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dr-burnoriums-logo1Dr. Burnorium’s Hot Sauce Emporium is a retailer based at the St Nicholas Market in Bristol, they have an excellent online store. If you are near Bristol visit them and let us know what you think?

Dr. Burnorium’s Hot Sauce Emporium
St Nicholas Market,
1a Exchange Hall,
Corn Street,


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Wilf (Richard) and Kathy started growing chillies about 19 years ago in Norwich, initially just to have a few interesting varieties to use in cooking, that led them on to starting a web site They have since developed a range of homemade chilli products in their own kitchen using their own plants from the green house.

Homemade by Kathy from their own chillis

Homemade by Kathy from their own chillis - Jalapeno, Lime & Coriander Chilli Jelly, Chilli & Onion Sticky Relish Red Jalapeno Chilli Relish, Chipotle Chilli Jelly, Habanero Chilli Jelly, Jamaican Hot Chilli Jelly Thai Chilli Sauce, Caribbean Fruity Chilli Sauce, Caribbean Mustard Chilli Sauce Genuine Dorset Naga Chilli Jelly, Revenge Hot Sauce

They sell their products that includes Chilli Jelly, Relishes, sauces and pickles at farmer markets (Aylsham , Dereham , Wymondham , Beccles and Fakenham) and events around Norwich. What I have tasted was excellent, we hope to review some of Kathy’s products in the Chilefoundry.

There web site is a his­tory of their pas­sion for chil­lis, with grow­ing records going from the year 2000 to the present day, they have extens­ive page on grow­ing tips with information on Com­pact Fluor­es­cent Light­ing (CFL) and High Intens­ity Dis­charge (HID) Light­ing and recom­mend­a­tions for equip­ment  like hydro­ponics sys­tems from Green­house Sensation and the Vitopod Heated Propagator.

They also have a forum for discussing nearly all things chilli, If you are interested in growing chillis then it is well worth spending some time reading this site

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In 2002 Karl received a gift of a bottle of “Pain is Good – Jamaican Hot Sauce” from this the Scorchio Empire started. The sauce had come from Harvey Nichols, not having a branch nearby Karl searched the internet for suppliers, and came to the realisation that if he was looking, then other must also be doing the same.

Scorchio Web Site

Scorchio Web Site

After much research Scorchio opened its doors in 2004 and has never looked back. Before they stock anything it has to be taste tested, the ethos of ‘savour the flavour’ is paramount in the selection process.

The web site is customer driven with customer’s reviews being a big part of the sales process, backed by a very large range of products, many hours can be spent selecting products from around the world, of just the UK.

Karl was recently a judge at the National Chilli Awards along with our own Darth Naga and Dany Lamote, they tasted a massive range of products before selecting the winners.

For 2010 they have even more products on the way… but enough said, we hope to review new additions as they arrive.

Visit the web site to see what you fancy –

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Based in Oxfordshire Ian Paxton has been a farmer for nearly 40 years, and farms about 100 acres, he has 3 large poly tunnels which alternate between being used for lambing and then when the lambs are out in the fields they are filled with Chilli Plants, he then runs a mail order business, while also appearing at local markets selling fresh and dried chillies as well as his own range of sauces.

We found this video from Ian on Youtube

Please visit Ian web site for details of how to order, or his schedule of events and markets.

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