Clifton Chilli Club

The Clifton Chilli Club are in New York filming this review in Main Street Park, Brooklyn, New York, with The Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan sky line including the new One World Trade Centre in the background (No it is not a special effect, they really did go just for this review as you can tell from the sound).

Tasting spoons ready, scene set, so lets crack this hot chilli sauce open and review it. Tabañero is made with the Habanero chili and originally born in the Tabasco region of Mexico and now is made in the USA.

Ingredients: Select Habañero Peppers, Carrots, Onions, Key Lime Juice, Agave, Garlic, Salt and Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Also stocked and available from:
USA iBurn USD $6.00
UK Hot-Headz GBP £4.99
Canada Chilly Chiles CAD $11.95

Prices correct at the time of publishing (E&OE)


Clifton Clilli Club hosts a number of Chilli Eating Competitions and these are the first two of the year at the Easton Chilli Fiesta


The contestants will have to handle chillies including the Dutch long chili, Bullet, Finger, Thai Hot, Scotch Bonnet, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper), Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and the Butch ‘T’ and the CCC just keep ramping it up on the Scoville scale…. Can they handle the heat?………

This winner of the Sunday competition was Kiegan Vallely (aka Hypnogician) with the runner up Steve Mills. Other contestants included:- Craig Tinton, Nick Robinson, Tom Beard, Matt Sears, Luke Summerhayes, Abby Hughs,Dan Hicken & Melissa Baron.


With the same list of chillies who is going to survive?

The winner for the Monday competition was Carl Hicks (aka PYRO) with runner up Murray Jones. Other contestants included:- Leon Clifford, Trevor Lloyd, Paul Walters, Steve Folker, James Moloney, Inga Kuciauskiene, Ian Dawson and Nick Carrol.

Thanks to the Tenerife Chilli Farm who supplied the Trinidad Moruga Scorpions as well as stall holders & Eastnor Castle who donated all the prizes.


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