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Dragon's Egg made by Alf Turner ButchersSome of you will have got your hands on a Dragon’s Egg made by Alf Turner Butchers using Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood Original Mega Hot Sauce. Now, to celebrate the millionth Dragon’s Egg which is out there somewhere in the UK, Paul Turner, who won Dragon Peter Jones’s investment, is coming to Brighton’s Fiery Foods UK Chilli Fest to talk about what it’s really like in the Dragon’s Den, and to give away prizes aplenty on Saturday 19th September.

Chilli Pepper Pete has been collaborating with Alf Turner Butchers for 3 years and, to celebrate the millionth Dragon Egg, is running a competition. Just answer this simple question and the first three correct answers pulled out of the virtual hat will get a fabulous prize (including the Dragon’s Egg of course!). Entries to be sent to: by 21st September.


How much Dragon’s Blood Original Mega Hot Sauce
has gone into 1 million Eggs?

The draw will take place on Tuesday 22nd September.

Good luck!

Note: This competition is being run and organised by Chilli Pepper Pete


Throughout the country there are now a handful of Chilli Shops opening their doors to the chilli community for them to get their Chilli fix. The first and original shop and company to do this in the UK is of course Chilli Pepper Pete’s in Brighton. Started by Miranda and the late great Gandalf of the Chilli world Pete Seymour who sadly passed away last summer.

But his legacy lives on, the company continues to grow and develop with Miranda at the helm, Steve the ‘Sourcerer’ and the rest of the team working hard to fulfill orders or work in the shop in Trafalgar Street, in the North Laines, Brighton,  just down from the Railway Station. You can read my original article of the shop when soon after it opened in 2011 here

Every company, from time to time needs to reinvent themselves and Chilli Pepper Pete is no exception. With a new look website due very soon, Miranda has decided redesign the company logo, pictured below

Coupled with the new company logo, Miranda and the team have decided to re launch one of their top selling and all time classic sauces, Dragons Blood and develop it into a range of 6 different sauces, each having the name Dragons Blood as the main branding but with each sauce being different. These are:

Dragons Blood Hot BBQ Sauce – £4.50            

This is a new take on the previous Smokin’ Chipotle Devil sauce with Chipotle Peppers, Cranberry; Blackcurrant juices as the key ingredients to create a hot fruity sauce which will make any BBQ more interesting!

Dragons Blood Hot Fruity Sauce – £4.50

This sauce is an updated version of the previous Sting in the Tail, the sauce base of Mango and Apricots luring you in but with the kick of Naga Ghost Chillies and Habaneros.

Dragon’s Blood Hot Green Salsa – £4.50

There are not many all green sauces out there, but this is one of the few, although technically a salsa and made with Tomatillo’s and a whole lot of Chilli , it would be great with Nachos.

Dragon’s Blood Hot Naga Sauce – £4.50

This is where we start to build up the heat levels, this sauce is crammed full of Naga Ghost Chillies, the hottest all natural sauce, with the fruity pineapple base which was the classic ingredient from the original Dragon’s Blood.

Dragon’s Blood Original Mega Hot Sauce – £7

Reverting back to the classic Dragon’s Blood, this is definately a sauce for the brave, with 6.4m extract to add the fiery kick.

Dragon’s Blood XXX Ultra Hot Sauce – £10

The title says it all really, if you want it insane, then this is your sauce, with 12m extract, this is the Dragon of old!

These are already available to buy direct from Chilli Pepper Pete. The Dragons’s Blood range now has it’s own Facebook page too.

The new labelling looks fantastic, clear and glossy. We will be reviewing these in due course but if first impressions are anything to go by, they will be a hit that Pete himself would be proud of.

And for those of you local enough to the Brighton shop, Miranda tells me that their Chilli plants should be available to buy from the shop any day now, there is sure to be some unusual varieties available for purchase.



There seems to be a growing interest in flavoured oils at the moment, if you visit the supermarket there are now whole sections dedicated to different oils in different flavours, walnut oil, garlic oil, basil oil and of course chilli oil, and here we have two chilli oils from Chilli Pepper Pete. If you are wondering what to make up that last stocking filler then one of these may be just the ticket.

First up I will deal with the milder of the two, the Piri Piri (better known as the Birds Eye chilli) The oil comes in a 250ml tall thin bottle and is a nice deep reddish orange, the chillis certainly have infused their goodness! There is a lot going on in this bottle, with whole dried Piri Piri pods and some other fatter pods, plus there is a good inch of chilli flakes sitting at the bottom. Give the bottle a good shake and the whole lot is mixed up rather nicely. The oil used is a mix of Olive and Vegetable oil. Ingredients wise its pretty simple – Oil and Chillis, simple!

Bottles kindly supplied by Chilli Pepper Pete’s

The bottles both have very similar labels featuring the usual Chilli Pepper Pete logo and the lime green background works really well with the red inside the bottle.

So how does it taste? I think it’s important to taste the oil on it’s own to get the full flavour without anything else altering the flavour so I have to resort to the chilli sauce reviewers best utensil for tasting, the palm of the hand.

The redness of the oil certainly extends past the glass and putting my hand to my mouth I immediately get a really nice nutty flavour from the oil, not what I was expecting to be honest as it is a mix of Olive oil and Vegetable oil. Immediately followed by a nice heat from the chillis.

Each batch of oil must vary heatwise due to the natural variance in heat of individual pods but also, with chilli oil which still has the pods in them, the longer the oil is left the more of the capsaicin oil is imparted into the host oil making it hotter. This Piri Piri has a decent heat, much hotter than anything you may have tried in the national pizza/italian chain restaurants and much better frankly.

So on to the Naga 12 pod oil, presumably named due to the fact there are 12 dried naga pods in each bottle. I know this is going to be much hotter than the Piri Piri but how much?….pouring a small amount into the palm of my hand, I go for it.

I am greeted by the same nutty flavour but after a few seconds I find the heat which I knew would come and it hits the back of my throat. This definately is not an oil for the faint hearted but obviously I took mine neat straight out of the bottle, either of these oils would make great salad dressings mixed with other ingredients of drizzled over pizzas, pastas etc.

The great thing about buying these Chilli oils with the pods and flakes still inside, is that once you have finished the oil or are getting near the bottom, you can just top the bottle up with more oil and make more.

Both oils are great and would make a great Christmas gift for someone.

One important thing to mention at this point is that if you decide to add more of your own pods to the oil or intend to make your own, please make sure you only use thoroughly dried pods as using fresh pods can open the door to all sorts of very nasty bacteria.

Both of these oils are available now from the Chilli Pepper Pete website priced at £7.50 each

Piri Piri Oil

Value (8/10)

Naga 12 Pod Oil

Value (9/10)


When I read a label on a chilli product which contains 6.4 and 12 million Chilli extract, it always fills me with dread, the thought of the stomach cramps you get with excessive consumption. Well here we have Chilli Pepper Pete’s “Sphincter Shrincter” chilli sauce, and sits somewhere between their Naga Headhunter and Dragons Blood heatwise.

The guys at CPP are no strangers to using extract in their products with the likes of Dragons Blood, Satan’s Sh*t which are top sellers. It makes me laugh that it is described as an everyday sauce, I would like to meet the people who eat extract based sauces everyday!

The labelling is similar to a few of their “novelty” sauces as I call them, with a cartoony look to them. You will always see tasters of these sauces at shows, allowing those showing off to their friends to be bought to their knees begging for milk!  This is actually a sauce I have not tried before mainly due to my extract issues!

The sauce itself is a dark brown chocolatey colour with dark flecks, and once open it smells rather nice. I can pick up the Soy beans and the tamarind but there is a very fruity element to it, but it is definately a savoury sauce.


Onions, Soya Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt, Sugar, Wheat Flour), Green Chilli, Prunes, Fruit Juice, Urfa Chilli, Naga Chilli, Tamarind, Garlic, Ancho Chilli extract, Paprika extract, 6.4m and 12m SHU Chilli extract, Spices.

Bottle kindly supplied by Chilli Pepper Pete

As you can see the fruitiness comes from Prunes, so if the Extract doesnt make me go, the Prunes will!

So on to the taste, here we go, I put my finger over the end and invert the bottle. It leaves behind a thick dark brown residue on my finger and in it goes. I am immediately hit by the fruitiness, but not by the extreme heat I was expecting.

The heat level builds very quickly but its slightly slower than normal. Dont get me wrong, this is a hot sauce, the bottle says “Seriously Hot Sauce” and I would agree. Quite often the burn from extract affects different areas of the mouth but this is an all over burn, maybe because of the other chilli elements in the sauce.

To the unexperienced, this sauce would catch them by surprise, big time, I wouldn’t want to use this neat, you can forget trying a full teaspoon, it isn’t going to happen! Like most extract sauces, a little goes a long long way.

You can buy a 140ml bottle from the Chilli Pepper Pete website for £5 which will last you ages.

Value (7/10)


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