North East Chilli Fest 2012This weekend, 7th & 8th July is the first North East Chilli Festival, the event is being organised by Northumberland-based Hot Stuff Chilli, award-winning Newcastle-based deli mmm... and National Trust at Seaton Delaval Hall.

Seaton Delaval Hall was built between 1719 and 1730 for Admiral George Delaval, it is not only the finest house in the north east of England, but also among the finest works of its architect, Sir John Vanbrugh, one of the masters of English Baroque.

Tickets cost £7 per adult with children under 14 are free, while National Trust members will also receive half price admission to the festival on either day on production of a valid trust card.

Exhibitors List

  • Dartmoor Chilli Company – We specialise in growing over ninety varieties of sweet pepper and chillies which we supply from April to October each year. We also have a range of hand made chilli chutneys, chilli jams, cards, sauces, chilli fudge, chilli pickles, chilli oil and our award winning chilli chocolate
  • ChilliPepperPete – award Winning Chilli Sauces and organiser of the Fiery Foods UK Brighton Chilli Festival will bring one of the country’s biggest selection of hot sauces from the UK and beyond to the festival
  • Edible Ornamentals – award-winning chilli growers from the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire border will be selling chillies of all varieties from the mild to the fiery
  • Mr Vikkis – Handmade Indian fusion pickles, chutneys and sauces – including the infamous King and Queen naga pickles (as seen on Channel 4 Sunday brunch with Tim Lovejoy)
  • Hot Stuff Chilli  –  Northumberland-based producers of amazing chilli products, including the ‘Kick Ass’ naga sauce and its hotter brother the ‘XXX’ rated version
  • mmm… – Award-winning Newcastle deli that stocks a huge range of chilli products from the north east and beyond
  • Crazy Freds – Australian-born lover of spicy foods who picked up ideas from travels across the world to create a range of chilli sauces, salsas and dips
  • Spicy Monkey – Handmade speciality spices mixes from around the world plus hot sauces guaranteed to leave your tongue tingling
  • Mr JROs – Delicious freshly-made tomato based cooking sauces. Let your tastebuds have some fun!
  • The Chilli Jam Man – If anyone can heat up July’s festival it will be The Chilli Jam Man with his range of jams, chillies and ‘Jammonaise’
  • Chillilicous – A unique fusion between art and food.  Embracing the love of chillies, we create an innovative and practical range of fused glass chilli themed art for use around the home
  • Wiltshire Chilli Farm – We specialise in the cultivation of chillies, ranging from mild to super hot!
  • Chinthe – We are now into the third generation of our family producing Chinthe products with the same authentic recipes passed down from our Grandparents who came to the UK in the 1960s
  • Cool Chilli Co – Started in 1993 the idea was simple: to start importing a wide variety of the best dried chillies, direct from México, and to provide the UK with a whole new range of flavours and heat sensations for real Mexican and home cooking
  • Bims Kitchen – Makes a unique range of hand-made African-inspired products. We turn exotic and unusual African spices and ingredients like baobab fruit, alligator pepper, cubeb, chilli and melon seeds, into delicious condiments, sauces, curry, chutneys and spice mixes
  • Asharun Spices – Every one of Asharun’s spice mixes comes with a lot of fresh flavours and plenty of history. In the Punjab region of India, food times have long been a celebration of family ties and forged friendships.
  • Chilli Seeds – The Chilli Pepper Company – Makers of probably one of the hottest sauces we have reviewed in 10 minute burn, they also make sauces that can delight the plate.
  • Brownie Bar– We bake a delicious selection of gorgeously gooey rich chocolate brownies in a variety of flavours – including chill for the North East Chilli Festival
  • Capsaicinoia – What makes us different is that we will also sell a wide selection of non-food related products ranging from jewellery and kitchen ware to books and cards and even novelty items like our pepper soaps
  • Northumberland Cheese Company – Locally-based of course, with a knowledge and expertise in the cheese industry that has led to a full range of 16 artisan cheeses including a chilli cheese
  • Lottie McPhees
  • The One Stop Hot Shop – Quality award-winning chilli products from extreme hot chilli sauce to chilli chocolate – your one stop shop for all things chilli – perfect for the chilli lover
  • Boulevard – A unique and truly local product smoked on the Fish Quay, North Shields – a must for all “foodies” to try, using Premium Dead Sea Salt which is rich in minerals and trace elements
  • Kitty’s Homemade Ginger Wine – It isn’t chilli, but it is hot!
  • Curiously Wicked – We source our chocolate from all over the world and choose it carefully to complement the fresh cream or pure water truffle centre it surrounds. We don’t add sugar unless caramel is involved and even then, we use the finest unrefined ingredients to achieve a richer, fuller flavour
  • Freur Quinelle
  • Yellowfields – Locally grown and pressed rapeseed oils perfect for cooking or dressings – including garlic, lemon and jalapeno infused oil
  • David’s Chilli Oil – This oil was created with passion to enliven food with delicious heat. The mix of heat and flavour has been carefully balanced to produce a prolonged and tantalising taste sensation, perfect for drizzling over hot or cold food, cooking and marinating
  • The Curry Shop – The ultimate in curry restaurant quality dining within the comfort of your own home without the restaurant prices
  • Kenspeckle –  is your home to truly indulgent, unique chocolates and home made fudge (including chilli) created by a dedicated team based in Northumberland
  • Viva la Frida – was born 6 years ago from an obsession with all things Mexican and a frustration at not being able to source oilcloth and folk art in the UK. Since then we have worked hard to develop the business and become specialists in oilcloth and Mexicana
  • Cherry Tree – is a family run business based in the West Country. Since 1997 we have been dedicated to producing the highest quality Pickles, Chutneys and Preserves for you to indulge in and enjoy
  • Hot Headz – We hold the largest stocks of the widest range of speciality hot sauces in the UK. For all the best in chili pepper products and fiery foods – you’ve come to the right place!
  • Pet Lamb Pattisserie – Welcome to our little world of sweet and sugary goodness! We hope you find everything your sweet tooth needs and more – including chilli-based goodies exclusively for the North East Chilli Fest
  • A Bit Chilli – A chilli brand with a mission! A mission to increase awareness of the wide range of flavours, as well as heat, that chillies can offer
  • Spice and Sizzle – You can now produce aromatic, restaurant quality food in your home in minutes. We grow the finest ingredients, which are then harvested by handand selected to deliver fantastically fragrant meals that anyone can cook at home from scratch in under 10 minutes.

Something to quench your thirst …

  • Wylam Brewery – Award-winning ‘proper’ beer from this local brewery will be just the thing to have after an afternoon of spicy sampling
  • Delaval Ales – Despite being the newest brewers in the North East, we draw our inspiration from some of the oldest brewing traditions in the region; those of the Delavals of Seaton Delaval Hall
  • The Lightning Spirit Company –
  • Portovino wines –  is a specialist importer of Portuguese wines. We have selected our wines from producers who make individual wines that reflect the characteristics of the different geographical areas. We believe our range will show you why Portugal is such a unique and fascinating source of wine

Great food to go …

  • The Flame Pit
  • Curry Cuisine
  • Mr Vikkis curry to go
  • The Hungry Ghecko
  • Las Pallieras
  • Monsier Crepe
  • Coco jambo expresso bar
  • Proved pizza
  • Doddington Dairy Ice Cream
  • The Mexican
  • Rileys Fish Shack
  • Churros

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Chinthe Burmese Curry

Chinthe Burmese Curry

Dean from family firm Chinthe has sent us a recipe and video that show how quickly you can make a Byan Curry using their Burmese Curry Paste, as you will see from the video, this could not be simpler to make, and I have to say it tastes incredible.

Chinthe (pronounced chin-thay) was started in 1974 by Bertie and Barbara, who were Emigrants from Burma in the 60s, they began to make and sell Burmese condiments to supplement their grocery trade. News soon spread and the demand for Chinthe products grew. They are now into the third generation of the family producing Chinthe products with the same authentic recipes passed down from their Grandparents.

FYI – Chinthe is the name for the leogryph that guards the entrances of Pagodas and Temples in Burma.


2 tablespoons of Chinthe Burmese Curry Paste
500g of Pork
2 tablespoons of oil
1½ cups of water
2 large onions


  1.  Slice your onion
  2.  Cube your pork into bite sized chunks
  3.  Heat (low – medium) the oil in a deep pan. Sauté your onions by adding them to the oil for 7 – 10 minutes until they become wilted and translucent.
  4.  Add the Chinthe Burmese Curry paste and stir well. Cook the spices off for 2-3 minutes
  5.  Add the Pork, season with salt as required and mix in well
  6.  Add the water, stir well and bring to the boil
  7.  Reduce heat to low simmer. Simmer for 20-30 mins

Serve with rice or noodles

This is Dean first video recipe, we hope to have more to follow.

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Chinthe Burmese Curry

Chinthe Burmese Curry

Winter warming Burmese curry paste goes down a treat.

Hands up who wants to try some Burmese curry paste? I DO!!!! Luckily for me I have a jar from the guys at Chinthe based in London. Saying that, I swiftly changed my mind when I saw what was inside the jar. It looked like my son had tipped in a load of red glitter into the jar. It glistened intensely and I could not believe that this is actually for consumption. Bright fiery red that would shimmer and shine all day long. It was only when I took the lid of to have a smell that I realised that this is actually the proper curry paste, if this tastes as good as it looks then rock on! The look was just so deceptive you have to see it to believe.

The label on the jar has a very oriental style and feel to it. Large yellow label with bold black lettering on. Not the most of eye catching labels but when you have a sauce that shines brighter than floodlights at the world cup, who cares.

Smelling the paste I don’t get a great deal, mainly Paprika and onion. The smell is extremely mild. On closer inspection its clear to see that a lot of fresh spices have gone into this and not just a load of powdered ingredients like you can find down the supermarket. Very oily in texture on the surface, but when you dig in with a spoon it’s fairly solid and takes a bit of digging to get it out.

Ingredients: Vegetable Oil, Paprika, Chilli, Onion, Ginger, Fish Sauce (Fish Extract, Water), Garlic, Spices.

Jar kindly provided by

Nothing over the top in this list of ingredients, so on with the cooking. 2 Table spoons per 500g of meat or vegetables, cover with water, and cook. Simple.

Just finished in the kitchen at the smell of this sauce amplifies greatly when cooking. The onion and garlic and thrown into the air and sent soaring around the house making a glorious aroma. Time for the taste test.

Mass infusion straight away of the Chilli, onion and ginger swamping every part of my mouth. The spices are powerful and yet mild, all of which make an amazing taste. The heat is nice, not blistering but enjoyable. The real beauty is the longer you cook this the thicker it gets and the flavours amplify so you can play around and get the right taste and texture for you. The heat lingers for quite a long time and brings home a lovely warm feeling with a slight kick in its tail. The blend of spices compliments this heat in a beautiful way and as for the colour????? Well, I swear there is some glitter in it, it still glistens on the plate. Amazing.

This can be snapped up from and for a 270g jar (Good for about 3 curries, is a crazy £2.79. Go to the site and take a look, couldn’t believe it myself. So if you get snowed in this winter, be sure you have a jar of this ‘glitter’ with you.

Remember, if it burns going in, It will burn coming out!


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With 10 categories open to any business making chilli related products, this years National Chilli Awards was bigger and better than ever before, this was also the first year when the winners get a trophy….

National Chilli Awards 2011 - Professional Products Awards

National Chilli Awards 2011 - Professional Products Awards

Due to my late arrival, I only got to input on a few of the awards this year (I had an excuse, I had only just got back from Brazil the night before, and then got held up in the Goodwood Revival traffic), but talking to my fellow judges, this year was full of potential winners, with some very close run contests for first place.

I have to say I do agree with the eventual winners, there are some amazing products in this years competition, some of which are completely new to me. like Chinthe Burmese Prawn Balachaung which Darth Naga could not have been more impressed with, While James Wreck our US judge from found to be very unusual for his US tastes.

Fallen Angle Alcoholic Ginger Beer, was amazing, and it is was not for the Purgatory White Chocolate from Grim Reaper Foods it would have been my number one find of the event (it is great to see former amateur winners back and winning in the Professional awards).

The National Chilli Awards 2011 Winners are:-

One company Sinful Sauces managed to collect two trophy’s this year for best Newcomer and Best Label, what they have achieved in just 8 months is outstanding.

Finally the award for Best Chilli Company had to go to ChilliPepperPete, this was not fix, and yes it was their event and awards, but the judges are completely independent, and I put forward others for this trophy, but really when you look at what they have achieved this year and over the past few years they have to be number one. Successfully launched a new Chilli Event. Started the National Chilli Awards. Opened one of the UK’s first Chilli shops and they worked hard to promote the UK chilli market.

Our congratulations go to all the competitors and winners and our thanks go especially to Peter, Miranda, Rose and the rest of the team at ChilliPepperPete.

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