Devils Dynamite has a range of 5 different spicy pastes ranging from the mild coconut to the devilishly hot explosive which we reviewed recently here . The Salvin family have been making these pastes in one form or another since 1998 and selling the since May last year. This review is for the Tandoori Twist Paste

These pastes are available in a small 65g jar and a large 170g jar. All the pastes come in a hexagonal jar with a different colour label, giving a clear indication of which is which. The logo is simple and looks very professional.

The paste visible through the glass is a deep red, thick in consistency with no other ingredients visible apart from the pureed Scotch Bonnet Chillies which are the main ingredient. Once the lid is off, the aroma drifting out of the jar is very intense, I do not need to put my nose near the jar to smell the ingredients and I can almost pick them out individually, the Tandoori, fresh ginger, fresh coriander and lemon juice especially. The aroma is so good, it makes my mouth salivate so in goes the spoon.


Fresh Scotch Bonnet, Chilli Powder, Tandoori BBQ Powder, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Garlic, Lemon Juice, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Fresh Coriander

Jar kindly supplied by Devil’s Dynamite

Baring in mind that this is not a product designed to be eaten straight from the jar, I still want to taste it in it’s “raw” state. As soon as the paste hits my tongue I am greeted by an explosion of flavour, wow! The heat is there and creeps up on you, and almost catches you out while taking in the indian spices and freshness of the ingredients. The lemon adds a great depth and almost tastes more like Lemongrass.

On the Devils Dynamite site, there are various recipes for each of the pastes in the range, one very simple recipe for this paste is as a dip, mixed with creme fraiche. Not having any in the house I settle for the less healthy mayonnaise, and create a very tasty dip or addition to a salad.

This can be used as a marinade for any meat to give it that Indian twist, and would give any dinner guest the impression you had made it yourself that day.

The paste can be purchased directly from the Devil’s Dynamite website. The smaller 65g jars can be bought as a set for £12.00 and the larger 170g jars are available individually for £5.50, which is good value as a little goes a very long way.

Value (7/10)


How’s it going my Chilli Padawanzzzzzz? (I used a “Z” there to look…”street”) Got another video review for you all today, and trust me its a corker!! The sauce I have in this review comes from none other than the Master Baker himself, Paul Brayshaw!

Regulars of the Chilefoundry will know Paul for two things, first of all he’s the owner of “Paul’s Pizza” which honestly does the BEST pizza I have ever tasted, the man is an artisan baker and has been since 16, so he’s very well versed in his art! We featured his restaurant on it’s re-opening here.

Secondly he’s also the proud owner of what we believe to be the worlds hottest pizza, tested at just over 3.5 million SHU..the “Saltdean Sizzler” has claimed many victims, but three of our own reviewers have tamed it! Me?? Nooooooo….well I might try it one day…when I have that frontal lobotomy done!


Jays Peach and Red Ghost Scorpion Chillies, Roasted Red Peppers, Roasted Garlic, Lemon, Cider Vinegar.

So, the ingredients to “Ghost Scorpion Juice” are fairly simple and straight forward, judging by the ingredients list it might be a little tangy, but obviously we’ll leave the taste test for that, the bottle itself is a simple, unassuming 100ml glass bottle, no label this time round as this was more of a test batch that Paul decided was good enough to sell to the general public, this is the first run of the sauce so I would deffo grab a bottle in case it becomes popular!

Right! As you saw in the video, this sauce is bloody hot, its a little watery for my liking, but there is some flesh in there and the pepper flavour is good but the slightly watery taste lets it down a bit, hopefully Paul can sort this on the next batch, very big emphasis on the Ghost Scorpions, almost a Ghost Scorpion puree in fact, so perfect for cooking with, or even making pizza sauce!

You can grab a bottle of this from Paul at £4.99 plus postage, visit his website and hit the “Contact us” page, follow him on Twitter @PaulsPizzaUK or visit his Facebook page at and message him there for more info on grabbing the sauce!!
Right I’m off to scoff some hot spicy snacks for my next video review, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!! (eyes peeled? ow) and until I see you there,

I shall just say this…may the sauce be with you..always, take care!!

Value (7/10)


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As you will see below, February has been a busy month for the team and thanks to their dedication and hard work we have published product review after product review this month. We also welcomed Lady Cin to that team. Mad-Ass foods have seen their products going through our review process for the first time this month with more to come from them.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Rose Seymour from ChilliPepperPete well as she has left the company for pastures new.

So here we have the articles published in February:

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Bedfordshire’ Chilli specialist awarded £40,000 grant from BRCC to develop new Edible Kitchen

Bedfordshire’s celebrated chilli specialists, Joanna and Shawn Plumb of Edible Ornamentals, have been awarded a major grant in excess of £40,000 to create an Edible Kitchen.

chilliThe grant was awarded through the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) by the Greensand Ridge Local Action Group which is managed locally by Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC).

This new facility will open in early May to provide refreshments and light lunches for the many people who visit the chilli specialist nursery.

The Edible Kitchen is the next stage in the development of the Chawston nursery as one of the UK’s leading specialist chilli centres, attracting more people to visit the county, and will create at least two new job opportunities within the local community.

Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity is the leading community development agency working across Bedfordshire supporting and developing strong, thriving local communities, and creating opportunities for enterprise and job creation. The Rural Development Programme for England is funded by Defra and the EU.

Joanna said, “We have established Edible Ornamentals as one of the UKs leading experts in growing and supplying superb fresh chillies and now grow over 100 different varieties including the world beating super-hot Trinidad Moruga Scorpion.  People from all over the country visit us to buy chilli peppers and plants and ask our advice on all aspects of growing and cooking with fresh chillies.”

“There are currently no catering facilities on site, so the Edible Kitchen will mean that all our visitors, whether local or from far away,  can not only relax with a cup of tea or coffee but will be able to enjoy a light lunch, freshly prepared from ingredients which we grow ourselves and pick fresh each day.”

The Edible Kitchen will continue the chilli theme, providing a range of dishes including Mexican, American and Sicilian fusion styles.

Joanna added, “We want all our visitors to enjoy a total chilli experience. The Edible Kitchen is a natural addition to the nursery which will not only provide food and refreshments, but show the versatility of chillies and how they can add that extra sparkle to a whole range of different culinary styles.”