Phil Palmer - Dartmoor Chilli Farm

Phil Palmer

We have asked our readers to support The Dartmoor Chilli Farm before, and we would now ask you do do this again, this time they are asking for  ” Temporary permission (3 years) for the change of use of agricultural building to mixed use for agriculture and residential use”

The message below is taken directly from their web site:-

Dartmoor Chilli Farm Needs Your Support

We are a specialist grower of 100 varieties of chilli and sweet peppers. Each year we raise over 8000 plants from seed. We also have two orchards and one acre of soft fruit and numerous raised vegetable beds.

In 2010 we were voted Best Green Business in the South Devon Excellence Awards and a Dartmoor First for our efforts in sustainability and putting Dartmoor first. The business started in 2007 with 1 full time member of staff and now employs 2 full time staff and 2 part-time staff and would like to offer further employment and training opportunities in the future.

The whole nursery is off grid and we generate our own electricity with solar panels and a wind turbine. We use mainly rainwater and have a borehole as a backup. You can read more on our eco projects from the link on our website.

We farm naturally without any artificial fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides and are in the process of applying for planning permission to continue living on our 8 acre small holding which is necessary if we are to continue raising and caring for our crops in a natural and sustainable way.

If you would like to support our planning application please would you fill in the form below and we’ll submit these details for our application. Additional comments are good.

Alternatively submit directly on the Dartmoor National Park Authority website using this link below :

Our planning application reference number is : 0064/11
Thank you for your support. We REALLY appreciate it.

Kay, Phil, Luke, Aby and Callie, Dartmoor Chilli Farm

To support them please visit the link above search for their application (0064/11) and make a comment, if we don’t do this now we could soon see the end of such enterprising small agricultural business in the UK, Italy and France would be making them a special case, lets not let down our local food heros.

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Team Extreme

Team Extreme

The Official Team Extreme are trying to raise £2000 for the The Brittle Bone Society (Barry, one of the team members daughter is a sufferer), the plan is to video them drinking a whole shot of The Chilli Pepper Company’s notorious Naga Viper Hot Sauce (kindly donated by The Devil’s Garden) in exchange for donations.

They are hopping to do the challange in about 4 weeks, dependent on the amount sponsorship, you can see some of their other video on youtube.

If you would like to sponsor the Official Team Extreme – Naga Viper Sauce Challenge click here

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Darth and the Infinity Chilli ...

The Infinity Chilli from Fire Foods has become the official Guinness World Records Worlds Hottest Chilli.

“The hottest chili is the “Infinity chili” which has been rated at 1,067,286 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), according to tests conducted by the Warwick University, UK, in March 2010.” to quote the Guiness World Record Web Site

Also see the Grantham Journal who have just run the story.
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Our Valentines Hamper Draw has now been won and delivered to it luck winner. We had just short of 4000 entries this time.

ChileFoundry's Chilli Valentine Hamper

ChileFoundry's Chilli Valentine Hamper

Sorry if you did not win, but we are sending out an email to all of you who entered with some special offers from the companies who contributed to the hamper.

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