Sadly we have to report that the Exeter chilli shop “The Pepper Pod” is closing down at the end of August.

The Pepper Pot - Exeter

They are clearing all stock with a discount offer of 30% off the normal prices, so pop along to the shop or order on-line at using discount code CLOSINGDOWN

The store is located in McCoys Arcade on Fore Street in Exeter EX4 3AN.


Below are the results of the UK entries into the World Hot Sauce, BBQ and Extreme Food Awards for 2015, the event is a USA organised competition with most entries from the USA as you would expect, but the UK did well with one first place, three second places and two third places.

Hot Sauce Division

Ultra Hot (Added Capcasium Extract Ingredient)

2nd Place – Grim Reaper Foods – EVIL ONE

Ultra Hot

3rd Place – The Unusual Chutney Company – Fiendfyre Hot Sauce


2nd Place – Chilli Drops – Miss Smokey Naha
3rd Place – The Happy Chilli Company – Vesuvius

Indian Style

1st Place – Mr Vikki’s – King Naga

Jam/Jelly Division


2nd Place – Galloway Chillies – Chilli Burns

Congratulations to our winners (at least our list includes links to the winners?)


Swindon Chilli Fiesta 18 Jul 2015

The Swindon Chilli Fiesta is taken place on Saturday 18th July at Wharf Green, Canal Walk, Swindon SN1 1LD. The Event starts at 10am and closes at 17:30pm.

The Lakes Chilli Fest 18 Jul 2015 – 19 Jul 2015

The lakes Chilli Fest is being held over the weekend at Dalemain House & Gardens, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0HB. There is an very impressive list of exhibitors and entertainments this year including the compulsory chilli eating competition.

Gower Chilli Festival 18 Jul 2015 – 19 Jul 2015

Setup to raise funds for the RNLI, the Gower Chilli Festival is now in its fifth year, It is being held at the South Gower Sports Club near Port Eynon, Swansea, SA3 1BA. so please go along and support this worthy cause.

For more event information please visit our events listing


Quote from the youtube entry:-

“Hot and spicy food is enjoyed around the world, but for some people, ultrahot peppers are more than a flavor profile, they are an obsessive passion. Join filmmaker Eric Raine as he travels across 3 continents to talk with the leading farmers, scientists, and food alchemists as well as the community of devoted “chileheads” who are using peppers in countless ways, from spicing up a bowl of chili to the point of euphoric pain, exploring capsaicin’s role in cancer research, and beyond. Raine seeks answers to these and other burning questions as he introduces you to the wide, weird and uniquely wonderful world of #crazyhot chiles.”

P.S. Did you spot ChilliDave (Clifton Chilli Club) or Miranda from ChilliPepperPete


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