hot Sauce”

So there you have it, you might already know Brewery Tap as the UK’s largest importer of micro brewery beers who last year opened their first restaurant in Brighton.

3The food on the Brewery Tap menu is traditional deep South American, barbeque & Louisiana style cooking. As of this week, all of the Burning Desire Foods range of hot sauces will be available to customers to compliment their choice from the menu.

You can order po’boy’s with Burning Temptations Smoky Hot Sauce, top quality hamburgers with Hot Kiss Naga Hot Sauce or chicken wings with Burning Desire Hot Sauce… the choice is all yours.

Along with a great menu there is also an amazing selection of top quality craft beers from around the world

Great food, great beers and great hot sauce what more could you want?

Check out Brewery Tap at Brewery Tap, 103 North Road in Brighton.




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