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Tim Murphy contacted us a while ago to tell us about his new venture “Cambridge Chilli Farm” after the arrival of a little boy in September 2008, Tim who has previously run a small part time nursery dedicated to Hellebores, decided to go full time, but not growing Hellebores but chillies.

So in January 2009, the first large batch of seeds was sown and the new venture started. With three polytunnels they could grow a good crop of chillies and by mid June they started producing ripe chillies.

After much development and some help from the local authorities they started producing their own relishes, Jellies and sauces. Then in July 2009 they did their first Farmers Market in St. Ives Nr Cambridge.

Cambridge Chilli Farm Stall

Now they are regulars on the Farmers Markets with a stand at The St. Ives, Cambridge, Ely and Ramsey markets

They have a range of Sauces which we hope to review as time goes on, including:- Ghost Pepper ‘10’ Sauce – An all natural sauces which boasts 10 Naga Morich per bottle.

And Naga Napalm Sauce, Habanero Hot Sauce, Pineapple & Habanero Hot Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Smoky Chipotle Sauce, Tomato & Chilli Sauce.

As well as a impressive collection of spicy jellys , jam and a smoky relish:- Raspberry & Chilli Jelly, Lime & Chilli Jelly, Cranberry & Serrano Chilli Jelly, Habanero Gold Jam and Red Onion & Smoky Chipotle Relish.

No online shop as yet, but they accept Cheques and PayPal, So if you are in Cambridge visit one of the local farmers markets and let us know what you think.

UPDATE:  Tim has also now added an shop to their web site, so you can now order on-line

Visit for more information

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Dartmoor chilli farm established in 2007 is located on the outskirts of Ashburton within the beautiful Dartmoor National Park. It is run by Phil and Kay Palmer. Kay has trained in floristry, horticulture and holistic therapies. Phil has a diploma in computer studies and is the chilli enthusiast. They grow over 90 varieties of sweet pepper and chilli plants along with rhubarb, herbs and vegetables.

Dartmoor Chilli Farm

Dartmoor Chilli Farm

They run the farm holistically and organically without the use of herbicides or pesticides and use nature and hard work to minimise the damage caused by pests such as biological control, companion planting, and regular hand removal of slugs and snails which are given a holiday to another part of the nursery. Being both vegan we realise the importance of living in harmony with nature and our surroundings and therefore do not kill any pests but encourage natural wildlife habitats to create a greater biodiversity.

“We have a very low carbon foot print and caring for the environment is very important to us. The nursery is off grid therefore we create our own electricity with 4 large solar panels and a small wind turbine, up until July 2009 we only used rain water which we collected in over ten 1000 Litre water buts. We now have a bore hole which has given us our own drinking water and allowed us to water the plants with a hose pipe when necessary. We consciously re-cycle all of our household waste and by conscious shopping methods have not had to add anything to landfill in over two years.” Says Phil.

They have an extensive range of vegan chilli chocolate with the exception of the milk chilli chocolate. The range of dark chocolate contains 70% cocoa and is available in plain, orange, mint and coffee. The vegan theme continues in the range of chutneys along with the chilli jam, sauces and chilli jelly.

“We are passionate about what we do and proud of everything that we have achieved, in a world where most companies are only concerned with gross profits we are a small company who have embraced a sustainable living which allows us to work in harmony with nature whilst holistically growing and producing a range of chilli plants and produce that we can sell locally and nationally.”

You can find out more about the Dartmoor Chilli Farm at their web site
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Based in Oxfordshire Ian Paxton has been a farmer for nearly 40 years, and farms about 100 acres, he has 3 large poly tunnels which alternate between being used for lambing and then when the lambs are out in the fields they are filled with Chilli Plants, he then runs a mail order business, while also appearing at local markets selling fresh and dried chillies as well as his own range of sauces.

We found this video from Ian on Youtube

Please visit Ian web site for details of how to order, or his schedule of events and markets.

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The Chilli Company - Converted Barn

The Chilli Company - Converted Barn

Created by Adrian and Denise Nuttall who started growing and making sauces in 2001 The Chilli Company has grown over the years and in 2006 they moved to larger premises in Mendlesham and opened the Chilli Farm.

Based in a 400 year old converted barn which houses the shop and licensed coffee shop, with the nursery open to the public during the summer, they grow and sell over 50 varieties of chilli plants as well as a using them to make a range of homemade chilli including Chilli Scones, Chilli Sausage rolls and Chilli Brownies and they have recently developed their own Chilli Ice Cream.

Inside the shop

Inside the shop

They run a number of events during the summer including:-
“Pimientos de Padron Festival” in August and the “Chilli Fiesta & Chili Cook Off” in September, which attracted over 700 visitors, it included cooking demonstrations, South American Dance lessons, Chili Cook-Off Competition as well as Chilli Stalls, BBQ & outdoor bar. Check there web site for the latest dates and events.

You can order products online at their web site they stock over 300 chilli products

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