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Hell and Back Hot Chilli Sauces

Hell and Back Hot Chilli Sauces

Hell and Back is a new Hot Sauce retailer. The web site is small at the moment, but they are adding products quickly, some of the products are we have not seen in the UK before, so they are well worth a look.

We hope to review some of there products in the next few months, especially their own Beelzebub’s Breath Hot Sauce which is coming soon.

Please visit there web site and take a look

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Opened in 2005 the Mid Devon Chilli Farm grows a wide range of chillies in poly tunnels near Exeter in Devon, Their range includes on of my favourites Pimientos de Padron as well as Aji Peppers, Bangalore Torpedo, Caribbean Red Hot, Cayenne Pepper, Devils Tongue, Fatalli, New Mexican Big Jim, Orange Habanero, Ring of Fires, Scotch Bonnet, Wrinkley Old Men, Indian G4, Indian G9 and Big Sun Habanero.

They produce a wide range of sauces, preserves as well as spices for sale all year around, with the fresh pepper available during the season.

Video taken at Tiverton Market (not produced by the ChileFoundry)

Mid Devon Chilli Farm
Goffins Farm,

Order Online

Telephone 01392 412263 Mobile 07899735929

Please Note: Farm visits by appointment only!

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Chilli Pepper Pete

Chilli Pepper Pete

Peter Seymour (Chilli Pepper Pete) and family grow over 40 varieties of chillies and imports an impressive range of dried chillies from around the world. He uses these and local fresh ingredients to make an excellent range of exceptional Chili Sauces.

His Tasmanian Devil sauce has won a Gold Medal at the The Hot Pepper Awards 2008 and his Dragon’s blood Sauce also got a Silver Medal needs to be tasted to be believed.

The range includes:-

  • Chilli Chocolate Sauce – Mole Poblano
  • Thai Green Curry Paste
  • Harissa
  • Headhunter Green
  • Roast Garlic and Green Jalapeno
  • Smokin Dragon
  • Headhunter Blue
  • Headhunter Red
  • Irie Fiery
  • Jamaican Chutney
  • Just Scotch Bonnets
  • Liquid Fire
  • Naga Concentrate Paste
  • Tasmanian Devil
  • Dragons Blood
  • Dragons Blood Batch 13 Special Edition
  • Dragons Slayer
  • Hotter than Hell
  • Satans Shit

Please visit his web site to find out more about this exceptional sauce maker

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Dr Hotz

Dr Hotz

The UK’s original Fiery Food Pioneers, Hot Headz was established over 14 years ago, and is probably the oldest specialist chilli Retailer/Wholesaler in the UK.

Initially selling via a mail-order catalogue with a limited range of products including such notable product as:- Dave’s Insanity Sauce, Blair’s After Death, Endorphin Rush, Ass Kickin’, Iguana, Crazy Cajun and Mad Dog Inferno.

One of the first exhibitors at the West Dean Chilli Fiesta, their stand in always well worth looking at for new products.

Hot Headz has evolved with the market and now has a first class web site, with 100’s of products from Hot sauces and Salsas to Books, Posters and T-shirts.

Dr Hotz, Stuart alter ego has developed a range of own brand products over the years with new additions being added all the time.

Please visit their web site an see what takes your fancy.

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