Huy Fong Sriracha in the UKIt seems hard these day to praise the UK Supermarkets, but with prices coming down, and now thanks to that hero of the UK Hot Sauce scene Stuart McAllister from Hot-Headz UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s is now stocking Huy Fong Sriracha in over 500 stores nationwide.

This is quite an achievement and follows many many months of work from getting the product through label compliance, to finally getting the stock listed and into the Sainsbury’s distribution system.

We have described this sauce as iconic and it is true star of the USA chilli market with a reported 20+ million bottles of the USA produced sauce sold per year. The taste is unique and if you ever run out of things to do with it there is always The Sriracha Cookbook we reviewed a while ago.

Now for the really good news.. Sainsbury’s is selling a bottle of this magic hot sauce for only £3.00 a bottle. I know where I am going tomorrow so I will see you in Sainsbury’s.

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Katie - Simpsons SeedsI have just had a request from my publisher, they are looking for some images for my new book, I just provided the text for this one.

The outstanding list of images is for the following varieties:-

  • Bubblegum 7 & Borg 9
  • Guntur Sannam
  • Sibirischer Hauspaprika
  • Diavolilli
  • Aji Punguita de Mono
  • Hinkelhatz
  • Beaver Dam Pepper
  • Jimmy Nardello
  • Tepin + Pequin

So if you have any god pictures of any of the above, please get in touch with me and I will pass on your details to them.

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Great British Sauce Co Hot and Sweet Chilli SauceThis review is for a hot sweet chilli sauce made by the Great British Sauce Co. I’ll admit that I wasn’t looking forward to this review having low expectations. You can buy a the old faithful litre of standard Chinese sweet chilli sauce at any supermarket and get it even cheaper at an Asian supermarket if you are lucky enough to have one nearby. However the Great British Sauce Co’s Hot and Sweet Chilli Sauce has been sent to me and as this is British product I couldn’t turn it down. Their website states “In our kitchen we are inspired to create products that celebrate our British cosmopolitan culture and we promise that we will always make them here in Britain” I can almost hear the national anthem playing in the background.

The label is welcoming and looks to me how a product of its type or a ketchup should look. Something I always do is check the range out to see if the labels match and I am please to see that the marketing flows through their range in a stylish way. But it’s not just about how pretty or clever the label is will the sauce be worth the packaging? On the bottle you will also find:

“At the Great British Sauce Company we’re passionate about creating delicious, properly made sauces and condiments. All our sauces are packed with
flavour and use the best ingredients we can find. Our Hot & Sweet Chilli Sauce carefully blends fruity sweetness with a serious chilli bite. Great in stir-fries, as a table sauce, marinade or dip”

Ingredients: Sugar, water, plum puree 12%, modified maize starch, salt, red pepper flakes, Habanero chillies 1%, concentrated lemon juice, garlic, citric acid, thickener: cellulose gum. May contain traces of wheat flour, soya, mustard or celery.

The sauce itself is clearly sticky and it smells sweet as you would expect, but different to the basic sweet chilli sauce this one has some hidden gems another aroma stands out and hints of the chilli hiding inside. The heat level is quite respectable too almost catching you by surprise. You get both an instant hit with this, one at the same time as the pleasurable fruity notes the Habanero brings to sauces, then a nice building burn to keep you interested. So far I have used the sauce as a dipping for dim sum style fried starters, as a basic sauce to pimp my burger and to make a basic frittata meal come to life. I have not yet tried as a stir fry sauce but you just know this sauce would work to perfection. Perhaps the British can teach the Chinese a thing or to you can even Visit the GB kitchen for more seasonal recipe ideas.

You can tell from the attention to detail that the co-founder Andrew puts his heart and soul into this sauce, and the others in his range, aspiring to have each bottle tasting as good as the original homemade version.

Having finished writing the review the final task was to look up the price, I was expecting a premium of around £3.99 – £5.99 with this product. However much to my delight when I was pondering ‘no matter how nice the product is I probably would still stick to the Chinese sweet chilli sauce’….. The price per bottle is a mere £2.00. So it’s tasty, spicy, British and reasonably priced. Would I but it again? YES.

Value (8/10)

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September has been pretty much “as we were” in previous months in Channingswood Prison & just making sure the 2000 plants on the Autopot system are ok. The Great British weather really has made this year a challenging one for growing chillies what with the cold nights and lack of sunlight during July & August.

Devon Chilliman Sweet Apple My most prolific plants this year are the new kid on the block “Sugar Rush Peach” this is a rare Peach colored Capsicum bacattum variety from Peru that is very sweet.

It might be the only Peach colored Aji type seen. Similar to Aji Amarillo but much sweeter and that’s why it’s called Sugar Rush! & they have an abundance of fruit on them and have been a challenge to cane and support with one plant even toppling right over under all the weight ! (if anybody wants Sugar Rush by the kilo please contact me)

I’m now looking forward to using this years produce and bringing out some new lines to add to the Devonchilliman range of products.

After trialing various different substrates this year it’s clear which one I will use next year & that is Alpha Gold,this has out performed all the others by a country mile.


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