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Were we broken by Hoboken?! We try Hoboken Eddie’s Smoked Home Grown hot pepper sauce & give our verdict on this artisan sauce we found in the USA after a recent visit.

Ingredients: Assorted Smoked Hot Peppers (Habaneros, Long Red Cayenne & Jalapeños), Tomatoes, Vinegar, Citrus, Garlic and Sugar.

Made & available from Hoboken Eddie’s
Bottle Net Wt 6oz priced at $7.00 (Price correct at time of publishing)


This OUSEvalley Hari’s Lime & Green Chilli Pickle looks one of the most appetising product I have seen in while, the clear 300g jar show off the product perfectly. I love the simple label design which not only looks classy but is easy to read..

OUSEvalley Hari's Lime & Green Chilli PickleOn opening the lid, the aroma of limes is just amazing, with just a hint of the chillies and ginger. The flavour not only combines the limes with the green chillies and I am loving finding the roughly chopped pieces of lime and chilli in the mix, a day tasking chilli product does not get much better than this.

I am starting to need to get a curry on the go, this is such a great condiment for a spicy curry. The freshness of the limes helps rejuvenates you taste buds between mouthfulls. As always I have some rice leftover, a quick spoonful stirred in and the rice is transformed.

Ingredients: Limes 60%, Green Chillies 20%, Ginger, Garlic, Black mustard seed, Black onion seeds, Spices, Rapeseeds Oil, Wine vinegar, Salt.

The only problem with this product is while it is a generous 300g jar, it is not going to last very long, I am already planing mixing a spoonful or two in to some grated cheddar for what I am sure will be a sublime cheese on toast moment.

This is a stunning product, it looks good and tastes even better. So why not pop over to their web site and pop a jar into your basket, at only £3.95 you will agree that it scores very well on value for money. While you are there take why not take a look at the other products in their extensive range. I think you will be impressed.

Value (8/10)


Are we crazy about this sauce? Well we go to a Chili & BBQ Festival in Hannover Germany grab a bottle as we love the look of the stand and the company name ‘Crazy Bastard Sauce‘.

Camera on, spoons ready, lets crack it open and see what it’s like…

Ingredients: Red Onion, Jalapeño, Hungarian Wax Pepper, White Wine Vinegar, Dates, Cayenne Pepper, Poblano Chili, Lime, Garlic, Coriander, Salt & Olive oil.

Jalapeno & Date Sauce made and available by: Crazy Bastard Sauce

100ml Bottle priced at €4.99
200ml Bottle priced at €8.99
(Price correct at time of publishing)

Filmed on location by the Clifton Chilli Club at the Chili & BBQ Festival Hannover. Germany.


Clifton Chilli Club reviews this chilli sauce from a company called Volcanic Peppers which is made with Aleppo chile peppers. Well this sauce sounds great as it also has black pepper in and with that in mind and just thinking straight away it will go well with meat dishes like steaks, burgers and BBQ’s etc, well no time to hang around lets crack open the bottle and see what it is like.

Ingredients: Vinegar, Onion, Aleppo Pepper, Water, Garlic, Tomato, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Turmeric & Xanthan Gum.

Aleppo Pepper Sauce
Made and available by: Volcanic Peppers
Bottle Net 5 FL OZ (148ml)
Priced at USD $7.99 (Price correct at time of publishing)

Also stocked by: iBurn


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