Each year Sea Spring Seeds runs its Dorset Naga Challenge to see who can grow the most pods on a Dorset Naga plant, in 2013 it was won by Michael Price with 401 red chillies from a single plant, but this was nothing when compaired to the 2014 winner Torbjorn Hogberg who managed 2,256 red chillies on a single plant.

Joy and Michael at Sea Spring Seeds have also themselves managed to harvest 2,407 red chillies from a single plant in 2013, that was nearly 10kg of chillies.

If you would like to have a go at growing a Dorset Naga for the 2015 competition visit their web site to see the rules

They have also published a video with how they did it, worth watchinh if you fancy ago.

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We have this picture taken by friend of the ChileFoundry and would love to find a good caption to go with it.
Chilli face

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We will be selecting a winner in the on the November 30th 2014 and an appropriate prize will be on it way??



The Dorset Naga Challenge

For the last two years we grew a Dorset Naga plant that produced over 700 chillies.This year we wanted to see if we could do better, and just find out what a Dorset Naga plant is capable of producing. So, in May this year, we potted up three January-sown Dorset Naga plants.

They were selected from the batch of plants that we had raised for selling on, i.e. up to this point they had not had any special treatment. One plant went into a 160-litre pot, the other two went into 100-litre pots. The plants were kept in an unheated polytunnel, and watered and fertilised along with all our other plants.

At the same time we challenged other growers to see how many chillies they could get off their Dorset Naga plants. The rules were:
1. The plant must be a Dorset Naga
2. The plant must be sown in 2013
3. Only red fruit count
4. The fruit can be picked at any time, but records, e.g. harvesting records and photographs, must be kept – this competition is based on trust, but we don’t trust people to remember 100% accurately.
5. Deadline: 15th November 2013

We have offered a token prize of £15 worth of chilli seeds to the grower who harvests the most chillies off their plant. And if the winner beats us and gets more chillies than we do we will double the prize.

We will harvest our plants on 9th November, and are very pleased to announce that the Clifton Chilli Club has agreed to be the official observers to guarantee that the counts are accurate.











With just a month to go before the deadline, here is an update of our three Dorset Naga plants, which are now exactly 9 months old. The photos are of the three plants, but the video is of the one in the 160-litre pot, the largest by far.


Many thanks to the people that took time to enter the Great Dorset Chilli Festival Ticket Competition.

My 7 year old son Toby picked a name out of a hat and the winner was Helen R, I have contacted her tonight and hopefully she will follow the instructions given to her, otherwise the prize will go to the next person in the draw.

I will be there on the Sunday as I am judging the heat of the UK Chilli Cook Off so I may see you there.

To those that didn’t win, it is still an event worth visiting to stock up on your chilli supplies and enter some of the competitions although I have heard from the organisers that they have enough silly people willing to put themselves through the pain of the Chilli eating competition!

Please watch this space as we will have another competition very soon to win a skull edition version of the new 20 minute burn from the Chilli Pepper Company



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