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Chilli Fiesta 2015This year was the 20th anniversary West Dean Chilli Fiesta, I had my first stall at the 18th, and but for a very few have been to most of them since then, we have not had a stall for a few years. I think our thanks must go to Jim Buckland and Sarah Wain who co-founded the Chilli Fiesta and without whom we would not have such the thriving UK chilli market.

The event this year was again over 3 days, we visited on what was one very hot and busy day, the event has grown and now with more campers and a extended nights entertainment with the main stage being open till 9pm and then thins move to the Cabaret Tent till 11pm. The Sunday is a little shorter with the main stage closing at 7:30pm and the Cabaret tent finishing at 9pm. The produce stalls all close at 6pm expect for the food stall around the main stage area

Display Chillies at West Dean 2015There is lots to see during the day with live music on the main stage starting at noon, as well can lots of cookery demonstrations and gardening chat sessions, if you are unlucky enough to do to the glass houses you can still see some pages from my book, The Hot Book of Chillies, being used as part of the display.. it is getting a bit old now, but hopefully they will use some of the new books pages next year..

With nearly 180 stalls, not all selling chilli products this event is the biggest in the UK, you can see around 250 different varieties of chillies.

We had a great day out visiting all our old friends and seeing some new additions to the event including. Mushemi Fire, Thousand Hills, TTaste, East Coast Chilli Company and Barfoots Sorry if we have missed out any other new arrivals.

We cannot recommend this event more highly, make sure it is on your list for next year.


It is not everyday a new chilli shop opens in the UK, but today is Friday the 13th March 2015 and All Things Chilli opened its doors in Bournemouth.

Dorset Chilli Shop Bournmouth

They are stocking some of the best products available in the UK including products from:- Hot Headz, Chilli Jam Man, Wiga Wagaa Chillis, Red Hot Chilli Fella, Flamin’Hotstuff, Galloway Chillies, Dorset PopCorn Co, The Upton Cheyney Chilli Co, South Devon Chilli Farm, Burning Desire Foods, Dr Burnoriums extraordinary Psycho Range, Mr Vikki’s, Timmy’s Chillies, Prices Spices, Happy Chilli Co, The Chilli Pepper Co, Dartmoor Chilli Farm, Suzy Sweet Tooth Chilli Fudge, Windy ridge Cheese, Leopard Dairy Cheese, Snowdonia Cheese Co, Dorset Gourmet HotDog Co, as well as selling selling Fresh and Dried Chillis and seeds.

You can find the shop at 682 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth, Dorset. BH9 2EG. Phone 01202 536679. email spiceitup@dorsetchillishop.co.uk or on the web at www.dorsetchillishop.co.uk

Here are just a few more pics so you know what to expect.

Dorset Chilli Shop
Dorset Chilli Shop
Sampling at the Dorset Chilli Shop


Burning Desire Foods is a Brighton Hot Sauce company started in 2011 and have been making tantalisingly delicious hot sauces ever since. The sauces are all made in small batches with emphasis on both flavour and heat. Some of their hot sauces are mellowed to develop a unique and distinctive flavour, slow cooked for a deep intensity, while others go straight for the chilli hit. All of the sauces are completely natural and vegan and do not contain any artificial colourings, flavourings, or preservatives.

I suspect the sauce I have been given to try falls in the latter category looking for the chilli hit. Today I have in my hands a bottle of Burning Desire Scorpion sauce batch number 001! This is an addition so new to the Burning Desire range, that at the time of writing this review, even their website has no information in the sauce itself.

 Ingredients that mean business:

Red Peppers, Yellow Peppers, Onion, Celery, Jonah 7 Pot, Orange 7 Pot, Red Wine Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Dark Muscovado Sugar and Sea Salt

Bottle kindly supplied by Burning Desire Foods

Scorpion Hot sauce is made with the world’s hottest chilli the infamous Trinadad Scorpion. The heat of the Trinidad Scorpion is intensely powerful and not for the feint hearted, and has flavours of apricot, pineapple and honey. The bottle suggests using on any food that needs a lot more ‘sting’…..

The label has a cool scorpion picture on it and the extravagant and indulgent Burning Desire Food logo. All bottles in his range have the same shape so look nice next to each other as a set. The sauce does look quite watery in the bottle and a little separated so I had to shake it to awake the pain.

On opening the cap, amusingly, my cat sitting next to me while writing this review suddenly opens one eye, sniffs the air a couple of times and runs off…. The aroma I get is one of intense fruitiness coupled with impending doom.

You can taste the peppers and celery and there is certainly no disputing this sauce intends to bring the pain and keep on coming. The heat is instant and builds, but when it dies off you are left with an endorphin rush and the flavour. There is almost a sense of sweet and sour with this sauce through the combination of the muscovado sugar and the lemon juice.

The red wine vinegar certainly comes through strongly as a feature, in fact every ingredient keeps darting back and forth in a mixture of intense flavours. 

I wonder how the taste would be altered by using balsamic vinegar instead of red wine. For me this sauce is a little too watery, which I often find limits its applications but as always this is being picky. The description suggests add to anything you need more sting, this is certainly accurate. Apart from tasting this sauce straight for dipping and enjoying the experience, I begin to wonder how this sauce would fair as the ‘secret ingredient’ for finishing off a chilli con carne. It has all the elements to compliment the dish and a scorpion chilli con carne just sounds cool.

Scorpion sauce is a sauce that is enjoyable, tasty and powerful another triumph in their range. Yes you can get hotter but then you are in extract territory and a whole new and different world of pain and pleasure. Hang onto some of that flavour and check out this sauce and the burning desire range at around £5 a bottle.

Value (6/10)

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It’s been a Burning Desire of Jason Stevens for a few years to start his own Chilli business, and just over two years that dream became a real possibility when Jason entered a Chilli Sauce called Burning Desire in the Amateur Hot Sauce awards at Fiery Foods, one of the top UK Chilli Festivals held in his hometown of Brighton. He won the competition and a year later Burning Desire Foods was born. This year marked the 2nd Anniversary of the company, at the Festival held in Victoria Gardens and a momentous moment as the Company was awarded Best Chilli Company 2013.

                   Jason with mum Valerie at West Dean, very much part of the Burning Desire team

Jason, who makes all the sauces himself by hand, had been working in a normal day job but was made redundant just before the event which saw him win the Amateur Hot Sauce Award, so there was now nothing in his way to start the company. Initially only making Chilli Sauce, Jason increased his range of sauces always concentrating on the flavour of the chilli being used and adding other flavours to compliment the fiery ingredient.

This year Jason entered one of his Hot Sauces into one of the professional categories, for Best Extreme Sauce (with extract) for his ‘Five Finger Death Punch’ sauce.

This was a tightly fought competition with lots of entries and judged by 3 of the Chilefoundry review team in a blind tasting.

But it’s not all about Hot Sauce for Burning Desire, the company recently released chilli salts, chilli spiced sugars and a first for the UK Chilli Industry, Chilli Butters.

These were launched officially at Great Dorset and have proved to be a runaway success. They are available in three flavours, Piri Piri, Chipotle and King Naga.

These are very tasty and have the look of a traditional homemade block of butter with the addition of various ingredients,  we will be doing a more in depth review soon.

It was the combination of the excellent flavours Jason combines in his Hot Sauces and the innovation of the Chilli Butters that won Burning Desire it’s 2nd Award of the event, and the most prestigious of all, The Best Chilli Company in the UK 2013. Jason freely admits he was in shock when Burning Desire was announced, but it was a well deserved win for the Brighton company on their 2nd Anniversary.

                 Jason Stevens – Best Extreme Sauce (with extract) & Best UK Chilli Company 2013




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