Submitting Articles to the ChileFoundry FAQ

by Hot Juan

Can I submit at article to the ChileFoundry?

Yes, we accept submissions from anyone who wished to write an article as long as it is chilli related, we reserve the rights to edit and reformat articles to conform to our style.

We only publish articles at our own discretion, we reserve the right not to publish all or any submissions.

How much do we pay for articles?

We don’t pay for articles, but we do allow authors to include a link to their web site if appropriate.


Please provide images in as larger size as possible, we would like to edit images to our own size/format

Who holds the Copyright?

The Articles author would keep the copyright on the original text and pictures that were submitted. The ChileFoundry would hold the copyright for the layout and the way the Article looks on our website. Have a look at some of the Articles already published.

To submit an article you must be the copyright holder, we cannot accept articles submitted by a 3rd party.

I have noticed a mistake in one of your articles, who do I tell?

Please tell us about the mistake. Also please tell us in which article and where in the article you found the mistake and the corrections. Corrections to the article would be done as soon as possible.

Best to use ourĀ Contact Us form to notify us of any errors or mistakes

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