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Mr Singhs Punjabi Chilli Sauce

Mr Singhs Punjabi Chilli Sauce

When I first picked up this sauce, it had that quality feel about it, the square bottle is heavy and solid, and the contents looks thick and colourful, the labels are informative and well produced.

When you open the bottle, it smell of tomatoes sauce, but don’t take this as a negative, it is very pleasant. As I write this I am dipping pieces of bread in to the sauce, it is hard to stop, I love this sauce, it is warm, tasty with a big heap of tomato and a hint of soy and garlic. If it was a choice between this and the over sweet sugar packed dipping sauced peddled by the supermarkets, then Mr Singh’s wins hand down very time.

Tomatoes, Red Chillies, Brown Sugar, Soy-Sauce, Salt, garlic and Vinegar.

Mr Singh’s is a family firm based in London started over 25 year ago as a private catering firm providing authentic Punjabi (north Indian) food with a Kenyan twist, this has developed in to a successful restaurant and catering business.

The sauce is a labour of Love for Mr Singh and was inspired by living in Kenya and India, it will not to kill the consumer, but is hot enough for most, and is not to sweet and sticky, Mr Singh has found a unique place in the market as a grown up dipping sauce.

The sauce is backed by a web site that provides information and recipe ideas. This site should be used as an example to other UK manufacturers to show them what you need to do to engage with your customer.

This is a sauce I will be buying again and again, at £2.50 per bottle it is a bargin. You can purchase this sauce at Mr Singh’s online store you can find a list of stockists on there web site.

This sauce is in the running to be one the first sauces to get an “UK Scoville Award”, as an excellent all-round sauce, it has ticked all the boxes, a great sauce, well packaged and marketed.


Gerald Fowler - The Chilli pepper Company

Gerald Fowler - The Chilli pepper Company

The Chilli Pepper Company is a small family business founded by Gerald Fowler, from their base in Cumbria they make and sell a ever increasing range of products, starting with Chilli Seeds, they have expanded to Hot Sauces (Some we have already reviewed), Whole and Powdered chillies, Chilli Chocolate as well as Tomato and vegetable seeds.

They have some notable customers:-

  • They have supplied River Cottage with Chilli seeds and can supply the River Cottage Recommended Chilli Pepper Seed Collection (15 Hungarian Hot Wax seeds, 15 Jalapeno seeds, 15 Poblano seeds, 10 Apache seeds)
  • Supplied Canadian Aid workers with 25Kg of Chilli seeds to as part of an Afghanistan Cash crop program.
  • Supplied Levi Roots the famous Dragons Den Hot Chili Sauce Maker with scotch bonnet for new TV Show
  • Their Chilli Chocolate has won accolade from Tom Parker-Bowles Food Writer and well know Chilli-head.

We have already taste tested some of their sauces here at ChileFoundry HQ and soon will have a review of Be Damned, one of the hottest sauces make in the UK which includes with both 7.3 million extract, and 15 million pure capsaicin in the ingredients list.

Their range of products includes some name to conjure with including:- Chilli Con Carne Recipe, Naga Salt Shaker, Chipotle Grill Seasoning, Smoked Serrano Powder, Green Tabasco Chilli Powder, Red Tabasco Chilli Powder, Flamin’ Peppercorns, Satan’s Ashes, Devils Penis, Zahtar (Za’atar) Powder, Hot Italian Spice, Tandoori Curry Spice Mix, Chilli Headz Survival Kit, Cajun Blackened Seasoning, Pure Capsaicin Powder, Kirmizi Biber, Habañero Chilli Flakes, Habañero Hot Mix, De Arbol Chilli Powder, New Mexico Chilli Powder, Guajillo Chilli Powder, Ancho Chilli Powder, Chipotle Chilli Powder, Hot and Spicy Sea Salt, Hot and Spicy Lo Salt, Pasilla Negro Chilli Powder, Cayenne Pepper Chilli Powder, (Hot) Smoked Paprika Chilli Powder, Sweet Smoked Paprika Chilli Powder, Holy Trinity Chilli Powder, Pure Capsaicin, Chilli Chocolate Spread, Chilli Honey, Fell Walker Chilli Sauce, Be Damned Chilli Sauce, Naga Achar Fist Of Fire Pickle, Naga Mama Chilli Sauce, Kiss The devil- Chilli Fire Spray, Pure Capsaicin Powder Red Hot Coriander Chilli Pickle, The Beast Limited Edition Hot Sauce, Trinidad Scorpion Chutney,  Trinidad Scorpion Extreme Chilli Sauce, Witches Brew Chilli Sauce,

And a massive range of chilli Seeds:- AchardAji ColoradoAji CrystalAji GoldenAji HabaneroAji NortenoCielo Rojo PequinAji PancaAlbaAlbufeiraAli Hot Chilli PepperAmazon Chile RomaAnaheimAncho PoblanoAntillais CaribbeanAntillais HotAOC Piment d’ Espelette Basque Chilli PeppersApacheAssam Bhut JolokiaAuroraBalloon Chilli PeppersBassottoBelpicenBig SunBirds Eye Chilli SeedsBlack CubanBlack Hungarian Black PearlBonda Ma JacqueBorderBrasileiroBrazilian StarfishBulgarian CarrotBurkina Yellow HabaneroCandlelightCaribbean Red Hot CayennaCayenneCayenne Long SlimCedrinoCharlestown HotChenzo Hot Chilli PeppersCheyenne Chilli Seeds Chi-ChienChile de ArbolChile de OnzaChilli De BancoChiltepinChinese Pot ChilliChocolate Bhut Jolokia Chocolate HabaneroChupetinhoClavoCongo BlackCPI Bhut JolokiaCrestCriolla SellaCyklonDatilDemon RedEarly JalapenoEclipseEspanolaEsplendorEtnaFantasiaFar Too Hot DropperFataliiFiliusFirecracker PequinFresnoFriar’s Hat, Bishops CrownFunkyGambia RedGeorgia FlameGoat HornGolden Nugget ChilliGuajilloGuarda CieloHabanero Long HotHabanero Paper LanternHinkelhatzHinklehatz YellowHot CherryHot FishHot LemonHot Lime PickleHot PortugalHot PurriraHot VegetarienHungarian HotIndian PC-1Naga JolokiaJalapenoJamaican Hot RedJamaican Red MushroomJamy ChilliJoe E ParkerJoe’s Long PepperKarl 1Khorika Jolokia, , Lemon DropMarblesMaule’s Red Hot Chilli PepperMaya PimentoMexiquinMohawkMulato IslenoMustard HabaneroNaga Morich Chilli SeedsNaga Volcanic Honey MustardNimbu ChatniNosegayNuMex Bailey PiquinNuMex Big JimNuMex CentennialNuMex Christmas DayNuMex HalloweenNuMex MirasolNuMex PinataNuMex St. Patrick’s DayNuMex Suave OrangeNuMex SunflareNuMex SunriseNumex TwilightNuMex Valentine DayOrange HabaneroOrange Thai Chilli Pepper SeedsOrdanoOrozcoPasilla BajioPasilla NegroPeach HabaneroPeruviano ArancioPeter Pepper REDPeter Pepper YELLOWPico de Pajaropimientos de padronPinocchio’s NosePoinsettiaPrairie FirePullaPurple SerranoPurple TigerPusa JwalaPyramid ChilliRed Cherry SmallRed Habanero,  Red Scotch BonnetRedskinRing of FireRiver Cottage Chilli SeedsRocoto / Manzano OrangeRocoto YellowRomanian GialloSafi Scotch BonnetScotch Bonnet Chilli Pepper seedsSaharaSanta Fe GrandeSantakaSerranoSerrano TampiqueñoSmokin’ Chilli SauceSpagnaSpicy Chilli JamStromboli SUNNYSunsetSuper Hot ThaiSweet Chocolate PepperTabascoTakanotsume Chilli SeedThai Denchai Chilli SeedsThai DragonThai HotThai SunThailand Tobago chilli pepper Tomato Chilli Relish, Tongues of Fire ChilliTrinidad CongoTrinidad ScorpionVariegata, Wasabi Chilli MustardWenks Yellow HotsWhite Habanero,  Yellow MushroomYellow Scotch BonnetZaino.

As you can see Gerald does not do things by halves, for even more information and to order online visit

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South Deveon Chilli Farm

Growing over 10,000 chilli plants the South Devon Chilli Farm has grown a lot since it opened early in 2003.

Run by Jason Nickels and Steve Waters with up to 5 staff at busy times. The farm is spread between two locations and is situated approximately halfway between Torquay and Plymouth.

The main site is near the village of Loddiswell and is approx 10 acres with a small shop that they open all year round, 7 days a week, between 10am-4pm. There is also a show poly tunnel in which they display examples of the varieties they grow. The second site is in South Milton and consists of 4 poly tunnels

With 2,500 square meters of chilli plants, they harvested over a million chillies last year alone.

The Shop

The Shop

Their online shop sells Fresh Chiles during the season (July – November), Smoke and Dried chillies, Chilli Powders, Chilli Chocolate Preserves, Sauces and even a range of seeds.

Their latest range of products includes a Extreme Bhut Jolokia Sauce, Mash and Jam.

They have a wholesale online shop of their stockists, who while mainly in the south west can also be found as far away as Derbyshire and Cumbria, a complete list can be found on their web site. They have even got some of their products for sale on Amazon

A number of foodie celebrity including Jamie Oliver and Tom Parker-Bowles (We like Tom as he referenced my book a number of times) are amongst their fans.

They seem like a very forward thinking business whose growth is base on good service and products, we hope during the summer to visit them and bring back some pictures for you to see.

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Chilli Pepper Pete

Chilli Pepper Pete

Peter Seymour (Chilli Pepper Pete) and family grow over 40 varieties of chillies and imports an impressive range of dried chillies from around the world. He uses these and local fresh ingredients to make an excellent range of exceptional Chili Sauces.

His Tasmanian Devil sauce has won a Gold Medal at the The Hot Pepper Awards 2008 and his Dragon’s blood Sauce also got a Silver Medal needs to be tasted to be believed.

The range includes:-

  • Chilli Chocolate Sauce – Mole Poblano
  • Thai Green Curry Paste
  • Harissa
  • Headhunter Green
  • Roast Garlic and Green Jalapeno
  • Smokin Dragon
  • Headhunter Blue
  • Headhunter Red
  • Irie Fiery
  • Jamaican Chutney
  • Just Scotch Bonnets
  • Liquid Fire
  • Naga Concentrate Paste
  • Tasmanian Devil
  • Dragons Blood
  • Dragons Blood Batch 13 Special Edition
  • Dragons Slayer
  • Hotter than Hell
  • Satans Shit

Please visit his web site to find out more about this exceptional sauce maker

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