101-Chillies-to-Try-Before-You-Die-Octopus-Books-£10I am very please to say that the new book – “101 Chillies To Try Before You Die” is now out and about, so far it has been getting very good reviews on Amazon.

A book like this takes about 3-4 months to write, I researched about 600 chillies varieties that was then narrowed down to the 101 required for the book, but many of the them get a mention in the text as there are lots of varieties with multiple names or that have been evolved into new varieties which all added to the story.

Working with this publisher, Cassell part of Octopus Books, was very simple, they mostly just let me get on with it, some chapters where dropped, so they will appear on this web site over time.

I would especially like to thank Joy Michaud from Sea Spring Seeds for her advice and help..

I hope you all enjoy the book, please feel free to add your reviews to the Amazon web page.

Forgot to mention getting great write up in iNews by Rebecca Armstrong


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