Pain 100%M&S have started stocking PAIN 100% from US manufacturer Original Juan. This is probably the hottest thing in M&S. 100% Pain is an all natural Habanero based hot sauce, while not the worlds hottest chilli the Habanero still back a good punch.

Hopefully this will introduce more people to the delights of  Hot Sauces, but I think that M&S could have selected a sauce from one of the growing number of UK hot sauce makers.

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We where going to run an articles on the chilli based product that won awards in the Great Taste Awards 2012. Following our comments on the GTA 2012 web sites poor condition, we have now been kindly informed that they have fixed the errors that caused the problems finding the product names (We have checked and it is now operating correctly)

We are very please to see more chilli companies entering the Great Taste Awards scheme

Some winners of note included:-

Note:- This is is not is any particular order (just the order in which I found them). If I have missed you out please let me know
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The Devil's GardenThe Devil’s Garden was created in January 2010 and has been going from strength to strength ever since. With regular, recurring customers thanks to an attractive website and a broad choice between the major UK and US brands of the chilli market, this is a business that only needs regular dedication and a bit of momentum to make it big.

So why would its owner want to sell it? Well, having recently relocated to France, there has been a major opportunity for him to do something that he truly loves: growing chillies. was created a few months ago and now demands so much of his owner’s time that The Devil’s Garden is getting rather difficult to manage, especially from far away as the stock is still located in England.

So if you are seriously interested in taking over the reins of an established business then contact Ivor on

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Lots of news this month with the West Dean Chilli Fiesta having to move to the 25-27th August, which is also the same weekend as the Bennington Lordship Chilli Festival and The Frosts Garden Centre Chilli Festival it is going to be a very busy weekend.

But starting this month we have the Great Dorset Chilli Festival which we are looking forward to and then Sea Sping Seeds Open Day, The Great Tomato & Chilli Mini Fest and Ryton Gardens Chilli Day.

It is looking like a very busy August in the UK if the rain holds out, and I think the Olympics is also happening in the UK.

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