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Image Linked from Blue Dragon Web site

Image Linked from Blue Dragon Web site

Is this really the best Sweet Chilli Sauce in the UK?

It seems that in a recent survey the UK’s best selling Sweet Chilli Sauce was voted the best tasting in the UK.  Click here to see the original story from Talking Retails web site.

Do you know any different? Are there any UK produced (or other) Sweet Chilli Sauces that taste better or are they all just to sweet and non nondescript.

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The New Chilefoundry Blog…

The Hot Book of Chillies

The Hot Book of Chillies

After 10+ years selling sauces we have closed the shop, but we have decided to keep writing reviews of what’s new in the world of chilli’s, our aim is to make this the best place to find out what is happening in the world of Hot Sauce in the UK.

We will be reviewing the 100’s of Chili products available in the UK from Independent Retailer/Wholesalers and the Supermarkets, visiting shows and events around the UK and interviewing the people that make this all happen.

Please don’t forget you can also buy my book on Amazon, just follow the link to The Hot Book of Chillies

If you want your sauce reviewed here you need to contact us and then send samples.

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