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Good evening my young padawanz, how is everyone doing? I’ve spent the weekend in Camberley (grabbing my 3DS!!) so no way to do a video review or normal product review, but I really wanted to document my experience at a place no doubt many of you have eaten at before, but for me,it was my first time!!

Yes you heard it here first, Darth Naga is a “Wagamama” virgin, the thought of eating there had always crossed my mind before but I’ve always been loyal to a certain other Japanese food franchise…well this past friday evening that all changed! Myself and Mr’s Naga decided to eat at “Wagamama” because I had never eaten before but Mr’s Naga has and she was always going on about how amazing it was and how there were lots of chilli items on the menu so I was bound to feel at home eating there, I reluctantly agreed because I don’t like to make a big fuss about eating, nor do I like a big fuss to be made over me, but in we went anway and were promptly shown to our “table for two”.

Ebi Raisukaree (Image borrowed from Wagamama Site)

Ebi Raisukaree (Image borrowed from Wagamama Site)

Our waitress, a lovely lady known as “Simi” was very prompt in asking us about our choices from the menu and helpfully pointed out the specials card to us which contained what I could only interpret as “Japanese meal deals” which were just that, a main dish, a side order and a drink. We were’nt hurried in our choices at all and Simi was amazingly patient even when I mulled over the specials list for a good 5 minutes (I’m AWFUL at making decisions, it takes me forever!) but after a while (and a recommendation from Simi) we chose our two specials and waited for our meal time whilst we passed the time with idle chatter.

I must point out at this stage that the restaurant itself is decorated in typical Japanese minimalist style, lots of wood and wall carvings adorn the place and I liked this alot, it wasn’t gaudy at all and the kitchen was open plan so you could see your food being cooked before it was brought to you, all of this helped make the experience not only authentic but also very enjoyable.

Not long after myself and Mr’s Naga had started chatting our side dishes and beers were brought over to us so we could start eating and thats exactly what we did. Now whilst we tucked into our “Spinach and Shitaki Gyoza” our mains were brought over to us by Simi who checked that everything was to our liking before disappearing with a smile and leaving us to enjoy our meal and one anothers company.

After perusing the menu I think its safe to say that a high percentage (about 75%) of items on the menu had chilli in it in one form or another, some dishes more than others, so this is DEFINITELY a chilli headz restaurant of choice in my eyes, with such a diverse selection of dishes on the menu covering not only the meat and fish eaters among us, but the selection caters very well for vegetarians also with plenty of “Yasai” (Japanese for “Vegetables”) meals, also wih chilli, notice what i’m trying to point out here?? LOL

Anyway, how to describe my meal… I had the “Ebi Raisukaree” which was prawns stir fried in a wonderful and fragrant coconut and lime sauce coupled with mange tout, spring onions and mixed peppers whcih was garnished with red chilli, coriander and a slice of lime. The presentation of this dish was amazing, nothing looked wrong and it all made my mouth water just from looking at it. Mr’s Naga had a chilli dish also, known as “Yasai chilli men” which was a chilli and vegetables noodle dish handcrafted and prepared using the same attention to detail that my dish had undergone.

yasai chilli men (image borrowed from Wagamama web site)

yasai chilli men (image borrowed from Wagamama web site)

Now the flavour was something else entirely, if the presentation was a feast for the eyes then the flavour was quite simply a party in my mouth, so many flavours came together to create something I can’t quite describe, the fish and coriander worked very well with the coconut to bring a very thai twist to an otherwise japanese dish, and similarly Mr’s Naga described her noodles as very sweet and tangy with quite a nice chilli hit that went very well with her Asahi beer.

Looking around I was starting to notice a trend among diners, no-one was unhappy, everyone had a smile on their face or were laughing with fellow diners, sure you could put this down to the company they kept but I suspect a large amount of it was the food they were eating, it certainly had that effect on me! Prices in Wagamamas are about average for the higher end of “high street” dining so they aren’t too expensive but they aren’t so cheap that you might think the food suffers due to the low pricing, they are right slap bang in the middle and for what we paid I left feeling very satisfied and a promise to myself that I would eat there more often.

I can only end this review by saying a big thankyou to Wagamama’s Camberley restaurant and all the staff within, especially Simi who made me feel very comfortable on my first ever visit, amazing stuff THANKYOU!!Until next time my chilli padawans, may the sauce be with you, always!


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