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Gina Porras-Parral

Gina Porras-Parral

A new retailer for 2010 is the Chilli Pantry, set up by Gina Porras-Parral to sell a range of premium quality Mexican ingredients at affordable prices, based in Birmingham web site currently just sells a range of authentic Mexican dried chillies.

The range includes Ancho, Chipotle, De Árbol, Guajillo, Mulato and Pasilla all the prices include delivery by Royal Mail in the UK

Once you have select the products option, if you then click on the product image instead of just adding the product to the basket you can get further information about recommended uses and links to some typical recipes.

We are told that there will me more chillies added over the next few months, so if you are looking for some Mexican chillies and some inspiration on how to use them take a look at or visit there FaceBook  page

Chilli Pantry

Chilli Pantry

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The Chilli Garden

The Chilli Garden

Based in a wooded vale on the Surrey/Hampshire border The Chilli Garden seven acre’s are farmed by three generations of the same family. Between them Father, Daughter and Son-in-law; Peter, Alison and Mik, have wealth of experience in farming, food production and design enabling them to make everything on the farm themselves.

There web site is truly excellent for an in-house design, with a great look that goes across the whole product range as well.

They are very committed to natural farming methods and are members of “The Wholesome Food Association” (a self policing body for small holders and farmers which holds the principals of organic farming in highest esteem).

Only their own chillies are used in their sauces, Jam and Jellies and are free from all artificial ingredients, we have reviewed some of their products in the past and they come highly recommended.

Their range includes some very interesting products I don’t think I have seen a jam’s or Jellies made with Hungarian Hot Wax Chillies, they also have a Thai Basque Hot Sauce that combines Thai Dragon Chillies with Basque Gorria Peppers, I cannot wait to try them.

Please visit them at where you can order on-line.

The Chilli Garden
Opax Farm Nursery
Spats Lane,


Peter & Rose at FF Festival

Peter & Rose at FF Festival

Fiery Foods UK is not only the organiser of the Brighton Fiery Foods Events, they also have a shop, currently it is in Brighton marina and but it is only open at weekends, but they are looking for new premises in one of the main shopping area so they can open all week.

Just a few days ago Fiery Foods UK opened its own online store which stocks the same impressive range as the shop, they sell a massive range of UK produced products but also big range of imported sauces.

Fiery Foods is partly owned by Peter and Miranda Seymour who already are well known as ChilliPepperPete, in this venture they have partnered up with Frank and Rose.

If you are visit Brighton the Fiery Foods Shop is well worth a visit, if not just to try the 60+ sauces they have available to sample, or why not pay them a visit online

For more information visit
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Chilli, Chili, Chile: Peppers Sweet and Hot by Matt Simpson

Chilli, Chili, Chile: Peppers Sweet and Hot by Matt Simpson

I always enjoy visiting Simpsons seeds, I have known Matt Simpson since we first had stands at the West Dean Chilli Fiesta may years ago and it is Matt who I turned to for help when writing my book (The Hot Book Of Chilles) to make sure I said the right things. He has also written an excellent book on the subject “Chilli, Chili, Chile: Peppers Sweet and Hot” which is you are growing chillies this book is a must have item.

The nursery is located in Horningsham, Wiltshire and is part of the Longleat estate, while the nursery is closed until April, the seed shop is open all year around, as is their web site

During the year they have a number of tasting days and even their own chilli event (See their web site for dates and details), when you can taste different varieties of hot and sweet peppers. Matt has an extensive seed collection and in the catalogue this year they have:

Aji Crystal, Aji Hot, Apache F1, Black Pearl, Brazilian Mini Bonnet, Bulgarian Carrot, Calcutta, Cascabella, Cayenne: Carolina, Cayenne: Golden, Cayenne: Large Red Thick, Cayenne: Long Red Slim, Cherry Bomb F1, Chivalry F1, Demon Super Hot F1, Elephant’s Trunk, Exploding Fire, Fish, Fresno Supreme F1, Friar’s Hat, Georgia Flame, Goat Horn, Gold Nugget, Habanero: Burkina Yellow, Habanero: Caribbean Red Hot, Habanero: Chocolate, Habanero: Fatali, Habanero: Hot Paper Lantern, Habanero: Peach, Habanero: Rebetona, Habanero: Scutaba, Hinkelhatz, Hungarian Black, Hungarian Hot Wax, Jalapeno, Jamaican Hot, Joe’s Long Cayenne, Krimson Lee F1, Lemon Drop, Little Finger, Malay Bird, Maules Red Hot, Naga Jolokia, Navaho, Nepalese Bell, Numex Twilight, Orozco, Padron, Pasilla Bajio, Peruvian Purple, Portugal, Prairie Fire, Punjab, Purple Tiger, Pusa Jwala, Red Cherry Hot, Red Missile, Ring of Fire, Rocoto Red, Rocoto Yellow, Santa Fe Grande, Scotch Bonnet Red, Scotch Bonnet: Big Sun, Scotch Bonnet: Caribbean Antillais, Serrano, Super Chilli F1, Sweet Wrinkled Old Man, Tabasco, Tepin, Thai Mound, Wenks Yellow Hot, Zimbabwe Bird.

If you are travelling down the A303, or visiting Longleat, please don’t miss a chance visit, please check the web site for opening times.

Simpsons Seeds
The Walled Garden Nursery
BA12 7NQ

Phone 01985 845004
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