There is a new range of purees from Hot-Headz that include some interesting chillies varieties. Each sauce contains just the basic ingredients needed, a puree made from the named chilli and just a little acetic acid. With no other herbs, spices or garlic, you get just the flavour of the chilli.

Hot-Headz Hard Core Range

The range all branded Hard Core includes Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, Chocolate Habanero, Fatalii, Roasted Jalapeno, Red Serrano and Roasted Poblano. prices range from £6.99 to £3.99 per 50ml bottle.

A review of these will follow shortly.


The South Devon Chilli Farm has launched a new web site and to celebrate is offering a 10% discount on orders over £50.00
South Devon Chilli Farm


Awesome Sutton Chilli Fiesta
On the 6th June between 10am and 5pm you will find the “Awesome Sutton Chilli Fiesta” being held at High Street, Sutton, SM1 1DU.

For more details click on the logo.

To see our the Chilefoundry’s complete list of UK chilli events click here


ChilliMEchallengeChilliMEchallenge – So for a bunch of hardened Chilli Headz like us, eating a few hot chillies should be an easy challenge. While most of the other challengers are eating Jalepenos or taking a shot of a Tabasco style sauce. I am sure we can show them how to up the heat. Who of us will take up and help spread word of this challenge amongst the chilli community?

What you need to do is video yourself either eating a chilli or taking a shot of hot sauce, make it as funny as you can! and challenge a couple more people to take the challenge. If we all contribute £$€ 4.00 in our local currency.

This challenge is to support ‘Invest in ME’ and ‘Columbia University ME/CFS Research’ you can give your donation online at

Please post your video on youtube and include the hashtag #chilliMEchallenge, and then tell everybody about it on twitter and Facebook. Please make sure to challenge 5 others. We will also feature the best videos in a later article.

Now you are asking, will I do it, well in a few days my very amateur video will be up on our youtube channel.. guess who I will be challenging?

What is M.E./CFS, myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome?

Quote from fund raising web site:-

M.E./CFS is a potentially-fatal and disabling neuroimmune disease with dysfunction of the immune system, thus affecting every organ system, especially the neurological and endocrine systems. It can isolate many as bed-bound, wheelchair-bound, house-bound with no treatment and no recognition from their doctors. This is the most common of the most unknown serious severe diseases. Millions are ill with it and it is mocked as lazy and fraudulent. Many children suffer from M.E. Many ill with it end their lives/commit suicide after suffering for possibly 30 years with no recognition in isolation. The extreme light, noise, and movement sensitivity can leave those ill in a dark, quiet room for years. Because we “pay for it” later once we participant in basic activities of daily living (showering, eating, etc.), you may see us out in public one day and then disappear in bed for days or weeks or months afterward. Weappear healthy yet we are very ill. Many doctors recommend exercise, which actually makes one very much worse. These people desparately need hope!! A cause must be found with biomedical research if we are not to be seen as lazy and for a cure to be found. Please help by spreading awareness and/or donating.


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