Bombay Potato Recipe

#1 Article 2010

#1 Article 2010

It is always a surprise which articles are in the TOP 10, but no real surprise the Naga Viper articles are well represented, and like last year recipe articles tale many of the top spots.

The Domino’s Meltdown Pizza review was in at No. 9 which generated 1000’s of page views over the year. We average 2 page views per visitor, a low number of a site, but expected for a site that’s main task is to provide information and links to the suppliers.

Oddly the Belfast Chilli Fest was in the top 10 again (It was there last year), with the top West Dean Chilli Fiesta was about 15th in the list

The Top 10:-

  1. Make Your Own Chilli Oil – Simple and Easy Recipe
  2. New Record Chilli – Naga Viper chilli – 1,349,000 SHU’s
  3. Simple Bombay Potato Recipe
  4. The Numbers (SHU’s)
  5. How to make Chilli Vodka and what to do with it when you do?
  6. Belfast Chilli Fest – 11-12th September 2010
  7. Pickling Chillies made Quick and Simple
  8. First Image of the 1,349,000 SHU’s – Naga Viper Chilli
  9. Domino’s Launches “Meltdown – The Revenge” Pizza
  10. Naga Viper Sauce (aka Terminator) reviewed by Darth Naga

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