Chilli Competition

Fire Foods

Fire Foods

You have harvested your chillies and made you best ever Sauce, Chutney, Pickle and you would like to let people know all about it.

Well why not enter it in the Firefoods Sauce Competition 2011?

Firefoods have been running this competition for a number of years now, on their chilli forum, Darth Naga and I even acted as judges one year.

Wilma 4 Pot  (c) Green's Horticulture

Wilma 4 Pot (c) Green's Horticulture

The competition has evolved slightly, and entries are not limited to just sauce, but also chutney.. jam… in fact any product that is chilli based. The winning entry is not necessarily the hottest product, as taste and flavour play a big part too. there are always great prizes up for grabs, and this year is no different, if anything the guys at Firefoods have surpassed themselves this year !

1st prize:  4 pot Wilma system very kindly donated by Greens Horticulture
2nd prize: A signed copy of Matt Simpsons book chilli chili chile, plus a selection of chilli seeds.
3rd prize: A £20 selection of your choice from Nickeys nurseries
4th prize: A signed copy of Matt Simpsons book chilli, chili,chile.

I’m sure you will agree, it’s worth entering…. whether you are an accomplished sauce maker, or rank amateur… with these sort of prizes it must be worth having a go.

The competition is only open to forum members, However membership is free.. and as well as qualifying for entry to the sauce competition, you will also have access to a well run friendly chilli forum packed with knowledge. So what are you waiting for ???……

All entries MUST be in by 9th December.. and the winner will be announced on 31st December.

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