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If you have some questions about growing chillies and herbs then the nice people at Battlesbridge Mills are having a on-line questions and answers session on the 12th June at 8pm onwards.

Answering you questions will be Alan, Ray and Rosemary Lodge. With over 50 years combined experience in horticulture they have been growing Chillies and Herbs for many years and won awards at the highest levels. These days as well as running Battlesbridge Mills Garden Centre they also commercial grow Chillies and Herbs which are sold all over the UK as well as selling Chilli fruit to various retailers.

Make sure to follow them on the social networks and you can then ask as many questions as you like!


They even have a page on their web site where you can ask your question now ready to be answered on the night.

They also have a large collection of chillies for sale in their on-line shop


There is a new range of purees from Hot-Headz that include some interesting chillies varieties. Each sauce contains just the basic ingredients needed, a puree made from the named chilli and just a little acetic acid. With no other herbs, spices or garlic, you get just the flavour of the chilli.

Hot-Headz Hard Core Range

The range all branded Hard Core includes Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, Chocolate Habanero, Fatalii, Roasted Jalapeno, Red Serrano and Roasted Poblano. prices range from £6.99 to £3.99 per 50ml bottle.

A review of these will follow shortly.


Bulk Glass Sauce BottlesWhen I started working making and selling food products there was always a very limited supply of bottle and jars for packaging, we spend ages looking for the perfect packaging for our BBQ rubs, in the end we opted for a plastic container as we just could not find a glass jar that was suitable in size and especially price.

Well now we have a growing list of potential suppliers, many of which will sell small quantities for the amateur producer as well as offing discounts for the professional manufacturer.

This is a list of the suppliers we know (24/5/2015). You can find other suppliers in our listing page “Suppliers to the UK Chilli Industry“.


April arrived with all the presents that a man could desire and trials that would break many mortals. The prison project at times makes me think it may be easier to get out than get into Channings Wood Prison but it’s all starting to take shape.

Autopots Arrive

We shoe horned a 12 ton lorry with 16 pallets of growing media from Growth Technology through the gates with inches to spare and 2500 AutoPot watering systems, FlexiTanks, pipes and AQUAvalves from AutoPot UK.

So now all the tunnels are ready, the growing system is ready but one small piece in the master plan was missing! The plants? And lots of plants 2500 plants to be exact.

But what sort of plants? Should it be the run of the mill? Jalapeño, Nagas, or the super hots? After long hours and many Erdingers followed by endless calls to customers and sauce makers the DCM is going hyper hot! Tunnels full of the mythical sounding super hybrids, The Borg 9, Sepia Serpent, Genghis Khan, Apocalypse and the Kraken. Alongside will be 4 dedicated tunnels for commissioned grows containing some of the world’s most spicy and respected variety’s.

But this monumental grow had a slight problem! None of the hyper hots where available in any quantity in the UK this soon. So we needed a plan and a good plan or at least a man with a plan!

Dean Finley owner of the Chilli Lab was the plan! As early as October 2014 plants where being isolated as far afield as Italy for seed stock, as well as being grown out in the lab over winter in the UK. The Chilli Lab was fitted out with 14 deluxe VITOPODS, from Greenhouse Sensations along with a full range of T5 lighting from Growth Technology! it created one of the UK’s biggest hybrid chilliplant propagation facility’s churning out a staggering 1000 plants a month. Testament to the value of the VITOPOD and lighting T5 lights.
Chilli Lab 2Chilli Lab 1

As always, many thanks go out to Jason from AutoPot UK, Growth Technology and Jim Duffy, the Pepper King of Refining Fire Chilli’s and for the endless advice and support for this project.”


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