Winner Chilli Jam CompetitionAt the Great Dorset Chilli Festival  there where a number of competitions running including a best sauce competition where the visitors got to taste and vote for there favourite products.

The results were as follows:-

Also judged by an expert panel of judges was a chilli plant competition which was open to any who grows chilli for pleasure.

  • Best in Show - Charlotte Armes with Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Chilli
  •  2nd - Kieron Clarke with Mouruga Scorpion Satan’s Strain
  •  3rd - Lesley Reynolds with Black Pearl
  •  4th - Charlotte Armes with Nummex Twilight Chilli

And not forgetting the amazing chilli eating competition hosted by our very own Darth Naga

  • Saturdays Winner – Ben Brooks
  • Sundays Winner – Steve Hayball

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Pain 100%M&S have started stocking PAIN 100% from US manufacturer Original Juan. This is probably the hottest thing in M&S. 100% Pain is an all natural Habanero based hot sauce, while not the worlds hottest chilli the Habanero still back a good punch.

Hopefully this will introduce more people to the delights of  Hot Sauces, but I think that M&S could have selected a sauce from one of the growing number of UK hot sauce makers.

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Guided Tour around  Sea Spring SeedsThis weekend  you can visit Sea Spring Seeds for there open day on Sunday the 12th August 2012, You will be able to see how they grow there award winning chillies and talk to the experts Michael and Joy Michaud as well as buy plants and seeds so you can grow your own.

Sea Spring Seeds is a small specialist nursery based in West Bexington on the south coast between Weymouth and Bridport, they are famous for many thing, but in the world of chillies this is the home of the Dorset Naga, one of the first known super hot chillies.

Sea Spring Seeds
Sea Spring Farm
West Bexington
West Dorset

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The BBC Good Food Show organisers are running a Bursary Award Scheme for small producers. The scheme aims to promote small producers and winners will be given a free of charge stand in the ‘Producers’ Village’ at the Show closest to them – Scotland, London or Birmingham, this autumn.

BBC Good Food Show Bursary 2012

The bursary award scheme is for young, small, outstanding companies that meet the criteria below:

  1. Company must produce an outstanding food or drink item/range with a regional or artisan focus.
  2. Company turnover must be no higher than £250,000
  3. Company must be less than 3 years old and be based and produce in Britain.
  4. Producer must make a considerable effort to adhere to ethical and sustainable production methods.
  5. Company must not have exhibited at one of the BBC Good Food Shows before.

There are a lot of new Chilli Business in the UK that this could apply to and the awards are now open for application. For more details please contact or call 020 8267 8315.

For more information about the scheme download this document

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