OK, you have eaten and drunk to much and are slumped in an arm chair on boxing day..

Time for some exercises… NOT

But maybe you have time to strain that remaining brain cell?

a i s m l l e h y r r u c h f h m r a i q n 1
i l a a t a f n o e e y e s d r i b p a i f f
o a a s e l t o p i h c s l s o h v g b i b a
k p q q l b s i i n u l y a p i a t f l a k o
t e t u n a v a h a e t i p t n i r l g i n t
m r c e e a s s s e p t e n a r y i a r l r a
l i s r g h r g e n t l a g a t h n m h e l k
t p a a g a n h t r a d a n i c t i i o a g a
a e n d u i d r a g o n f i r e z d n a h a r
r r t e w r l o u n a r o e s i t a g r h u k
a i a n v i b h n p b n p r b r l d a e o t t
o l s n l a l u a b e u o i o b s s l g t u t
i l s w e n e l r p s d b o o t q c a n m t r
o i h a c c m h a b n e k p q k h o h i i n p
o l i p a b u l g a r i a n c a r r o t n a i
o i t s b a a a f n e e t n p l r p s s t e o
c l f s u j i s s g i s h r c s l i t g j d h
r l o n n b i t o t s c o t c h b o n n e t a
q i s a t i e b a s o a a l o e u n r i l s t
b h u t j o l o k i a h t f h r f t d r l e b
h c h a r i s s a p a s t e 1 l b n n s y w p
n t p s n d n g h s r a r r n b o n a e r e a
c d k r a e a i n r o a u g q b i p n c y h l
Aleppo BBQ Bhut Jolokia
Birds Eye Brother Bru Bru Bulgarian Carrot
Chillililli Chipotle Chutney
Curry Hell Darth Naga Dorset Naga
Dragonfire Facing Heaven Fataali
Flamin Galah Harissa Paste Hot Mint Jelly
Hot Sauce  Jalapeno Kirmizi Biber
Krakatoa F1 Masquerade Naga Napalm
Naga Viper Peri Peri Poblano
Ringstinger Rookie Goblin Salsa
Santas Shit Satans Spawn Scotch Bonnet
Septenary Super Chilli F1 Thai
Trinidad Scorpion  West Dean Wing Sauce

You can download this as a PDF here and also the answers here!!

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Lots of articles last month, including a Darth Naga Video review of Cajohn’s Mongoose that must been seen!!

Moqueca – A seafood strew from the Amazon – Another recipe from ChilliPepperPete, this time it is Moqueca a Brazilian fish dish from the Amazon, normally they use Piranha, but as this is not a local fish for us, any firm white fish will do

Aunty Jee’s Handcooked Original Hot Salsa

Aunty Jee’s Handcooked Original Hot Salsa

Aunty Jee’s Handcooked Original Hot Salsa – Aunty Jee was born in Kenya her Farther migrated there from the Punjab in India in 1929, she immigrated in the UK in 1966. In 1987 she opened her first restaurant “Aunty Jee’s Curry Kitchen”. In 2002 she started Beautiful Mind Food Ltd to start making and selling a range of 100% vegetarian food and snacks.

Improve you home growth chillies with Chilli Focus from Growth Technology – I have grown chillies for years, most years just a few in a growbag on the patio and I used to feed mine with the same feed as I did my tomatoes, but not anymore!

Montezuma’s Chilli & Lime Milk Chocolate – This was initially a limited edition created for the West Dean Chilli Festival, it did so well that it has now become a permanent member of the range.

Wild Chillies Website & Forum – If you are interested in wild species of chillies, then take a browse around there are lots of articles about wild chillies and it has a forum just for wild species.

WhyNotHot’s Last Laugh Hot Sauce Review – A good friend of mine whom I have known for many years was recently chatting to me about the many times he and I have tried some of the hottest products known to man and lived to tell the tale..It then dawned on me that this man is one of the only other people I know as STUPID as myself and thus it was decided he would help me do a few video reviews, this is one of those reviews!

The Original Australian Tomato Ketchup for Grownups

The Original Australian Tomato Ketchup for Grownups

The Original Australian Tomato Ketchup for Grownups – I have read the label and I have eaten lots of Ketchup with supposedly lots of chilli in it, they all tend to be weaker than they imply. This sauce was a bit of a surprise, it is hot very hot for ketchup, especially if you are not expecting it.

The Aleppo Pepper – I first came across the name “Aleppo Pepper” in a sauce made by ChilliPepperPete’s son Wilf and decide to investigate it further, kindly Pete send me a pack of the crushed Aleppo pepper to try.

Jamaican Jerk Paste Recipe – There is a unique taste to Jamaican BBQ, and that comes from the Jerk Seasoning. I developed this from a dry powder recipe I found a long time ago, like most recipes they develop over time, I have added some cloves to my version, but you could leave this out if you wanted, there are also a number of optional ingredients you could add dependent on your tastes.

Chilli & Beer Festival Report (12 & 13th June) – Gerald Fowler has written a quick report for us from the Chilli & Beer Festival at the Stephenson Works in Newcastle

Old Texas BBQ – Original Barbeque Sauce Review – The bottle tells us that this Barbeque Sauce comes from authentic recipe via the cowboy trails from El Paso to San Antonio dating back to the 1850’s.

ChilliPepperPete’s Aviyal Recipe – From ChilliPepperPete comes a recipe for Aviyal a traditional dish from Kerala as well as Tamil cuisine.

South Devon Chilli Farm - Hot Habanero Sauce

South Devon Chilli Farm - Hot Habanero Sauce

South Devon Chilli Farm – Hot Habanero Sauce Review – Today I am mostly finding it difficult to type up this review, due to the burning sensation that is plaguing my lips from todays review sauce, ITS A HOT ONE FOLKS…but then you knew that didn’t you? otherwise why would I be reviewing it??!

Naga 2010 Chile Festival – Tamere, Finland – Naga 2010 Chile Festival in Finland host what they are calling the  Naga World Champion Eating Competition. The Event is being held over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of August 2010.

Darth Naga Reviews Cajohn’s Mongoose – Okay…where do I start?? how about OMFGTHISSAUCEISSOBLOODYDAMNHOTITREALLYFOOKINGHURTS….

Scott Roberts — Chilli Letter from America #7 – Memorial Day is the “unofficial” start of Summer in the United States. This day (which takes place the final Monday of May) not only honors the men and women who have given their life in wars past and present, but gives Americans a much needed break from the hum-drums of work life and we like to celebrate it with family, friends lots of outdoor grilling and barbecueing.

The Chilli Pepper Company – Naga Viper – Right people, its been a while since I reviewed one of Geds masterpieces, so here is such a review! I have known Ged from The Chilli Pepper Company (CPC) for a couple of years now, he was the man who introduced me to extract and offered me a taste of 7.3 million SHU to try, DAMN! that was hot! He does do some stupidly hot sauces such as his now infamous “10 Minute burn” and the sauce I have today is a hot one, but not to the same scale!

Simple Recipes for Chilli Sherry to Cook or Drink – I have made a number of different versions of Chilli Sherry over the years, some to drink and some to cook with, generally the difference is the heat and flavour of the chillies used and the quality of the sherry.

Chilli Varieties:- Chilly Chilli Ornamental F1 Pepper – This Chilli is what they call a “Child/Family Safe” variety as its fruits have no heat, it is an ideal patio plant with its beautiful display of up to 5 cm long peppers which are held above the foliage. The peppers start out greenish yellow, gradually changing to orange and maturing to dark red, as you can see from the picture you get all the stages on display.

Top 10 UK Chilli Web Sites — June 2010 – We have made to our highest place for a while into 4th place behind the 3 farm sites, otherwise very little movement in the top 10 this month.

Atkins and Potts - Chipotle Chilli Jam

Atkins and Potts - Chipotle Chilli Jam

Atkins and Potts – Chipotle Chilli Jam – The Chipotle is a  smoked and dried Jalapeno chilli and this product from Atkins and Potts uses them to make a jam. we have not had a Atkins and Potts product to review before, they are a popular product in deli’s and specialist retailers, their range is massive and includes not one but three Chilli Jams ( Green Bird’s Eye Chilli Jam and Yellow Chilli Jam)  as well Chipotle Mayonnaise, Salsa’s, Marinades and Sauces.

La Costeña – Salsa Mexicana CaseraLa Costeña is a company that not many UK consumers will have come across. The business was started in 1923 when Don Vicente López Resines acquired a grocery store called La Costeña and started preparing serrano chilies and largo chilies in vinegar, which he sold in 20 kg cans. The business grew over the years and by 1948 they ha a production plant near Mexico City of over 5,000 square meters.

American Independence Day at Edible Ornamentals – The flavour of American Independence Day comes to Bedfordshire when Shawn and Joanna Plumb of Edible Ornamentals, the celebrated chilli specialists are holding an Open Day at their nursery at Chawston, near Roxton on 4th July.

Hot Headz & Scorchio Top 10 Products — June 2010 – Hot-Headz and Scorchio provide us each month with there Top 10 products sold that month via their web sites.

EU’s Pakistan Chilli Ban Remains – The EU has continued its ban on Chillies from Pakistan due to problems with local storage and processing.


I first came across the name “Aleppo Pepper” in a sauce made by ChilliPepperPete’s son Wilf and decide to investigate it further, kindly Pete send me a pack of the crushed Aleppo pepper to try.

Crushed Aleppo Pepper

Crushed Aleppo Pepper

The chilli is named after Aleppo a city in northern Syria famous for culinary cuisine, being located on the Silk Road in and area of fertile land, it is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, dating back over 4,000 years.

The Aleppo pepper part of the Annuum species and it grown in both Turkey and Syria, and is also known as the Halaby pepper. The pods are ripened to deep burgundy colour and then semi dried, de-seeded and either coarsely ground or crushed.

The flavour is not unlike the Ancho, but oilier and with a hint of salt, I have been told that salt is often used in the drying process. It is not a very hot chilli, with the heat building slowly, but it is packed with a fruity raisin-ish flavour.

If you find a shaker of chilli flakes on the table on your next holiday to Turkey, it is probably Aleppo flakes. I remember these from a trip to Turkey in my youth, but at the time did not know much about the varieties of chillies to even ask about them.

They can be used anywhere you would normally use chilli flakes, I have been using mine in all sort of cooking and especially sprinkled on Pizza’s, they also add a flavour to rice, I have added some to the water during cooking.

You can purchase crushed Aleppo Pepper direct from ChilliPepperPete
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Dangerous Sauce for Boys No1 The Spitfire

Dangerous Sauce for Boys No1 The Spitfire

Inspired by Wilf, ChillPepperPete’s Son, this sauce contains a pepper I had not come across before, the Aleppo Pepper (A Capsicum Annuum), which is named after the town Aleppo in Syria, it’s not a very hot pepper, it is described as fruity, with undertones of Cumin and Raisins.

The sauce has a most unique flavour, initially I could smell the Soy sauce, and expected a that to be the main flavour, but while I could taste soy, it reminds me of making of the base sauce for a curry, lots of deep rich cooked onions, tomato and spices. ChilliPepperPete describes it as having Umami or savoriness.

I have to agree with him could see this sauce being used like a Tomato sauce; I had problems not dipping my lunch in it as I am writing this, also it may work as a coating when grilling chicken.

Ingredients: Onions, Tomatoes, Mixed Fruit Juice, Soy Sauce, Carrots, Sugar, Aleppo Flakes, Red Bell Peppers, Herbs.

I would like to try the Aleppo Chilli on its own to better understand the flavour, must ask Pete to let me have a try next time we meet.

I like ChilliPepperPete’s new image, but this label was a bit hard to read , they are getting there, but still a little design and testing to go. At £3.50 a bottle, it is not an expensive product for such a unique taste.

This sauce does not bite or kick, and it is an ideal introduction to artisan sauce making. Targeted at the children of Chilli Headz to get them used to big flavours, it is most defiantly not a sweet sticky chilli sauce, it is much more interesting.


You can order this on-line at

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